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Imaging of photoassimilates transport in plant tissues by positron emission tomography

References Czakó M, Márton L (2010) Subtropical and tropical reeds for biomass. In: Halford NG, Karp A (Eds.), Energy crops, RSC Publishing, Cambridge, UK: 322-340. Evans JR (2013) Improving photosynthesis. Plant Physiol. 162: 1780-1793. Fatangare A, Gebhardt P, Saluz H, Svatoš A (2014) Comparing 2-[18F]fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose and [68Ga]gallium-citrate translocation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Nucl. Med. Biol. 41: 737-743. Fatangare A, Paetz C, Saluz H, Svatoš A (2015) 2-deoxy-2- fluoro

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Transient expression of green fluorescent protein in parasitic dodder as a tool for studying of cytoskeleton

cytoskeleton in all cells of Arabidopsis seedlings. Eur. J. Cell Biol. 84: 595-608. Voinnet O, Rivas S, Mestre P, Baulcombe D (2013) An enhancement transient expression system in plants based on suppression of gene silencing by the p19 protein of tomato bushy stunt virus. Plant J. 33: 949-956. Wang Y-S, Yoo C-M, Blancaflor EB (2007) Improved imaging of actin filaments in transgenic Arabidopsis plants expressing a green fluorescent protein fusion to the C- and N-termini of the fibrin actin-binding domain 2. New Phytol. 177: 525

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The Activity of Cell-Wall Modifying β-1,3-Glucanases in Soybean Grown in Presence of Heavy Metals

approach to gene families in rice and Arabidopsis . Plant Cell Physiol., 45, 2004, 1111-1121.

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Beta-1,3-Glucanase Activities in Wheat and Relative Species

References CHEN, Z.J: Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms for gene expression and phenotypic variation in plant polyploids. Annu. Review Plant Biol., 58, 2007, 377-406. DOXEY, A.C., YAISH, M.W.F., MOFFATT, B.A., GRIFFITH, M., MCCONKEY, B.J.: Functional divergence in the Arabidopsis beta-1,3-glucanase gene family inferred by phylogenetic reconstruction of expression states. Mol. Biol. Evol., 24, 2007, 1045-1055. GREGOROVA, Z., KOVACIK, J., KLEJDUS, B., MAGLOVSKI, M., KUNA, R., HAUPTVOGEL, P., MATUSIKOVA, I.: Drought-induced responses of

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Comparison Of Cd And Zn Accumulation In Tissues Of Different Vascular Plants: A Radiometric Study

.C., BAJPAI, O., SINGH, N.: Energy crops in sustainable phytoremediation. Renew. Sust. Energ. Rev., 54, 2016, 58-73. POŁEĆ-PAWLAK, K., RUZIK, R., ABRAMSKI, K., CIURZYŃSKA, M., GAWROŃSKA, H.: Cadmium speciation in Arabidopsis thaliana as a strategy to study metal accumulation system in plants. Anal. Chim. Acta, 540, 2005, 61-70. QUEZADA-HINOJOSA, R., FÖLLMI, K.B., GILLET, F., MATERA, V.: Cadmium accumulation in six common plant species associated with soils containing high geogenic cadmium concentrations at Le Gurnigel, Swiss Jura Mountains. Catena, 124, 2015

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137Cs Uptake and Translocation in Leafy Vegetable: a Study with Lactuca Sativa L. Grown Under Hydroponic Conditions

.: Toxicity testing of wastewater and sewage sludge by biosensors, bioassays and chemical analysis. Trends Anal. Chem., 22(5), 2003, 299-310. FU, H.-H., LUAN, S.: AtKUP1: A dual - affinity K+ transporter from Arabidopsis . Plant Cell, 10, 1998, 63-73. GABRIELI, J., COZZI, G., VALLELONGA, P., SCHWIKOWSKI, M., SIGL, M., EICKENBERG, J., WACKER, L., BOUTRON, C., GÄGGELER, H., CESCON, P., BARBANTE, C.: Contamination of Alpine snow and ice at Colle Gnifetti, Swiss/Italian Alps, from nuclear weapons tests. Atmos. Environ., 45, 2011, 587- 593

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Phytotoxicity of colloidal solutions of stabilized and non-stabilized nanoparticles of essential metals and their oxides

-coated silver nanoparticles in biological and environmental conditions: fate, stability and toxicity. Adv. Colloid Interface Sci. 204: 15-34. Sperling RA, Parak WJ (2010) Surface modification, functionalization and bioconjugation of colloidal inorganic nanoparticles. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A. 368: 1333-1383. Tang Y, He R, Zhao J, Nie G, Xu L, Xing B (2016) Oxidative stress-induced toxicity of CuO nanoparticles and related toxicogenomic responses in Arabidopsis thaliana . Environ. Pollut. 212: 605-614. Taran N, Batsmanova L, Kovalenko M, Okanenko A (2016

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Anthocyanins in Wheat Seed – A Mini Review

Radical Res., 40, 2006, 1014-1028. RYAN, K.G., SWINNY, E.E., WINEFIELD, C., MARKHAM, K.R.: Flavonoid and UV photoprotection in Arabidopsis mutants. Z. Naturforschung, 56c, 2001, 745-754. SCHIJLEN, E.G.W.M., RIC DE VOS, C.H., VAN TUNEN, A.J., BOVY, A.G.: Modification of flavonoid biosynthesis in crop plants. Phytochemistry, 65, 2004, 2631-2648. SIEBENHANDL, S., GRAUSGRUBER, H., PELLEGRINI, N., DEL RIO, D., FOGLIANO, V., PERNICE, R., BERGHOFER, E.: Phytochemical profile on main antioxidant in different fractions of purple

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