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DNA extraction and amplification from Pinaceae dry wood

change, 105: 67-90. Linares JC, Taïqui L, Camarero JJ (2011b) Increasing Drought Sensitivity and Decline of Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) in the Moroccan Middle Atlas Forests. Forests 2: 777-796. Osakabe Y, Arinaga N, Umezawa T, Katsura S, Nagamachi K, Tanaka H, Ohiraki H, Yamada K, Seo SU, Abo M, Yoshimura E, Shinozaki K, Yamaguchi-Shinozaki K (2013) Osmotic Stress Responses and Plant Growth Controlled by Potassium Transporters in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 25(2): 609

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Phytochemistry, HPLC profile and antioxidant activity of aqueous extracts of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum L.) seeds grown in arid zones of Algeria

arabidopsis mutant deficient in flavonoïd accumulation”, Planta, 1994 , 194 , 504-509. [24]. Cleriver, A.; El Modafar, C., “Vascular modification In Platanus acerifolia seedings inoculated with creatocystis fimbriata fsp platani”, Eur. J. For path, 1994 , 24 , 1-10. [25]. Liyama, K.; Tuyet Lam, T.B.; Stone, B.A., “Covalent cross-links In The cell wall”, Plant Physiol, 1994 , 104 , 315-320. [26]. Smith, D.A.; Harrer, J. M.; Cleveland, T. E., “Relation between production of kevitone hydrastase by isolates of fusarium and their pathogenicity On

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Co-expression network of secondary cell wall biogenesis genes in Eucalyptus tereticornis

-Wang H, N Goue, MN Saidi, S Legay, P Sivadon, D Goffner and J Gri­ma-Pettenati (2013) Identification of novel transcription factors regulating secondary cell wall formation in Arabidopsis. Frontiers in Plant Science 4: 189. Chandran AKN, HY Jeong, KH Jung and C Lee (2016) Development of functional modules based on co-expression patterns for cell-wall biosynthesis related genes in rice. Journal of Plant Biology 59: 1-15. Davin N, PP Edger, CA Hefer, E

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Analysis of absolute nuclear DNA content reveals a small genome and intra-specific variation in Cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.), Anacardiaceae

: targets, trends and tomorrow. Annals of Botany, 107: 467-590. BENNETT, M. D. and I. J. LEITCH (2012): Plant DNA C-values Database. BENNETT, M. D., I. J. LEITCH, H. J. PRICE and J. S. JOHNSTON (2003): Comparison with Caenorhabditis (~100 Mb) and Drosophila (~175 Mb) using flow cytometry show genome size in Arabidopsis to be ~157 Mb and thus ~25% larger than the Arabidopsis Genome Initiative estimate of ~125 Mb. Annals of Botany, 91: 1-11. BENNETZEN, J. L. and E. A. KELLOGG (1997): Do plants have

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Identification of AFLP Markers Associated with Embryonic Root Development in Populus tomentosa Carr

References BENFEY, P. N., P. J. LINSTEAD, K. ROBERTS, J. W. SCHIEFELBEIN, M. T. HAUSER and R. A. AESCHBACHER (1993): Root development in Arabidopsis: four mutants with dramatically altered root morphogenesis. Development 119: 57-70. CELENZA, J. L. JR, P. L. GRISAFI and G. R. FINK (1995): A pathway for lateral root formation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Genes Dev 9: 2131-2142. CERVERA, M. T., J. GUSMAO, M. STEENACKERS, J. PELEMAN, V. STORME, A. VAN DEN BROECK, M. VAN MONTAGU and W. BOERJAN (1996): Identification of

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Cloning and Molecular Evolution Analysis of NBS Class Resistance Gene Analogs in Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra)

References Aarts N, Metz M, Holub E, Staskawicz BJ, Daniels MJ, Parker JE (1998) Different requirements for EDS1 and NDR1 by disease resistance genes define at least two R gene-mediated signaling pathways in Arabidopsis[J]. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 95(17):10306-10311. Bent AF, Kunkel BN, Dahlbeck D, Brown KL, Schmidt R, Giraudat J, Leung J, Stas­kawicz BJ (1994) RPS2 of Arabidopsis thaliana: a leuine-rich repeat class of plant disease resistance genes[J]. Science 265(5180):1856-1860 https

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Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression in Triploid Black Poplar

. YOKOTA, F. NAGY and M. SZEKERES (2002): Regulation of transcript levels of the Arabidopsis cytochrome p450 genes involved in brassinosteroid biosynthesis. Plant Physiol 130: 504-513. BAO, F., J. SHEN, S. R. BRADY, G. K. MUDAY, T. ASAMI and Z. YANG (2004): Brassinosteroids interact with auxin to promote lateral root development in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 134: 1624-1631. BLANC, G. and K. H. WOLFE (2004): Widespread paleopolyploidy in model plant species inferred from age distributions of duplicate genes. Plant Cell 16: 1667

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Anatomical and Physiological Effects of Phytohormones on Adventitious Roots Development in Larix kaempferi × L. olgensis

.4061/2011/710758. DEAK, K. I. and J. MALAMY (2005): Osmotic regulation of root system architecture. The Plant Journal 43(1): 17-28. DE KLERK, G. J., W. VAN DER KRIEKEN and J. C. DE JONG (1999): The formation of adventitious roots: new concepts, new possibilities. In: Vitro Cellular, Development Biology. Plant 35(3): 189-199. DELLO IOIO, R. D., F. S. LINHARES and E. SCACCHI (2007): Cytokinins determine Arabidopsis root-meristem size by controlling cell differentiation. Curr Biol 17: 678-682. DE SMET, I., L. SIGNORA, T. BEECKMAN, D. INZE

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Faster Evaluation of Induced Floral Sterilit

-172. HÖFIG, K. P., R.L. MOYLE, J. PUTTERILL and C. WALTER (2003): Expression analysis of four Pinus radiata male cone promoters in the heterologous host Arabidopsis. Planta. 217: 858-67. HÖFIG, K. P., R. MÖLLER, L. DONALDSON and J. C. PUTTERILL (2006): Towards male sterility in Pinus radiata - a stilbene synthase approach to genetically engineer nuclear male sterility. Plant Biotechnology J. 4: 333-343. HOENICKA, H. and M. FLADUNG (2006a): Biosafety in Populus spp. and other forest trees: from non-native species to taxa derived from

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Characterization of genes expressed in Casuarina equisetifolia in response to elicitation by cell wall components of Trichosporium vesiculosum

. ANOLLES and P. M. GRESSHOFF (1991): Fast and sensitive silver staining of DNA in polyacrylamide gels. Anal Biochem 196: 80-83. BEADLE, N. C. W (1981): The vegetation of Australia. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. BOYES, D. C., J. NAM and J. L. DANGL (1998): The Arabidopsis thaliana RPM1 disease resistance gene product is a peripheral plasma membrane protein that is degraded coincident with the hypersensitive response. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 95: 15849-15854. BRODL, M. R. and T. H. D. HO (1991): Heat shock

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