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Using Decision Trees for Identification of Most Relevant Indicators for Effective ICT Utilization

Chinese Economic Growth. The RATIO Institute and Techno-Economics and Policy Program College of Engineering, Seoul National University, 2006. 8. Huveneers, C . ICT Diffusion and Firm-Level Performance . Case Studies for Belgium, Planning & Working Papers, 2003. 9. Krakar, Z., S. Tomić Rotim. Assessment of Croatia's Readiness for Using the ICT Potentials. - In: Proceedings of 20th Central European Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems, Varaždin, 2009. 10. Loh, W.-Y., N. Vanichsetakul. Tree

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Risk Index Model Building: Application for Field Ramp Metering Safety Evaluation on Urban Motorway Traffic in Paris

References 1. Everitt, B. Cluster Analysis Heinemann Educ. London, Books, 1974. 2. EURAMP Project. Deliverable D3.5. Safety Critical Issue for Ramp Metering. European Commission, Brussels 2006. 3. Glob, F. T., W. W. Recker. A Method for Relating Type of Crash to Traffic Characteristics on Urban Freeway. - Transportation Research. Part A. Vol. 38, 55-80. 4. Abdel- Aty, M., A. Pand e. Identifying Crash Propensity Using Specific Traffic Speed Conditions. - Journal of Safety Resaerch, Vol. 36

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Trends and Opportunities in Computer Science OER Development

. European University Association. January 2013. 24. Adamovica, L. To MOOC or Not to MOOC: Strategic Lessons from the Pioneers. Slide Share. 25. Verstelle, M., M. Schreuder, H. Jelgerhu is. Recognition of MOOCs in the Education Sector. – In: 2014 Open Education Trend Report: SURF’s Open Education Special Interest Group, 2014. 26. MOOCs' Next Phase: Global System for Credential

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Control of Traffic Driven Epidemics in Weighted Networks by Immunizing Edges

Heterogeneous Networks. – European Physical Journal B, Vol. 26 , 2002, No 4, 521-529. 9. Bailey, N. T. J. The Mathematical Theory of Infectious Diseases and its Applications. New York, Hafner Press, 1975. 10. Anderson, R. M., R. M. May, B. Anderson. Infectious Diseases of Humans: Dynamics and Control. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1992. 11. Pastor-Satorras, R., A. Vespignani. Immunization of Complex Networks. – Physical Review E, Vol. 65 , 2002, No 3, 36-104. 12. Cohen, R., S. Havl in, D. Ben-Avraham. Efficient Immunization Strategies for Computer Networks and

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Water Flow Forecasting and River Simulation for Flood Risk Analysis

river basin, China," in Proceedings of Esri International user conference, San Diego, 2013, 6 p. [7] Y.A. Merkuryev, B.V. Sokolov, G.V. Merkuryeva, "Integrated Intelligent Platform for Monitoring the Cross-Border Natural- Technological Systems," in Proceedings of HMS 2012, September 19-21, 2012, Vienna, Austria, 2012, pp. 7-10. [8] G.V. Merkuryeva, Y. A. Merkuryev, "Advanced River Flood Forecasting and Simulation", in Proceedings of the 25th European Modelling and Simulation Symposium, EMSS2013. September 25-27 2013, Athens, Greece. Ed

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Sensitivity Study of Different RegCM4.4 Model Set-Ups – Recent Results from the TVRegCM Experiment

Simulation of Summer Monsoon Features over the South Asia CORDEX Domain Using RegCM-4.3. - Int. J. Climatol., Vol. 35, 2015, No 15, pp. 4695-4706. 9. Zanis, P., C. Douvis, I. Kapsomenakis, I. Kioutsioukis, D. Melas, J. S. Pal. A Sensitivity Study of the Regional Climate Model (RegCM3) to the Convective Scheme with Emphasis in Central Eastern and Southeastern Europe. - Theor. Appl. Climatol., Vol. 97, 2009, No 3-4, pp. 327-337. 10. Chervenkov, H., K. Slavov. Simulated Versus Satellite Retrieval Distribution Patterns of the Snow Water

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A Comparative Analysis of Depth Computation of Leukaemia Images using a Refined Bit Plane and Uncertainty Based Clustering Techniques

Fuzzy Set Techniques. - International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications, Vol. 1, 2012, pp. 20-26. 6. Chan, Y. K., M. H. Tsai, D. C. Huang, Z. H. Zheng, K. D. Hung. Leukocyte Nucleus Segmentation and Nucleus Lobe Counting. Bio Med Central, Ltd., 2010. 7. Mecca, G., S. Raunich, A. Rappalardo. A New Algorithm for Clustering Search Results. - Data and Knowledge Engineering, Vol. 62, 2007, pp. 504-522. 8. Xu, R., D. Wunsch. Clustering Algorithm in Biomedical Research: A Review. - IEEE Reviews in Biomedical

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Improving Community Detection in Time-Evolving Networks Through Clustering Fusion

Review E, Vol. 74, 2006, No 3, pp. 1-22. 8. Pons, P., M. Latapy. Computing Communities in Large Networks Using Random Walks. - In: Proc. of 20th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences, Turkey, Springer, 2005, pp. 284-293. 9. Santo, F., L. Vito, M. Massimo. A Method to Find Community Structures Based on Information Centrality. - Physical Review E, Vol. 70, 2004, No 5, pp. 1-13. 10. Girvan, M., M. E. J. Newman. Community Structure in Social and Biological Networks. - Proceedings of National Academy of

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Disclosing and Evaluating Artistic Research

research as an autonomous discipline. Acknowledging the potential hereto of the collaborative design of quality indicators and assessment models, these authors forward the notion of an evaluation culture or a “community of judgement” ( Wissler, 1997 ) as an indispensable dimension to generate such a paradigm. In this paper, we first expand on the conditions wherein artistic research was introduced as a policy concept and subsequently institutionalized in Europe—pointing to the ramifications of the 1999 Bologna Declaration ( Lesage, 2009 ) in particular. Without

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eINTERASIA Project: IT Transfer Concept for Adaptation and Dissemination of Innovative European Research Results in Central Asian Countries


The paper presents an overview of the eINTERASIA international project aimed at supporting international cooperation with Central Asian countries by transfer, adaptation and dissemination of European research results in the area of Information Technology and Applied Software.

Information Technology Transfer Concept (TTC) based on InnoSPICE approach and Capability Maturity Model has been developed.

The concept of showroom as part of the implementation of TTC has been introduced in the selected Central Asian countries. Technological platforms for demonstrators of Virtual Reality-Based scenarios from Fraunhofer IFF were adapted and installed in the region of Central Asia.

Several EU research projects are selected for adaptation and validation in Central Asian countries. Special attention is devoted to demonstrate transfer and adaptation processes in the area of web-based transport logistics.

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