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Central and Eastern Europe as Partner of Chinese One Belt One Road Project

References Boulnois L., Silk Road: Monks, Warriors & Merchants, Hong Kong: Odyssey Books 2005. Chengdu-Europe Express Rail Cargo Service: China’s New Gateway to Europe (2017), „’ (2017), . Elisseeff V., The Silk Roads: Highways of Culture and Commerce. UNESCO Publishing / Berghahn Books 2001. History of civilizations of Central Asia, Volume II. The development of sedentary and nomadic civilizations: 700 BC to 250, J. Harmatta ed., Paris 1994. History of civilizations of Central

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Poland and Ukraine in East-Central Europe: View from Ukraine

References В’юницька О.І., Аналіз концептуально-теоретичних підходів до визначення поняття Центрально-Східна Європа [Analysis of Conceptual and Theoretical attitudes to the Definition of East- Central Europe] [in:] Актуальні проблеми міждународних відносин [Recent Problems of International Relations], Kiїv 2002. Дашкевич Я.Р., Большая граница Украины: (Этнический барьер или этноконтактная зона) [Great Frontier of Ukraine: Ethnic Barrier or the Zone of Mutual Contacts] [in:] Этноконтактные зоны в Европейской части СССР

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Anterooms and Salons of East-Central Europe in the Contemporary Post-Soviet Geopolitical Conceptions

., Kij i marchewka Kremla [Kremlins carrot and stick], „Dziennik”, 04.10.2006. Marciniak W, Kreml widzi Unię, nie Polskę [Kremlin notices UE, not Poland], „Dziennik” 05.10.2006. Matjunin S., La Russie et lEurope du Centre-Est: question territoriale, stratégique et géopolitique [Russia and East-Central Europe - question of territorial, strategic and geopolitics], [in:] East Central Europe's Position within Europe. Between East and West / LEurope du Centre-Est dans l'espace européen. Entre lEst et l'Ouest, J. Kłoczowski (ed.), Lublin 2004, s. 94-99. Haptob

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Linguistic Rights in the Education System in Light of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (By the Example of Poland and Lithuania)

Rights. Vol. 16, pp. 527–537. Ram, M. H. 2014. Europeanized Hypocrisy: Roma Inclusion and Exclusion in Central and Eastern Europe. Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe . Vol. 13, No 3, pp. 15–44. Recommendation 1134 (1990), Parliamentary Assembly, Assembly debate on 1 October 1990 (14th Sitting). Text adopted by the Assembly on 1 October 1990 (14th Sitting), . Recommendation 285 (1961), Parliamentary Assembly, Assembly debate, on 28th April 1961 (8th

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Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric
The Journal of University of Bialystok
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International Journal of Philosophy
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The quantitative and qualitative analysis of public administration reforms in post-communist countries

methodology for conducting integrative mixed methods research and data analysis. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 4(4), pp.342-60. Cohen, M. D., March, J. G. and Olsen, J. P., 1972. A garbage can model of organisational choice. Administrative Science Quarterly, 17, pp.1-25. Dan, S. and Pollitt, C., 2014. NPM Can Work: An Optimistic Review of the Impact of New Public Management Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe. Public Management Review, 17(9), pp.1305-1332. De Vries, M. and Nemec, J., 2013. Public sector reform: an

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Illegal, Legal, Irregular or Regular – Who is the Incoming Foreigner?

References United Nations Protocol Against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea and Air, supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (15 November 2000). United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3449 on Measures to ensure the human rights and dignity of all migrant workers (9 December 1975). European Commission “Communication on policy priorities in the fight against illegal migration of third-country nationals”, COM (2006) 402. European Union

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Needs Analysis and Esp Course Design: Self-Perception of Language Needs Among Pre-Service Students


In the context of recent social changes in Central Europe, the article outlines the need for a change in the traditional syllabi for legal English classes. It deals with needs analysis as one of the most important sources of inspiration in syllabus design. First, needs analysis is situated within the methodology of English for Specific Purposes. Then, the rationale for a needs analysis survey among pre-service students in current legal English courses is presented and, finally, the findings are interpreted with respect to the actual target situations that students are likely to encounter after graduation. The article concludes by pointing out that although pre-service students may have vague ideas about the use of English in their future jobs, course instructors should consider their needs and wants because they are crucial for increasing the students’ motivation. Instructors and course designers should, however, obtain information from professionals and former graduates as well because that will enable them to address the actual target situations most effectively.

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Multilingualism, Divergent Authentic Versions of a Legal Rule and Legitimate Expectations Of Individuals

Contracts. In M. Bobek (ed.), Central European Judges under the European Influence: The Transformative Power of the EU Revisited (pp. 73-97). Oxford: Hart Publishing. Marcisz, P. (2015). Koncepcja tworzenia prawa przez Trybunał Sprawiedliwości Unii Europejskiej. Warszawa: LEX a Wolters Kluwer business. Paunio, E. (2007). The Tower of Babel and the Interpretation of EU Law: Implications for Equality of Languages and Legal Certainty. In T. Wilhelmsson et al. (Eds.), Private Law and the Many Cultures of Europe (pp. 385-402). Alphen a/d Rijn

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