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Wojciech Łukowski

-based personal device for diabetes therapy management in AAL. Personal & Ubiquitous Computing , Vol. 15, no. 4, pp. 431–440. 10. NFC Forum. Innovision. Near Field Communication in the real world — Turning the NFC promise into profitable, everyday application. Near Field Communication in the real world — Using the right NFC tag type for the right NFC application, and Logical Link Control Protocol, 2011. 11 Joel, J.P.C. Rodrigues and Paulo, A.C.S. Neves (2010). A Survey on IPbased Wireless Sensor Networks Solutions. In: International Journal of Communication

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Claudia Ogrean and Mihaela Herciu

of the degree of internationalization: an empirical analysis of various indices for the top 100 transnational corporations. Transnational corporations , 7 , 17-40. Kolasa, M., Rubaszek, M., & Taglioni, D. (2010). Firms in the great global recession: The role of foreign ownership and financial dependence. Emerging Markets Review , 11 (4), 341-357. McCann, P., & Acs, Z. J. (2011). Globalization: countries, cities and multinationals. Regional Studies , 45 (1), 17-32. Morgan, G. (2009). Globalization, multinationals and institutional diversity

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Viera Kubičková, Monika Krošláková, Anna Michálková and Dana Benešová

References Acs, Z., Parsons, W. and Tracy, S. (2008), High-Impact Firms: Gazelles Revisited. Washington, DC: Corporate Research Board. Agoston, S.I. (2014), “Intellectual capital in social enterprises”, Management & Marketing. Challenges for the Knowledge Society, Vol. 9, No. 4, pp. 423-438 Autio, E., Arenius, P. and Wallenius, H. (2000), Economic impact of gazelle firms in Finland. Espoo, FI: Helsinki University of Technology Institute of Strategy and International Business. Barkham, R., Gudgin, V, Hart, M. and Hanvey, E. (1996), The

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Marek Maciejewski and Krzysztof Wach

References Acs, Z.J. and Terjesen, S. (2013). Born local: toward a theory of new venture’s choice of internationalization. Small Business Economics , 41 (3): 521–535, Almor, T. (2013). Conceptualizing Paths of Growth for Technology-Based Born-Global Firms Originating in a Small-Population Advanced Economy. International Studies of Management and Organization , 43 (2): 56–78, Andersson, S. and Wictor, I. (2003). Innovative internationalization in new firms