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Double Taxation Conventions in Central and Eastern European Countries

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Driving a vehicle without a driving licence in the New Romanian Criminal Code


Improving the traffic safety represents a central objective of the European Union’s policy in the transports field. The Union has in view an improvement of the traffic safety, having as purpose the diminishing of deaths, bodily injuries and material damages. An important element of this policy is represented by the consistent application of sanctions for transgressing the circulation norms committed in the Union, an objective to which the New Romanian Criminal Code has fallen into line.

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Member States’ Compliance with EU Law in 2018 in the Field of Internal Market

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Lost in Implementation: EU Law Application in Albanian Legal System

’s Transformative Power: Europeanisation through Conditionality in Central and Eastern Europe , Palgrave, Basingstoke. 15. Green Cowles M., Caporaso J., Risse T. (eds.) (2001), Transforming Europe: Europeanization and Domestic Change , Cornell University Press, Ithaca. 16. Hill, C. (1993), “The Capability-Expectations Gap, or Conceptualizing Europe’s International Role”, Journal of Common Market Studies, pp 305-328. 17. Hille P., Knill, C. (2006), “It’s the Bureaucracy, Stupid: The Implementation of the Acquis Communautaire in the EU Candidate Countries, 1999

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Double taxation conventions in Romania Case: DSSs Râşnov vs. ANAf braşov

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