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Gheorghe Samoilescu, Dumitru Iorgulescu, Robert Mitrea and Laura D. Cizer


This paper presents aspects of the steering gear onboard a merchant ship by analyzing aft and bow systems based on automation and use of modern propulsion. The choice of the transverse propeller is based on several economic considerations (its price, consumption, efficiency, etc.), technical considerations (positioning, size, vibrations induced in the ship’s hull), and maneuverability considerations (the ship’s turning rate under the action of the propeller. Accordingly, the propulsion system can come in various sizes, power values, shapes of the tunnel, and can present fixed or variable pitch propellers. Depending on the maneuverability of the ship, the transverse propulsion is analyzed by taking into account two tests: the turning of the transverse propulsion system test in calm and windy weather, and the steering test. The automation system is designed to control and monitor the on-board operational systems and equipment, and it encompasses a wide range of control, monitor and alarm. The integrated navigational equipment includes the following sub-systems: navigation consoles, ship handling consoles, dynamic positioning consoles, anchoring and deck operations consoles, and propulsion system control consoles. The propulsion control system is especially dedicated to the propeller and thruster control system, resulting in a joint control system, and the cables are reduced in number since the communication lines are used in series. The mandatory condition for successfully solving the problem with the complex automation of naval installations and equipment is the construction of complex automatic control systems (ACS), consisting of: automated commands or remote controls, a system of collecting, processing and displaying information, as well as a system of control, fault detection and diagnosis

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Katarzyna Rostek and Agnieszka Skala

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A. Komisarczyk, G. Dziworska, I. Krucinska, M. Michalak, W. Strzembosz, A. Kaflak and M. Kaluza

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Marina Vives-Mestres and Josep A. Martín-Fernández

statistical analysis on the simplex, Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment (SERRA), 15 (5), 384-398, 2001. [15] Egozcue J.J., Pawlowsky-Glahn V., Mateu-Figueras G., Barceló-Vidal C., Isometric logratio transformations for compositional data analysis, Mathematical Geology, 35 (3), 279-300, 2003. [16] Thió-Henestrosa S., Egozcue J.J., Pawlowsky-Glahn V., Kov´acs L.O., G. Kov´acs, Balance-dendrogram a new routine of CoDaPack, Computer and Geosciences, 34 (12), 1682-1696, 2008. [17] Pawlowsky-Glahn V., Egozcue J

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Piotr Wołejsza and Jolanta Koszelew

optimization in the NAVDEC system, 2014, Advanced Computer Systems (ACS 2014), ‘Przegląd Elektrotechniczny’, 2015, No. 2, pp. 27–30, [online], [access 12.09.2016]. [5] Koszelew J., Wołejsza P., Last minute manoeuvre as a part of maritime transport logistic system, ‘Logistyka’, 2014, No. 4, [CD]. [6] Lenart A., Manoeuvring to required approach parameters — CPA distance and time, ‘Annual of Navigation’, 1999, No. 1, pp. 99–108. [7] Lisaj A., The Method of the Navigation Data Fusion in Inland Navigation. Marine

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Tomasz Lizer, Michał Remer, Grzegorz Sobieraj, Maciej Psarski, Daniel Pawlak and Grzegorz Celichowski

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Nikolay Gnezdov, Aleksey Kolganov and Sergey Lebedev

arid direct torque control. London: Oxford University Press, 1998. S. Beierke, P. Vas, B. Simor, and A. F. Stronach, DSP-controlled sensorless a.c. vector drives using the extended Kalman filter. PCIM, Nurnberg, pp. 31-42, 1997 A. Vinogradov, V. Glazunov, N. Gnezdov, and S. K. Lebedev, "Analysis of design variants of regulators and observers of ACS with elastic bonds," in Universities' Izvestiya. Technology of Textile Industry, vol.5, pp. 87-93, Ivanovo, 2003. S. K. Lebedev, A. A. Korotkov

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Maciej Deliś, Tomasz Białecki, Bolesław Giemza, Marek Domański, Dawid Kapica and Andrzej Kulczycki

and nanosystems. Advanced Materials Vol. 24, Iss. 2, 2012. 9. Wang Z.L., Chen J., Lin L.: Progress in triboelectric nanogenerators as a new energy technology and self-powered sensors. Energy & Environmental Science, Iss. 8, 2015. 10. Wang Z., Lin L., Chen J., Niu S., Zi Y.: Triboelectric Nanogenerators, Springer, 2016. 11. Wen X., Yang W., Jing Q., Wang Z.L.: Harvesting broadband kinetic impact energy from mechanical triggering/vibration and water waves. ACS Nano 8, 2014. 12. Xu W., Huang L.B., Wong M.C., Chen L., Bai G.X., Hao J

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Hamed Dezaki, Hossein Abyaneh, Ali Agheli and Kazem Mazlumi

Allocation in Distribution Networks, IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery 14 No. 3 (July 1999), 1167-1172. TENG, J.—LIU, Y.: A Novel ACS-Based Optimum Switch Relocation Method, IEEE Trans. on Power Systems 18 No. 1 (Feb 2003), 113-120. SILVA, L. G. W.—PEREIRA, R. A. F.—ABBAD, J. R.—MANTOVANI, J. R. S.: Optimised Placement of Control and Protective Devices in Electric Distribution Systems through Reactive Tabu Search Algorithm, Electric Power System Research 78 (Apr 2008), 372-381. SILVA, L. G. W

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Zhao Shi, Josu Takala, Matti Muhos, Jyrki Poikkimaki and Yang Chen

References [1] Ayyagari M., Beck T., Demirguc-Kunt A., Small and medium enterprises across the globe , Small Business Economics, 29, 4, 415-434, 2007. [2] Storey D.J., Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Public Policy , Acs ZJ &Audretsch DB (eds) Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research, Dordrecht, International Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research, 473-511, 2003. [3] Tagliavini M., Ravarini A., Antonelli A., An evaluation model for electronic commerce activities within SMEs