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Protective Role of Agrimonia eupatoria L. in Heavy Metal Induced Nephrotoxicity

REFERENCES 1. Ad’hiah, A. L., Al-Bederi, O. N. H., Al-Sammarraie, K. W., 2013: Cytotoxic effects of Agrimonia eupatoria L. against cancer cell lives in vitro . J. Assoc. Arab. Univ. Basic Appl. Sci. , 14, 87—92. 2. Al-Snafi, A. E., 2015: The pharmacological and therapeutic importance of Agrimonia eupatoria . Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology , 5, 112—117. 3. Barbier, O., Jacquillet, G., Tauc, M., Cougnon M., Poujeol, P., 2005: Effect of heavy metals on, and handling by, the kidney. Nephron Physiol. , 99, 105

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The physiological aspects, technique and monitoring of slaughter procedures and its’ effects on meat quality – review

captive bolt stunning on meat quality of cattle proccesed by Turkish slaughter procedures. Meat Sci., 66: 809-815. Posner J.B, Saper C.B., Schiff N., Plum F. (2008). Plum and Posner’s diagnosis of Stuper and Coma (4 ed.) Publisher: Oxford University Press. Praca zbiorowa pod red. Gomułki W.S. i Rewerskiego W. (2000). Encyklopedia zdrowia. Tom I, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN Warszawa, wydanie dziewiąte, s. 1105. Rodrigez P., Dalman A., Ruiz-de-la-Torre J.L., Manteca X., Jensen E.W., Rodriguez B., Velarde A. (2008). Assesment of unconsciousness during carbon

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The Effect of Garlic (Allium Sativum L.) on Growth Performance, Mortality Rate, Meat and Blood Parameters in Broilers

-Senousey H.K. (2014). Nutritional factors affecting abdominal fat deposition in poultry:areview. Asian-Austral. J. Anim. Sci., 27: 1057‒1068. Gornowicz E., Lewko L., Gornowicz J. (2007). Effect of air temperature in the final growing period and of bird strain on carcass and meat quality in broiler chickens. Pol. L. Food Nutr. Sci., 57: 175‒179. Grela E.R., Pietrzak K., Sobolewska S., Witkowski P. (2013). Effect of inulin and garlic supplementation in pig diets. Ann. Anim. Sci., 13: 63‒71. Harris J., Cottrell S.L., Plummer S

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