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Koroze a ochrana materialu

The Journal of Association of Corrosion Engineers (Asociace korozních inženýru)

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V. Knotek, P. Korandová, R. Kalousková and M. Ďurovič

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J. Fojt, L. Joska, L. Cvrček and V. Březina

References 1. Frigerio, E., et al., Metal sensitivity in patients with orthopaedic implants: a prospective study. Contact Dermatitis 2011, 64 (Copyright (C) 2012 American Chemical Society (ACS). All Rights Reserved.), 273-279. 2. Hashitani, S., et al., Allergy to metal caused by materials used for intermaxillary fi xation: Case report. British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2008, 46 (4), 315-316. 3. Egusa, H., et al., Suspected association of an allergic reaction with titanium dental implants: A

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T. Hájková and A. Kalendová

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T. Prošek

metallic layers, Progress in Organic Coatings 2005, 53, 63-70. 20. J. M. Pommersheim, T. Nguyen: Prediction of blistering in coating systems, ACS Symposium Series 689 (Organic Coatings for Corrosion Control), 137-150, 1998. 21. T. N. Nguyen, J. B. Hubbard, G. B. McFadden: A mathematical model for the cathodic blistering of organic coatings on steel immersed in electrolytes, Journal of Coatings Technology 1991, 63 (794), 43-52. 22. T. Prošek, A. Nazarov, M.-G. Olivier, C. Vandermiers, D. Koberg, D. Thierry: The role of

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Svetlana Marija Goliškina, Dace Cīrule, Ērika Bizdēna and Māris Turks

Reticulum (ER) Stress,” Journal of Medicinal Chemistry , vol. 59, no. 17, pp. 7783–7800, Sep. 2016. [3] K. S. Van Horn, X. Zhu, T. Pandharkar, S. Yang, B. Vesely, M. Vanaerschot, J.-C. Dujardin, S. Rijal, D. E. Kyle, M. Z. Wang, K. A. Werbovetz, and R. Manetsch, “Antileishmanial Activity of a Series of N 2 ,N 4 -Disubstituted Quinazoline-2,4-diamines,” Journal of Medicinal Chemistry , vol. 57, no. 12, pp. 5141–5156, Jun. 2014. [4] SK. S. Van Horn, W. N. Burda, R. Fleeman, L. N

Open access

Santhanam John Joseph, Kaliyaperumal Ranganathan, Ramamoorthy Suresh, Ranganathan Arulkumaran, Rajasekaran Sundararajan, Dakshnamoorthy Kamalakkannan, Sakthivel Pazhanivel Sakthinathan, Ganesan Vanangamudi, Selvakumar Dineshkumar, Kannan Thirumurthy, Inabasekaran Muthuvel, Ganesamoorthy Thirunarayanan and Kunasekaran Viveksarathi

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