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Challenges of annotation and analysis in computer-assisted language comparison: A case study on Burmish languages

. Hammarstrom, H., R. Forkel and M. Haspelmath. 2017. Glottolog. Leipzig: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. Holm, H. 2007. “The new arboretum of Indo-European ‘trees’. Can new algorithms reveal the phylogeny and even prehistory of Indo-European?” Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 14(2-3). 167-214. Huáng Bufan 黃布凡 .1992. Zangmiǎn yǔzu yǔyan cihui [A Tibeto-Burman lexicon]. Zhōngyāng Minzu Daxue 中央民族大学 [Central Institute of Minorities]: Běijīng 北京. Jenny, M. and P. Sidwell (eds.). 2015. The handbook of

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A cross-linguistic database of phonetic transcription systems

. A system of ‘tone letters’. In: Wu, Z.-J. and X.-N. Zhao (eds.), Linguistic essays by Yuenren Chao . Běijīng: Shāngwù. 98–102. Charpentier, J.-M. and A. François. 2015. Linguistic atlas of French Polynesia / Atlas linguistique de la Polynésie française . Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter Mouton. Chomsky, N. and M. Halle. 1968. The sound pattern of English . New York: Harper and Row. Crowley, T. 2006. The Avava Language of Central Malakula (Vanuatu) . The Australian National University: Pacific Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian

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Prague Journal of English Studies
The Journal of Charles University, Faculty of Education
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Conceptual metaphors in Ukrainian prime ministers’ discourse involving renewables

. Science & Education, vol. 23, no. 6, pp. 1245-1267. LANGACKER, R. W., 1991. Foundations of cognitive grammar, vol. 2. Descriptive application. LILLIESTAM, J. and ELLENBECK, S., 2011. Energy security and renewable electricity trade - Will Desertec make Europe vulnerable to the “energy weapon”?. Energy Policy, vol. 39, no. 6, pp.3380-3391. MALEK, M., 2012. Challenges of European Union’s Energy Policy in the Central Asia and Caspian Region. Elektronik Siyaset Bilimi Araştırmaları Dergisi, no. 5, pp.1

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William Golding’s Apocalyptic Vision in Lord of the Flies and Pincher Martin

and Piscine Molitor: Two Life Options.” The Central European Journal of Canadian Studies. 4.1 (2015): 45-54. 2015. Web. 10 May 2017. Martel, Yann. Life of Pi. Toronto: Knopf Canada, 2001. Print. Singh, Mrigendra Narayan. “Golding’s Pincher Martin.” International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature. 4.11 (2016): 22-26. 2016. Web. 15 Mar 2017. Spitz, David. “Power and Authority: An

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