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Kaczawa Klippen Belt – geotouristic attraction in the Sudety Mountains, SW Poland

. Przegląd Geologiczny, vol. 55, nr. 12/2, 1112-1116. Golonka, J., Krobicki, M., Waśkowska, A., Cieszkowskim, M. and Ślączka, A. (2014) Olistostromes of the Pieniny Klippen Belt, Northern Carpathians. Geological Magazine, vol. 152, nr. 2, 269-286 Kryza R. and Zalasiewicz J. (2008a) Records of Precambrain - Early Palaeozoic volcanic and sedimentaryprocesses in the Central European Variscides: A review of SHRIMP zircon data from Kaczawa succession (Sudetes, SW Poland). Tectonophysics, vol. 461, 60-71. Kryza R., Zalasiewicz J

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Italy-Azerbaijan relations: an analysis by means of social networks


The European focus on the Caucasus region has increased considerably and reflects the need for safe access to the various energy resources in the Caspian region.

In this sense, Azerbaijan plays a key political role because of its geographical location, as a privileged bridge for trade between East and West, but also for historical and cultural reasons, placed between Russia, Iran and Turkey, interlocutors with whom, especially today, it is necessary to confront.

The contribution aims to focus on the Italy-Azerbaijan relationship through the eyes of social networks, analyzing first how well they are known in the country of Central Asia and then which are those most used by the population. Secondly, the country’s data will be related to the global trend to highlight similarities and differences. Finally, it will be analyzed the pages and groups of social networks that deal with the relationship between Azerbaijan and Italy, showing the main topics covered and how the two countries are getting closer not only for economic reasons, but also cultural because in Azerbaijan the Italian culture is known and appreciated, especially the language, music, art and gastronomy.

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Multiculturalism and Ostalgie

(1), 151-166. Dale, G. (2007), Ostalgie” and the Stasi: The GDR in German Cinema, 1999–2006. Debatte, 15(2), 155-175. Ekman, J., & Linde, J. (2005). Communist nostalgia and the consolidation of democracy in Central and Eastern Europe. Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics, 21(3), 354-374. Enns, A. (2007). The politics of Ostalgie: post-socialist nostalgia in recent German film. Screen, 48(4), 475-475. Figus A. (2011). Sistema Europa, Eurilink, Roma. Figus A., (2014), Multiculturalism, Azerbaijan’s development and Trentino

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