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Impact of Supply Chain Solutions on Environmental Performance of Biomass Use – LCA-based Research Case

References De Meyer, A., Cattrysse, D., Rasinmäki, J., Van Orshoven, J. (2014) “Methods to optimise the design and management of biomass-for-bioenergy supply chains: A review”, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 31, March 2014, Pages 657-670, Directive 2009/28/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 April 2009 on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources and amending and subsequently repealing Directives 2001/77/EC and 2003/30/EC, Official

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Sustainable Regional Development Policy in Romania - Coordinates


The regional development policy appears as a coherent set of planned measures - enlisted in the National Development Programme and in the National Regional Development Plans - and promoted by the authorities of the central end local administration, based on the principle of partnership with various actors (private, public or volunteers), in order to assure a dynamic and sustainable economic and social growth, by an efficient valorification of the regional and local potential.

The definition of the regional development policy in Romania needs to answer two pressures, namely: one of general order, which imposes the acceptance of the EU rules and objectives and the coordination of the regional development policy with the way the regional development policy is understood and applied at the level of the community countries; the second, of particular order, springs from the situation Romania experiences, namely its still insufficient preparation to face the extremely competitive environment of the “unique market” within the EU.

To implement a regional development policy compatible and comparable to the EU policy in this domain, according to the “Green Charter of Regional Development in Romania”, elaborated by the Government of Romania and the European Commission, even since the year 1997, eight development regions have been defined (which must not be viewed as administrative-territorial units, as they do not have juridical personality, so that they must not be mistakenly taken for the counties).

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Synergies between an Observed Port and a Logistic Company: Application of the Discounted Cash–Flow Model and the Monte Carlo Simulation

Valuation Using Discounted Cash Flow Methods, European Business School, 2016. [15] M. A. Mehari and J. R. Turner, A Monte Carlo comparison between the free cash flow and discounted cash flow approaches, Tinbergen Institute Rotterdam, 2002. [16] M. Yang, "Modeling Investment Risks and Uncertainties with Real Options Approach", International Energy Agency Working Paper Series, vol. 13, pp. 1120-1137, 2007. [17] T. Copeland and J. Weston, Financial theory and corporate policy. Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley, 1988

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Information Management and Companies’ Logistics Cooperation

. Sławińska, PWN, Warszawa. Lachiewicz S., Bielawska-Zakrzewska A. [2012] „Sieć przedsiębiorstw jako skuteczna forma organizacyjna w warunkach kryzysu gospodarczego”, Management and Business Administration, Central Europe, vol. 4, no. 117: p. 36. Lis. T., Bajdor P. [2015] Information and Communication Technology and Organizations’ Cooperation at the Dynamic Market”, Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol. 795: p. 138-140. Makowiec M. [2011] „Instrumentalizacja procesów transferu wiedzy”, [in:] Komunikacja w procesach zarządzania

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Data-driven Pattern Analysis of Acknowledgments in the Biomedical Domain

in impacting intellectual influences laid out in acknowledgments. Lastly, we used PubMed Central to download full-text records in the XML form, (1,565,733 full-text records) and extracted the acknowledgment sections. The rest of the paper is organized as follows: in Section 2 , we discuss some related works and some of their limitations; in Section 3 , we discuss our three methods of analysis: DRM, network, and word2vector; we move on to Section 4 where we discuss the results of the three methods mentioned in Section 3 ; and conclude with the discussion and

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Heuristics for NP-hard optimization problems - simpler is better!?

heuristics for resource-constrained project scheduling: An update,” European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 174, pp. 23-37, 2006. 8. B. Korte and J. Vygen, Combinatorial optimization: Theory and algorithms, Springer, Berlin, 2002. 9. T. Kramberger, G. Štrubelj and J. Žerovnik, “Chinese postman problem with priority nodes, ” Foundations of computing and decision sciences, 2009, vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 233-264, 2009. 10. T. Kramberger and J. Žerovnik, “Priority constrained Chinese postman problem”, Logistics & sustainable

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Design of a generic, open platform for machine learning-assisted indexing and clustering of articles in PubMed, a biomedical bibliographic database

reference data from the UMLS or other knowledge bases. 3.5 Extension to full-text features We have emphasized the use of metadata as features for text mining, in part because full-text of biomedical articles has not been generally accessible. The PubMed Central Open Access dataset currently contains 1.8 million full-text articles available for download in the XML format. This can be augmented further by precomputing features that can be archived for use by others. For example, Europe PMC ( ) has delineated article section

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Safe Open Science for Restricted Data

limited forms of data availability, particularly for data that may need protections of privacy and intellectual property, protection of human research participants, etc. Much data resulting from externally funded research can be made available, but some data simply cannot or will ever be completely and freely open. Data should be made open to the fullest extent possible (open access, open use, open license), but there are important cases where controls on the data must be in place. For this latter data, an accommodating principle coined by the European Union Horizon

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