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Gazmend Qorraj

:// World Bank. (2014). South East Europe regular economic report, Britlle Recovery, No. 6. Washington DC. World Bank (2015). Coping with floods, strengthening growth, South East Europe, No. 7. Washington DC. World Bank. (2017). The Western Balkans: Revving up the engines of growth and prosperity.” Western Balkans Regional Systematic Country Diagnostics Synthesis Report, No. ACS22690. Washington DC.

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Iuliia Pinkovetskaia and Vladislava Slepova

References 1. Acs, Z., Desai, S., Hessels, J. (2008), “Entrepreneurship, economic development and institutions”, Small Business Economics, Vol. 31, No. 3, pp. 219-234. 2. Allanson, P. (1992), “Farm size structure in England and Wales, 1939-89”, Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 43. No. 2, pp. 137-148. 3. Balaev, A. I. (2014), “Modelling Financial Returns and Portfolio Construction for the Russian Stock Market”, International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics, Vol. 4, No. 1-2, pp. 32-81. 4. Baumol, W. J. (2004

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Martha Cantú Cavada, Vito Bobek, Hazbo Skoko and Anita Maček

tolerance, and other personality traits: Do they contribute to the gender gap in entrepreneurship? Retrieved from IZA Conference Program: Bosma, N., Acs, Z., Autio, E., Coduras, A., & Levie, J. (2008). Global entrepreneurship monitor. Executive Report. Babson College: Global Entrepreneurship Research Association. Bowen, D., & Hisrich, R. (1986). The female entrepreneur: A career development perspective. The Academy of Management Review, 11(2): 393-407.

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Vladimir Hiadlovsky, Jan Hunady, Marta Orviska and Peter Pisar

References 1. Acs, Z. J., de Groot, H. L., Nijkamp, P. (2013). The emergence of the knowledge economy: A regional perspective, Springer Science & Business Media, Heidelberg. 2. Arbo, P., Benneworth, P. (2007). “Understanding the regional contribution of higher education institutions: A literature review”, OECD Education Working Papers, Vol. 9, No 1, pp. 78. 3. Audretsch, B. (1998). “Agglomeration and the location of innovative activity”, Oxford review of economic policy, Vol.14, No. 2, pp. 18-29. 4. Badinger, H., Tondl, G. (2003), “Trade

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Irena Kedmenec, Urban Šebjan and Polona Tominc

References 1. Acs, Z. J., Arenius, P., Hay, M., & Minniti, M. (2005). Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2004 executive report.London, UK: Babson College and London Business School. Retrieved from 2. Aldrich, H. E., & Zimmer, C. (1986). Entrepreneurship through social networks. In D. L. Sexton & R. W. Smilor (Eds.), The art and science of entrepreneurship (pp. 3-23). Cambridge, MA: Ballinger. 3. Alvarez, S. A., & Busenitz, L. W. (2001). The entrepreneurship of resource

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Anita Harmina

References 1. Acs, Z. J. (2006). How Is Entrepreneurship Good for Economic Growth? Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 97-107. 2. Acs, Z. J., Arenius, P., Hay, M., Minniti, M. (2005). Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2004 Executive Report. Babson College, Babson Park, MA, USA; London Business School, London, UK. 3. Akaike, H. (1973). Information theory as an extension of the maximum likelihood principle. In B. N. Petrov, and F. Csaki, (eds.) Second International Symposium on

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Madara Apsalone and Ricardo Martín Flores

References Acs, Z. J., & Audretsch, D. B. (1988). Innovation in large and small firms: an empirical analysis. American Economic Review, 78(4), 678-690. Armbruster, H., Bikfalvi, B., Kinkel, S., & Lay, G. (2008). Organizational innovation: The challenge of measuring non-technical innovation in large-scale surveys. Technovation, 28(10), 644-657. Boatright, J. R. (1997). Ethics and the conduct of business. Upper Saddle River: Prentice

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Inese Biukšāne

growth. Journal of Monetary Economics. 50, 49-123. Acs, Z. J., & Varga, A. (2004). Entrepreneurship, Agglomeration and Technological Change. Papers on Entrepreneurship, Growth and Public Policy, 1-28. Alpkan, L., Yilmaz, C., & Kaya, N. (2007). Market Orientation and Planning Flexibility in SMEs: Performance Implications and an Empirical Investigation. International Small Business Journal. 25(2), 152-172. Athiyaman, A., & Parkan, C

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Gary L. Evans

in 1998-2010. Journal of Business Ethics, 147(2), 445-467. Status of Women Canada. (2018). Interim progress report on the implementation of the gender-based analysis plus (GBA+) action plan. Status of Women Canada. Retrieved from Stirbys, C. D. (2008). Gender-based analysis and differing worldviews. Canadian Woman Studies, 26, 138-146. Terjesen, S. & Sealy, R. (2016). Board gender quota: Exploring ethical tensions from a multi-theoretical perspective. Business