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Vera Ács


The Seasonal Work Directive forms part of the EU’s sectoral immigration policy, as there is a permanent need for unskilled labour within the EU. The Directive introduces the common admission standards with simplifi ed entry procedures and the prospect of returning in a subsequent season in the sectors which are identifi ed seasonal - most notably agriculture, horticulture and tourism - where work undertaken mostly by third country nationals. As safeguards against economic and social exploitation the Directive also establishes a common set of rights to which third country seasonal workers are entitled during their stay, which, at the same time, also protects EU citizens who are seasonal workers from unfair competition. Today, Hungary is not a target country for seasonal employment. The Directive not only gives an obligation to the Member States but also gives a good chance to make their country more attractive for temporary migration

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Edwin Henao-García, Jose Arias-Pérez and Nelson Lozada-Barahona

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M. Yahya. Al-Abri, A. Abdul Rahim and N. H. Hussain

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Beáta Udvari and Isaac Kwesi Ampah

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Genoveva Millán Vázquez de la Torre, Virginia Navajas-Romero and Ricardo Hernández Rojas

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