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Rainfall Variability and Trend Analysis of Multiannual Rainfall in Romanian Plain

., YeKutieli D., Clacino M., Diodata L., Ramis C., Hmaor V. et al. (2002). The paradoxical increase of Mediterranean extreme daily rainfall in spite of decrease in total value, Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 29, Issue 11, 31-1 – 31-4, DOI: 1029/2001GL013554. Bogdan O. (1980). Potenţialul climatic al Bărăganului [Climatic potential of Bărăgan] . Bucureşti, Editura Academiei Române, 175 p. Bojariu R., Georgi F. (2005). The North-Atlantic oscilation signal in a regional climate simulation for the European region. Tellus , 57 (4), 641-653, DOI: 10.1111/j.1600

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Spatial Hotspot Analysis of Bucharest’s Urban Heat Island (UHI) Using Modis Data

:// (accessed 1.10.18). Nastran, M., Kobal, M., Eler, K., (2018). Urban heat islands in relation to green land use in European cities. Urban For. Urban Green. In Press. Oke, T.R., (1982). The energetic basis of the urban heat island. Q. J. R. Meteorol. Soc. 108. Oke, T.R., (1976). The distinction between canopy and boundary‐ layer urban heat islands. Atmosphere (Basel). 14, 268-277. Singh, P., Kikon, N

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Mountaineer’s Waste: Past, Present and Future

., Mayr, E., Niederberger, T., Aschauer, C., Lebersorger, S., Steinbacher, G., & Haberl, R. 2008, Alpine infrastructure in Central Europe: integral evaluation of wastewater treatment systems at mountain refuges. Water Science and Technology 57 (12), 2017–2022. Whitlock, W., Romer, K.V. & Becker, R.H. 1991, Nature Based Tourism: An Annotated Bibliography , Clemson SC: Strom Thurmond Institute, Regional Development Group. WHO and UNICEF, 2014, UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme Database, Available online at: (accessed 20 April 2016

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