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Revision of the subgenus Nessus of the genus Hypocaccus from Central Europe, with description of a new species (Coleoptera: Histeridae)

Staphylinidae) . Klostermann, Frankfurtam-Main, xxiii + 388 pp. ILLIGER K. 1807: Portugiesische Käfer (Fortsetzung). Magazin für Insektenkunde 6 : 28–80. JAKOBSON G. G. 1911: Zhuki Rosii i zapadnoy Evropy. Rukovodstvo k opredeleniyu zhukov. Vypusk 9. [ Beetles of Russia and western Europe. Manual for the beetles’ identification. Part 9 ]. A. F. Devrien, St. Petersburg, pp. 1 + 641–720 (in Russian). JACQUELIN DU VAL M. 1858: Genere des Coléoptères d’Europe comprenant leur classification et famillies naturelles, la description de tous les genres, des

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Growth and health status of children and adolescents in medieval Central Europe

and Quality of Life in Adolescence. Part I Physical Health and Subjective Well-Being. Poznań: Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe. 47-86. Kaczmarek M. 2013. Stan zdrowia średniowiecznej ludności opisany na podstawie badań serii szkieletowych pochodzących z cmentarzysk Wielkopolski. Studia nad Dawną Polską 3:157-82. Kaupová S, Herrscher E, Velemínský P, Cabut S, Poláček L, Brůžek J. 2014.Urban and rural infant-feeding practices and health in early medieval Central Europe (9th-10th Century, Czech Republic). Am J Phys Anthropol 155

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Analysis of the mitochondrial CYTB gene sequence in human populations of northeastern Bosnia

):807–13. Malyarchuk B, Derenko M, Denisova G, Litvinov A, Rogalla U, Skonieczna K, et al 2018. Whole mitochondrial genome diversity in two Hungarian populations. Mol Genet Genomics 293(5):1255–63. Marushiakova E, Popov V. 2001a. Gypises in the Ottoman Empire. A contribution to the history of the Balkans. UK, Hatfield: University of Hertfordshire Press. Marushiakova E, Popov V. 2001b. Historical and Ethnographic Backgraund. Gypsies, Roma, Sinti. In: W Guy, editor. Between Past and Future: the Roma of Central and Eastern Europe. UK, Hatfield: University of Hertfords Press

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Anthropological Review
The Journal of Polish Anthropological Society
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Central obesity and hypertension among rural adults of Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, India

References Abolfotouh MA, Soliman LA, Mansour E, Farghaly ME, Dawaiaty AA. 2008. Central obesity among adults in Egypt: prevalence and associated morbidity. East Mediterr Health J 14:57–68. Addo J, Smeeth L, Leon DA. 2009. Obesity in urban civil servants in Ghana: association with pre-adult wealth and adult socio-economic status. Public Health 123:365–70. Amole IO, Ola Olorun AD, Owolabi AO. 2011. Prevalence of obesity and hypertension among adults in Ogbomoso, Nigeria. IJMU 6:9–14. Amugsi DA, Dimbuene ZT, Mberu B, Muthuri S, Ezeh AC. 2017

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Diet and society in Poland before the state: stable isotope evidence from a Wielbark population (2nd c. AD)

England by stable isotope analysis. J Archaeol Sci 32:39-48. Murray ML, Schoeninger MJ. 1988. Diet, status, and complex social structure in Iron Age Central Europe: some contributions of the bone chemistry. In: Tribe and polity in late prehistoric Europe. Gibson DB and Geselowitz MN, editors. New York: Plenum Press. 155-76. Nielsen-Marsh CM, Hedges REM. 2000a. Patterns of diagenesis in bone I: effects of site environment. J Archaeol Sci 27:1139-50. Nielsen-Marsh CM, Hedges REM. 2000b. Patterns of diagenesis in bone II

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Non-metric dental analysis of a Bronze Age population from the Armenian Plateau

. 1998. Cultural connections of the Tarim Basin people and pastoralists of the Asian steppes in the Bronze Age. In: VH Mair, editor. The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age peoples of Eastern Central Asia , vol. I. The Institute for the Study of Man in collaboration of the University of Pennsylvania Museum Publications. 63-93. Lang J. 2005. Armenians. The people creator. Riddles of ancient civilizations. Moscow. Lease L. 2003. Ancestral determination of African-Americans and European-Americans deciduous dentition using metric and non

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Evidence of interpersonal violence or a special funeral rite in the Neolithic multiple burial from Koszyce in southern Poland – a forensic analysis

References Ahlström T, Monar P. 2012. The placement of the feathers: violence among sub-boreal foragers from Gotland, central Baltic Sea. In: R Schulting and L Fibiger, editors. Sticks, stones and broken bones: Neolithic violence in a European perspective. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 17-34. Casper J. 1889. Handbuch der gerichtlichen Medizin. Berlin. Christensen AN, Passalacqua NV, Bartelink EJ. 2014. Forensic Anthropology. Curent Methods and Practice. Elsevier Inc. Duday H. 2009. The

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Frequency and chronological distribution of linear enamel hypoplasia (LEH) in the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age population from Żerniki Górne (Poland) – preliminary report

inhabiting Polish territories (a comparative study). In: D Jankowska, M Krenz-Niedbała, J Piontek and J Wierzbicki, editors. Biological and cultural consequences of the transition to agriculture in Central Europe. Poznań: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM. 27-44. Kardow S, Machnik J. 1997. Kultura Mierzanowicka. Chronologia, taksonomia i rozwój przestrzenny. Kraków: Wydawnictwo Oddziału PAN. Katzenberg MA, Herring DD, Saunders SR. 1996. Weaning and infant mortality: evaluating the skeletal evidence. Yearbook Phys Anthropol 39

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Comparative study of chronic energy deficiency among adult males of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and their counterparts

-hip ratio and their relationship with total cholesterol and blood pressure in middle-aged European and migrant Pakistani men. Ann Hum Biol 25(1):11-16. Census of India. 1991. CD of data on Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe, The Registrar General and Census Commissioner, Government of India, New Delhi. Census of India. 2011. Paper-1, Provisional Population Totals - 2011 - Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Available at: accessed on 16.6.2012. Das S, Bose K. 2010. Body mass index and

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