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The State of the Environmental Awareness of Students from Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine – Selected Results

://, dostęp 11.12.2016). 4. Hassan A. A., Noordin T. A., Sulaiman S., The status on the level of environmental awareness in the concept of sustainable development amongst secondary school students, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 2010, 2(2), pp. 1276-1280. 5. Liu Z., Anderson T. D., Cruz J. M., Consumer environmental awareness and competition in two-stage supply chains, European Journal of Operational Research, 2012, vol. 218, No 3, pp. 602-613. 6. Kielczewski D., Ekologia spoleczna

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Monitoring and Numerical Modeling of a Road in Landslide Terrain


Due to the significant role and noticeable development of transportation routes running from the north to the south of central Europe, several problems related to the construction and functioning of roads in the Carpathian foothills have been revealed. Recent climate change causes areas, where transport routes are particularly exposed to hazards, to succumb to technical exploitation and degradation. The elimination of the threats related to the activation of landslide phenomena becomes particularly expensive. Old roads, which were once designed for significantly lower axle loads and less heavy traffic conditions, are predominantly exposed. At the present, these roads are heavily exploited and have become overloaded. As a result, both the roadway and the subgrade undergo damage, which causes an increase in dynamic loads, and in potentially endangered areas, the activation of landslides. Landslides in the Carpathian flysch have a peculiar susceptibility to activation due to its geological structure. This paper addresses the problem of monitoring and analysing the effects of a landslide associated with the operation of a transportation route running through the slope of the Carpathian flysch. The studies include both field work and laboratory testing of basic geotechnical parameters. The parameters obtained during the geotechnical investigations, conducted for the purpose of building a numerical model, have been completed. The field work includes surveys made by a terrestrial laser scanner. The study also includes a number of 2D and 3D numerical models. These models, along with the substrate parameters, have been introduced into the FEA package and then calibrated. Subsequently, an analysis of the effects of landslide susceptibility and the behaviour of the road and terrain surface, due to the different variants of the loads, is shown along with the results of surveys.

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Tectonic and Glaciotectonic Deformations in the Areas of Polish Lignite Deposits

glacitektonicznych w odkrywkach KWB Konin S.A., Praca magisterska, Archiwum Instytutu Geologii UAM, Poznań, (2008) 1-54. 5. Eissmann L.: Quaternary geology of eastern Germany (Saxony, Saxon- Anhalt, South Brandenburg, Thuringia), type area of the Elsterian and Saalian Stages in Europe, Quaternary Science Reviews, 21 (2002) 1275-1346. 6. Gotowała R., Hałuszczak A.: The Late Alpinie structural development of the Kleszczów Graben (Central Poland) as a result of a reactivation of the preexisting, regional dislocation. EGU Stephan Mueller Special

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Accuracy Evaluation of Real-Time GNSS Precision Positioning with RTX Trimble Technology

-PP , 25th Int. Tech. Meet. Satell. Div. Inst. Navig. 2012, ION GNSS, 2 (2012) 1115–1125. 4. Krasuski K.: Wykorzystanie Programu Trimble RTX-PP , J. Civ. Eng. Environ. Archit., 63 (2016). DOI: 10.7862/rb.2016.112. 5. Nykiel G., Zanimonskiy Y., Yampolski Y., and Figurski M..: Efficient Usage of Dense GNSS Networks in Central Europe for the Visualization and Investigation of Ionospheric TEC Variations , Sensors,17,10,Oct. (2017) 2298. DOI: 10.3390/s17102298. 6. Leandro R. et al.: RTX Positioning : The Next Generation of cm-accurate Real-Time GNSS

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Selected Trace Element Concentrations in Peat Used for Cosmetic Production – A Case Study from Southern Poland

REFERENCES 1. Decree by Ministry of Environment on the way of conducting contamination assessment of the earth surface (Item 1395, Dated 1 Sept., 2016). 2. Ettler V., Mihaljevic M.: Distribution of trace elements in several ombrotrophic peatbogs in the Bohemians Massif . Rost. Vyr.. 45, 7 (1999) 331-334. 3. Glina B., Gajewski P., Kaczmarek Z., Owczarzak W., Rybczyński P.: Current state of peatland soils as an effect of long-term drainage – preliminary results of peatland ecosystems investigation in the Grójecka Valley (central Poland) . Soil

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Ecological and Social Aspects in the Managementof Post-Mining Example of the Adamów Lignite Basin

–1994 , Kancelaria Sejmu, Biura Studiów i Ekspertyz, 2014.( ). 16. Skowronek J.: Innowacyjne rozwiązania rewitalizacji terenów zdegradowanych 2011, Katowice, Instytut Ekologii Terenów Uprzemysłowionych Katowice 2012. 17. Wirth P., Černič-Mali B., Fischer W.: Post- mining regions in Central Europe. Problems, potentials, possibilities, München, Oekom Verlag 2012.

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Chemical Soil Degradation n the Area of the Głogów Copper Smelter Protective Forest/ Degradacja Ziemi Na Terenach Byłej Strefy Ochronnej Huty Miedzi Głogów

Zielonogórskiej, Zielona Góra 1999, 51-75. 12. Guidelines for soil description. 2006. 4rd Edition, FAO, Rome. 98 pp. 109. 13. Gzyl J., 1999: Soil protection in Central and Eastern Europe, Journal of Geochemical Exploration 66, 333-337. 14. Kaniecki A., Baczyńska A., Gogołek A., 2005: Komentarz do mapy hydrograficznej w skali 1:50000, Arkusz M-33-8-C Nowa Sól. 15. Karczewska A., Spiak Z., Kabała C., Gałka B., Szopka K., Jezierski P., Kocan K., 2008: Possibility of using methods of assisted phytoextraction for

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Chemical Forms of Heavy Metals in Bottom Sediments of the Mitręga Reservoir

References 1. Bojakowska I.: Kryteria oceny zanieczyszczenia osadów wodnych, Przegląd Geologiczny, 49, 3 (2001) 213-218. 2. Bojakowska I., Gliwicz T., Małecka K.: Wyniki geochemicznych badań osadów wodnych Polski w latach 2003-2005, Inspekcja Ochrony Środowiska, Biblioteka Monitoringu Środowiska, Warszawa 2006. 3. European Committee for Standardization, Characterization of sludges - Determination of trace elements and phosphorus - Aqua regia exctracion methods, EN 13346:2000. 4. Glyzes Ch

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Renewable Energy Sources in the Lubusz Voivodship (Poland). The Present Conditions and Perspectives for Development

. Kazak J., van Hoof J., Szewranski S.: Challenges in the wind turbines location process in Central Europe – The use of spatial decision support systems. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 76 (2017) 425-433. 18. Kuczyński T. i inni: Innowacyjność podejmowanych działań w obszarze odnawialnych źródeł energii , Zielona Góra 2008. 19. Krajowy Plan Działań w zakresie energii ze źródeł odnawialnych , Ministerstwo Środowiska, 2010. 20. Określenie potencjału energetycznego regionów Polski w zakresie odnawialnych źródeł energii , pod red. G

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