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Diversity in the standard of living among populations in European post-comunist countries

-Communist Stud., 45(3-4): 343-354. Słobodzian L. 2010. Mała i duża prywatyzacja w Rosji w okresie transformacji. Studia i Prace Kolegium Zarządzania i Finansów SGH, 97: 34-47. Sobczyński M. 2002. The ex-military areas as an element of contemporary spatial structure of Central-Eastern Europe. [in:] Kitowski J. (ed.) New arrangements of socio-economic links in Central and Eastern Europe. Wyd. Oświatowe FOSZE, Rzeszów: 91-109. Sobczyński M. 2010. Geopolitical transformation in Central and Eastern Europe at the turn of the 20th and

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Long-term variability of the frequency and persistence of strong highs over Poland

. Bielec-Bąkowska Z., Piotrowicz K. 2011. Weather types accompanying very high pressure in Krakow in the period 1901-2000. Int. J. Climatol., 31: 2183-2193. Błażejczyk K., McGregor G. 2007. Warunki biotermiczne a umieralność w wybranych aglomeracjach europejskich. Prz. Geogr. , 3–4: 401-423. Burt S. 2007. The Highest of the Highs... Extremes of barometric pressure in the British Isles, Part 2 – the most intense anticyclones. Weather , 62, 2: 31-41. Cahynová M., Huth R. 2009. Changes of atmospheric circulation in central Europe and their influence on

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Central European Blocking Anticyclones and the Influences Imprint over the Romania’s Climate

University Press. Haylock, M., Hofstra, N., Klok, J., Klein Tank, A., Jones, P., & New, M. (2008). A European daily high-resolution gridded data set of surface temperature and precipitation for 1950-2006. Journal of Geophysical Research , 113-119. Kysely, J. (2007). Implications of enhanced persistence of atmospheric circulation for the occurrence and severity of temperature extremes. International Journal of Climatology , 689–695. Mokhov, I., Timazhev, A., & Lupo, A. (2014). Changes in atmospheric blocking characteristics within Euro-Atlantic region

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Population changes in former voivodeship cities in Poland in the context of suburbanization processes and loss of the administrative function

:// [access on 14/1/2018]. Maik W. 1988. Rozwój teorii regionalnych i krajowych układów osadnictwa. UAM, Poznań. Maik W. 1992. Problematyka rozwoju polskiej geografii społeczno-ekonomicznej w świetle paradygmatycznych modeli pojęciowych. Przegląd Geograficzny , 64, 3–4: 231–246. Maik W. 1997. Podstawy geografii miast . Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika, Toruń. Marszałek Ł. 2017. Changes in the number of population in large cities of Central and East-Central Europe. Journal of Geography, Politics and Society , 7, 4: 57–63. Mole R. 2012. The

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Journal of Water and Land Development
The Journal of Polish Academy of Sciences Committee on Agronomic Sciences, Section of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering in Agriculture and Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Falenty
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The multidimensional approach to development strategy of marine industry: Part II. Multifaceted analysis of the development outlook for the polish marine industry

1, January 1999, p 69-79 Statistical Yearbook of Maritime Economy, Central statistical Office, Statistical office in Szczecin, Warszawa-Szczecin, 2007 Walendowski J Strategic Evaluation on Innovation and the Knowledge—based Economy in relation to the Structural and Cohesion Funds for the programming period 2007-2013. Report to the European Commission, Directorate-General Regional Policy Evaluation and Additionally. County Report: Poland, Brussels, 7 July, 2006 Wojnicka E, Rot P

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Possibilities for Motorways of the Sea development in the eastern part of the Adriatic Sea

-207. 14. Trujillo L. and Medda F.: Road Freight Market Distortion and the Viability of SSS . Second annual conference on competition and regulation in network industries, Brussels, 2009. 15. Paraschiv D.M., Popa I., Caragin A.R., Tartavuela R.I.: Evolution of Strategic Supply Chain in Central and Eastern Europe in Turbulent Times - Focus Romania . The 8th International Conference on Logistics and SCM Research, Bordeaux, 2010. 16. Styhre L .: Strategies of capacity utilisation in short sea shipping . Maritime Economics & Logistics, Vol

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Controlling a team of unmanned underwater vehicles performing water region search tasks

References 1. Ameljańczyk A.: Multi-criteria optimisation in control and management problems , (in Polish), Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich, 1984 2. Cetnarowicz K., Gruer P., Hilaire V., Koukam A.: A Formal Specification of M-Agent Architecture , Revised Paper from the Second International Workshop of Central and Eastern Europe on Multi-Agent Systems, Springer-Verlag, London UK, 2002, pp. 62-72 3. Choset H.: Coverage for robotics - A survey of recent results , Annals of Mathematics and Artificial

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Preliminary Field Tests and Long-Term Monitoring as a Method of Design Risk Mitigation: A Case Study of Gdańsk Deepwater Container Terminal

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Buca R., Mitrosz O.: Complex Geotechnical Engineering for Port of Gdansk Development – Gateway to Central-Eastern Europe . Proceedings of 13 th Baltic Sea Geotechnical Conference, Vilnius 2016, pp. 290-296. 2. Buca R., Mitrosz O.: Inżynieria geotechniczna a rozbudowa Portu Gdańsk (in Polish). Journal GDMT, October – December /4/2016/57, pp. 60-63. 3. Chróścielewski J., Sabik A., Sobczyk B., Witkowski W.: Nonlinear FEM 2D failure onset prediction of composite shells based on 6-paramter shell theory . Journal Thin

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