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Corporate Governance of Banks in Poland and Slovenia

future of financial regulation (pp. 301–313). Portland: Hart Publishing. 10. European Banking Authority. (2015). Aggregate statistical data 2007–2013. Retrieved from 11. Eurostat. (2015). National accounts database. Retrieved from 12. Guo, R., Langston, V., & Hadley, L. (2012). Business cycle, corporate governance, and bank performance. Research in Business and Economics Journal, 5 , 1–11. 13

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Greenfield and Brownfield Investments and Economic Growth: Evidence from Central and Eastern European Union Countries

., & Bond, S. (2009). Cross-section dependence in nonstationary panel models: A novel estimator. Retrieved from (03.04.2017) Eren, M., & Zhuang, H. (2015). Mergers and acquisitions versus greenfield investment, absorptive capacity, and economic growth: Evidence from 12 new member states of the European Union. Eastern European Economics, 53 (2), 99-123. Harms, P., & Meon, P-G. (2014). Good and bad FDI: The growth effects of greenfield investment and mergers and

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Demand and Characteristics of Customers of Reusable Products in Slovenia

.1.). CERREC – Central Europe Repair and Reuse Centres and Networks. Needs assessment and model development. Retrieved from: Sabbaghi, M., Behdad, S., & Zhuang, J. (2016). Managing consumer behaviour toward on-time return of the waste electrical and electronic equipment: A game theoretic approach. International Journal of Production Economics , 182 , 545–563. Sata, M. (2013). Factors affecting consumer

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Naše gospodarstvo/Our economy
Journal of contemporary issues in economics and business
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The Structure of Design Orientation and its Relationship with Market Orientation

). Design management: Managing design strategy, process and implementation. Worthing, Sussex, Ava Academia. Black, C. D., & Baker, M. (1987). Success through design. Design Studies , 8 (4), 207-216. Blaich, R., & Blaich, J. (1993). Product design and corporate strategy – Managing the connection for competitive advantage . New York, NY: McGraw Hill. Bloch, P. H., Brunel, F. F., & Arnold, T. J. (2003). Individual differences in the centrality of visual product aesthetics: Concept and measurement. Journal

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Characteristics of Innovation in Regions with Small- and Medium-Sized Towns

innovation strategies . (In Hungarian: Regionális innovációs stratégiák .) Budapest. Oktatási Minisztérium, p. 112 Drucker, P. F. (1985). Innovation and entrepreneurship, practice and principles . New York, Harper and Row Drucker, P. F. (2003). Innovation opportunities . (In Hungarian: Az innováció lehetőségei .) Harvard Businessmanager ,, pp.28-34. Enyedi, Gy. (1998). Social change and urban restructuring in Central Europe . Akadémiai kiadó, Budapest. Ernszt, I., Keller, K., & Tóth-Kaszás, N. (2017). Theory and practice of settlement

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Conceptual Framework for the Definition and Regulation of Virtual Currencies: International and Russian practices / Konceptualni okvir za definicijo in regulacijo virtualnih valut: mednarodne in ruske prakse

/48/EC and repealing Directive 2000/46/EC (2009). Retrieved from 9. European Central Bank. (2012). Virtual currency schemes. Retrieved from 10. European Central Bank. (2015). Virtual currency schemes-a further analysis. Retrieved from 11. European Commission. (2010). E-money. Retrieved from http

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Towards European Union or Regional Economic Area: Western Balkans at Crossroads

European Union: The future of the stability pact, SudostEuropa Mitteilungen, 4(44), 34-40. Štiblar, F. (2008). Multilateral free trade agreements for Western Balkans, Journal of Southern Eastern Europe and the Balkans, 10(1), 65-92. Tempera, M. (2011). Free trade agreements in Western Balkans: Cefta’s achievements and problems, in portal on Central Eastern and Balkans Europe PECOB,1-18. Retrieved from http

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State Aid for the Coal Sector in the European Union: Pre- and post-crisis perspective / Državna pomoč za premogovni sektor v Evropski uniji – pred- in pokrizna perspektiva

directives in Central and Eastern Europe. European Union Politics, 9(3). 32. Treaty of Rome. (1957). Retrieved from

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Is there Something as an Ex-Yugoslavian HRM Model? – Sticking to the Socialist Heritage or Converging With Neoliberal Practices

economies. International Journal of Innovation Management , 19 (5), 1-25. Brekić, J. (1983). Kadrovska poltika u samoupravnim odnosima . Zagreb: Informator. Brewster, C., Morley, M., & Bučiūnienė, I. (2010). The reality of human resource management in Central and Eastern Europe. Baltic Journal of Management , 5 (2), 145-155. Brookes, M., Croucher, R., Fenton-O’Creevy, M., & Goodrham, P. (2011). Measuring competing explanations of human resource management practices

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