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Kálmán Benedek and Gyula Dankó

References Andersson J., Berglund J., Follin S., Hakami E., Halvarson J., Hermanson J., Laaksoharju M., Rhén I. & Wahlgren C. 2002: Testing the methodology for site descriptive modelling. Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co. , Technical Report, TR-02-19. Ács V., Molnár P. & Enachescu C. 2003a: Documentation of the southern interference test. Manuscript, Bátatom Ltd. , Budapest, BA-03-219 (in Hungarian). Ács V., Molnár P. & Enachescu C. 2003b: Documentation of the northern

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Paulina Maziarz and Jakub Matusik

.12.008. Magnacca, G., Allera, A., Montoneri, E., Celi, L., Benito, D. E., Gagliardi, L. G., Gonzalez, M. C., Mártire, D. O., & Carlos, L. (2014). Novel Magnetite Nanoparticles Coated with Waste-Sourced Biobased Substances as Sustainable and Renewable Adsorbing Materials. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. 2(6), 1518-1524. DOI: 10.1021/sc500213j. Matlock, M. M., Howerton, B. S., & Atwood, D. A. (2002). Chemical precipitation of heavy metals from acid mine drainage. Water Research. 36, 4757-4764. DOI: 10.1016/S0043-1354(02)00149-5. Matusik, J

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Melanie Keil and Franz Neubauer

., Wallbrecher E., Wang X. & Willingshofer E. 2000: Structural evolution within an extruding wedge: model and application to the Alpine-Pannonian system. In: Lehner F. & Urai J. (Eds.): Aspects of tectonic faulting. (In Honour of Georg Mandl). Springer , Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 141-153. Ortner H., Reiter F. & Acs P. 2002: Easy handling of tectonic data: the programs Tectonics VP for Mac and Tectonics FP for Windows. Computer and Geosciences 28, 1193-1200. Pelletier J.D. 2008: Glacial erosion and mountain building

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Ana Mladenović, Branislav Trivić, Milorad Antić, Vladica Cvetković, Radmila Pavlović, Slavica Radovanović and Bernhard Fügenschuh

to determine stress: a control study. J. Geophys. Res. 92, 357-368. Mitchell A.H.G. 1996: Distribution and genesis of some epizonal Zn-Pb and Au provinces in the Carpathian-Balkan region. Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, Sect. B 105, 127-138. Ortner H., Reiter F. & Acs P. 2002: Easy handling of tectonic data: the programs TectonicVB for Mac and TectonicsFP for Windows(TM). Computers & Geosciences 28, 1193-1200. Petit J.P. 1987: Criteria for the sense of movement on fault

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Jacek Szczygieł

the gravity and geoelectrical data. Przegl. Geol. 51, 498–506 (in Polish). Rabowski F. 1959: High-tatric series in Western Tatra. Prace Inst. Geol. 27, 1–166 (in Polish). Radomski A. 1958: The sedimentological character of the Podhale flysch. Acta Geol. Pol. 8, 335–409 (in Polish). Ramsay J.G. & Lisle R. 2000: Techniques of modern structural geology. Vol. 3. Applications of continuum mechanics in structural geology. Academic Press , London, 1–360. Reiter F. & Acs P. 1996: TectonicsFP 1.75 computer software for structural geology

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Bożena Gołębiowska, Grzegorz Rzepa and Adam Pieczka

Developed from Mineralized Carbonate Rock. Environmental Science and Technology , 49 (9), 5390-5398. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b00629. Voskresenskaya, N.T., & Soboleva, L.T. (1961). Once more on thallium in manganese minerals. Geokhimiya , 3 , 276-278. [In Russian with English summary]. Wan, S.L., Ma, M.H., Lv, L., Qian, L.P., Xu, S.Y., Xue, Y., Ma, Z.Z (2014). Selective capture of thallium(I) ion from aqueous solutions by amorphous hydrous manganese dioxide. Chemical Engineering Journal , 239 , 200-206. DOI:10.1016/j.cej.2013.11.010. Wedepohl, K

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Peter Vršanský, Paulina Cifuentes-Ruiz, Ľubomír Vidlička, Fedor Čiampor and Francisco Vega

-producing trees: focus on case studies of Hymenea and Agathis . In: Anderson K.B. & Krelling J.C. (Eds.): ACS symposium series 617: Amber, resinite, and fossil resins. Amer. Chem. Soc. , Washington, 1-31. Melton R.H. 1995: Differential adaptation to water-deprivation in first instar nymphs of the German cockroach ( Blattella germanica ) and the brown-banded cockroach ( Supella longipalpa ). Entomol. Exp. Appl. 77, 1, 61-68. Meneses-Rocha J.J. 2001: Tectonic evolution of the Ixtapa graben, an example of a strike

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Trace-fossil assemblages with a new ichnogenus in “spotted”

(Fleckenmergel—Fleckenkalk) deposits: a signature of oxygen-limited benthic communities

Vladimír Šimo and Adam Tomašových

interpretation of complex Thalassinoides in shallow-marine limestones, Lower Ordovician, southern Sweden. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol. 192, 221-227. Ekdale A.A. & Mason T.R. 1988: Characteristic trace-fossil associations in oxygen-poor sedimentary environments. Geology 16, 720-723. Fernandes A.C.S. & Carvalho I.S. 2006: Invertebrate ichnofossils from the Adamantina Formation (Bauru Basin, Late Cretaceous), Brazil. Rev. Brasileira Paleontologia 9, 211-220. Fillion D. & Pickerill R.K. 1990: Ichnology of the

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Alexander Lačný, Dušan Plašienka and Rastislav Vojtko

., Ožvoldová L., Kronome B., Reichwalder P. & Jablonský J. 1998: Petrology and stratigraphy of the Meliaticum near the Meliata and Jaklovce Villages, Slovakia. Slov. Geol. Mag. 4, 223-260. Ondrejičková A. 1992: Jurassic radiolarians from the borehole Bru-1 (Brusník). Geol. práce, Správy 96, Bratislava, 43-45. (in Slovak) Ortner H., Reiter F. & Acs P., 2002: Easy handling of tectonic data: the programs TectonicVB for Mac and Tectonics FP for Windows(tm). Computers & Geosciences 28, 1193-1200; see also http

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Mathias Harzhauser, Oleg Mandic, Matthias Kranner, Petra Lukeneder, Andrea K. Kern, Martin Gross, Giorgio Carnevale and Christine Jawecki

Technology, 49, 277-283. Elečko, M. and Vass, D., 2001. Litostratigrafické jednotky usadenín sarmatského veku vo viedenskej panve. Mineralia Slovaca, 33, 1-6. Faegri, K. and Iversen, J., 1989. Textbook of Pollen Analysis, 4th Edition. Wiley, Chichester, 328 pp. Filipescu, S. and Popa, M., 2001. Biostratigraphic and palaeoecologic significance of the macro- and microfossils assemblages in the Borod Formation (Eastern Borod Depression, North-West Romania). Acta Palaeontologica