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Social Participation and Health among Ageing People in East-Central Europe

References Bajsz V., Sio E., Tothne Steinhausz V., Karamanne Pakai A., & Csaszarne Gombos G. (2014). Egy multinacionalis ceg egeszsegfelmerese a munkahelyi stressz tukreben. Egészségfejlesztés, 54 (5-6), 40-47. Boncz I., Vajda R., Agoston I., Endrei D., & Sebestyen A. (2014). Changes in the health status of the population of Central and Eastern European countries between 1990 and 2010. European Journal of Health Economics, 15 (S1), 137-141. Ellwardt, L., Peter, S., Prag, P., & Steverink, N. (2014). Social

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An Exploratory Study of the Perception of Ingroup Communication Relative to Social Representation Objects

chomage. Revue Internationale de Psychologie Sociale , 15 (2), 27-55. Moliner, P. (1989). Validation experimentale de l’hypothese du noyau central des representations sociales. Bulletin de Psychologie , 41 (387), 759-762. Moliner, P. (1993). Cinq questions a propos des representations sociales. Cahiers Internationaux de Psychologie Sociale , 20, 5-52. Moliner, P. (1995). A two-dimensional model of social representations. European Journal of Social Psychology , 25 (1), 27-40. Moliner, P. (2001a

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Internally-driven change and feature correspondence in object representation: A key to children's essentialism?

. Gelman, S. A., & Wellman, H. M. (1991) Insides and essences: Early understandings of the nonobvious. Cognition , 38, 213-244. Gergely, G., Nádasdy, Z., Csibra, G., & Bíró, S. (1995) Taking the intentional stance at 12 months of age. Cognition , 56, 165-193. Hernik, M. & Haman, M. (2010, January). Fourteen-month-olds transfer sequences of features derived from internally-driven object transformation. Cognitive Development Center Opening Conference , Central European University, Budapest

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Why Roma Children Need Language Asessments in Romani

. NICHD Early Child Care Research Network (2005). Pathways to reading: The role of oral language in the transition to reading. Developmental Psychology, 41, 428-442. doi: 10.1037/0012-1649.41.2.428 New, W. & Merry, M. (2014). Is diversity necessary for educational justice? Educational Theory, 64, 205-225. doi: 10.1111/edth.12058 New, W. (2014). Regulating Romani language and culture in central Europe. Journal of Language and Cultural Education, 2(2), 165-182. Oller, D. K., Pearson, B. Z., & Cobo-Lewis, A. B. (2007

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“Do You Remember Going to the Beach?”: References to Internal States in Polish and American Mother-Preschooler Shared Narratives

Psychology, Berlin, Germany. MacWhinney, B. (2000). The CHILDES project: Tools for analyzing talk: Transcription format and programs (3rd ed). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Meins, E., Fernyhough, C., Wainwright, R., Gupta, M., Fradley, E., & Tuckey, M. (2002). Maternal mind-mindedness and attachment security as predictors of theory of mind understanding. Child Development, 73, 1715-1726. Melzi, G. (2000). Cultural variations in the construction of personal narratives: Central American and European American

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