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Robert Ashmead, Eric Slud and Todd Hughes

. Bradburn, N. 1978. “Respondent Burden.” In JSM Proceedings, Survey Research Methods Section, American Statistical Association, San Diego, California, August 14–17, 1978. Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association. 35–40. Available at: (accessed February 2017). U.S. Census Bureau. 2014. Design and Methodology: American Community Survey. Washington, DC: U.S. Census Bureau. Available at: (accessed February

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Linda A. Jacobsen

5. References Baumgardner, S.K., D.H. Griffin, and D.A. Raglin. 2014. “The Effects of Adding an Internet Response Option to the American Community Survey.” 2014 American Community Survey Research and Evaluation Report Memorandum Series #ACS14-RER-21, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington, DC. Available at: (accessed October 2017). Erdman, C. and N. Bates. 2014. “The U.S. Census Bureau Mail Return Rate Challenge: Crowdsourcing to Develop a Hard-to-Count Score

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Andrew Keller, Vincent T. Mule, Darcy Steeg Morris and Scott Konicki

). Chesnut, J. 2013. “Model-Based Mode Switching from Internet to Mail in the American Community Survey.” DSSD 2013 American Community Survey Memorandum Series #ACS13-MP-01. Available at: (accessed November 2017). Chow, M.C., H.P. Janicki, M.J. Kutzbach, L.F. Warren, and M. Yi. 2017. “A Comparison of Training Modules for Administrative Records Use in Nonresponse Followup Operations: The 2010 Census and the American Community Survey.” Center for Economic Studies Working Paper

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Kirstin Early, Jennifer Mankoff and Stephen E. Fienberg

Evaluation Program (March). Available at: (accessed April 14, 2017). Cohn, D.A., Z. Ghahramani, and M.I. Jordan. 1996. “Active Learning with Statistical Models.” Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 4: 129–145. Collins, L.M., S.A. Murphy, V.N. Nair, N. Vijay, and V.J. Strecher. 2005. “A Strategy for Optimizing and Evaluating Behavioral Interventions.” Annals of Behavioral Medicine 30(1): 65–73. Doi: . Collins

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Joe Murphy, Paul Biemer and Chip Berry

. Lisbon, Portugal. Schouten, B., F. Cobben, and J. Bethlehem. 2009. “Indictators of Representativeness of Survey Nonresponse.” Survey Methodology 35: 101–113. Schouten, B., A. Peytchev, and J. Wagner. 2017. Adaptive Survey Design . Boca Raton, FL: Chapman and Hall/CRC. Tufte, E. 2001. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (2nd ed.). Cheshire, CT: Graphics Press. ISBN 0-9613921-4-2. U.S. Census Bureau. 2015. American Community Survey (ACS) 2014 Data Release New and Noteable. Available at:

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Jonathan Rothbaum

the Propensity Score in Observational Studies for Causal Effects.” Biometrika 70: 41-55. Doi: Rothbaum, J. 2015. “Comparing Income Aggregates: How Do the CPS and ACS Match the National Income and Product Accounts, 2007-2012.” U.S. Census Bureau SEHSD Working Paper #2015-01. Rubin, D.B. 1987. Multiple Imputation for Nonresponse in Surveys. John Wiley and Sons. Doi: Rubin, D.B. and N. Schenker. 1986. “Multiple Imputation for Interval

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Joep Burger, Koen Perryck and Barry Schouten

). Chesnut, J. 2013. Model-Based Mode of Data Collection Switching from Internet to Mail in the American Community Survey . Washington: US Census Bureau. Available at: (accessed June 2017). Deming, W.E. and F.F. Stephan. 1940. “On a Least Squares of Adjustment of a Sampled Frequency Table When the Expected Totals Are Known.” Annals of Mathematical Statistics 11: 427–444. Doi: . Groves, R.M. and S.G. Heeringa. 2006

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Jörg Drechsler, Gerd Ronning and Philipp Bleninger

Databases, J. Domingo-Ferrer and Y. Saygin (eds), vol 5262 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. New York: Springer, 270-283. Press, S. (2005). Applied Multivariate Analysis: Using Bayesian and Frequentist Methods of Inference, (2nd edn). New York: Dover Publications. Research Data Center of the National Center for Health Statistics (2012a). Available at: (accessed January 17, 2014). Research Data Center of the National Center for Health Statistics (2012b). Available at: http

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Alfred D. Tuttle, Jennifer L. Beck, Diane K. Willimack, Kevin P. Tolliver, Aryn Hernandez and Cha-Chi Fan

: (accessed April 2018). Bavdaž, M. 2010. “The Multidimensional Integral Business Survey Response Model.” Survey Methodology 36(1): 81–93. Britt, R. and F. Featherston. 2007. “Increasing Survey Cooperation: Motivating Chronic Late Responders to an Annual Survey.” Paper presented at the Third International Conference on Establishment Surveys, June 18–21, 2007, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Chun, Y.I. and K. Robertson. 1995. “The Effects of Advance Letters and

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Xi Xia and Michael R. Elliott

6. References Alexander, C.H., S. Dahl, and L. Weidman. 1997. “Making Estimates from the American Community Survey.” Paper presented at the 1997 Joint Statistical Meetings, August 10–14, 1997, Anaheim, CA. Available at: (accessed March 2016). Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine. 1990. The Abbreviated Injury Scale , 1990 Revision. Des Plaines, IL: Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine. Beaumont, J.P. 2008. “A New