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Gheorghe Samoilescu, Dumitru Iorgulescu, Robert Mitrea and Laura D. Cizer


This paper presents aspects of the steering gear onboard a merchant ship by analyzing aft and bow systems based on automation and use of modern propulsion. The choice of the transverse propeller is based on several economic considerations (its price, consumption, efficiency, etc.), technical considerations (positioning, size, vibrations induced in the ship’s hull), and maneuverability considerations (the ship’s turning rate under the action of the propeller. Accordingly, the propulsion system can come in various sizes, power values, shapes of the tunnel, and can present fixed or variable pitch propellers. Depending on the maneuverability of the ship, the transverse propulsion is analyzed by taking into account two tests: the turning of the transverse propulsion system test in calm and windy weather, and the steering test. The automation system is designed to control and monitor the on-board operational systems and equipment, and it encompasses a wide range of control, monitor and alarm. The integrated navigational equipment includes the following sub-systems: navigation consoles, ship handling consoles, dynamic positioning consoles, anchoring and deck operations consoles, and propulsion system control consoles. The propulsion control system is especially dedicated to the propeller and thruster control system, resulting in a joint control system, and the cables are reduced in number since the communication lines are used in series. The mandatory condition for successfully solving the problem with the complex automation of naval installations and equipment is the construction of complex automatic control systems (ACS), consisting of: automated commands or remote controls, a system of collecting, processing and displaying information, as well as a system of control, fault detection and diagnosis

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Miha Marič, Jasmina Žnidaršič, Miha Uhan, Vlado Dimovski, Marko Ferjan, Maja Djurica, Mitja Jeraj and Matej Janežič

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Petr Doucek, Lea Nedomova and Milos Maryska

:// Gala, L. & Jandos, J. (2010). Enterprise Architecture Based Innovations: Competencies Perspective. In: 18th IDIMT-2010 Information Technology - Human Values, Innovation and Economy. September 8-10, Jindřichův Hradec, Trauner Verlag, 2010, pp. 33-40. Henno, J., Jaakkola, H. & Makela, J. (2012) Quo vadis, IT EDUCATION ? In: MIPRO 2012 , May 21-25, 2012, Opatija, Croatia, pp. 1232- 1238. Information (2012). ICT Professionals Shaping Our Future.ACS Employment Survey Report . ACS, 2012

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Viljem Pšeničny and Riko Novak

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Marina Letonja, Mitja Jeraj and Miha Marič

creativity: back to the basics in R & D. R & D Management, 16: 175-183, Guilford, J. (1963). Intellectual resources and their values as seen by scientists. In Taylor, C. & Barron, F. (Eds.) Scientific Creativity . New York: Wiley. Hlebec, V. (2009). Metodologija samoevalvacije [Methodology of selfevaluation] . Retrieved 20.1.2016 from: Howell, J.M., & Higgins

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Ivan Todorović, Stefan Komazec, Miloš Jevtić, Vladimir Obradović and Miha Marič

Literature Acs, Z. J., Morck, R., & Yeung, B. (1999). Evolution, community, and the global economy. In Ackermann, Stephen J. (Ed.) Are Small Firms Important? Their Role and Impact, pp. 147-157. Springer Science & Business Media, USA. Alam, S. S., Senik, Z. C., & Jani, F. M. (2012). An Exploratory Study of Women Entrepreneurs in Malaysia: Motivation and Problems. Journal of Management Research , 4(4), 282–297, Audretsch, D. B., Keilbach, M. C., & Lehmann, E. E. (2006). Entrepreneurship and economic growth

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Diana Manuela Lina

References 1. Acs Z.,C., Stam E., Audretsch, D.B., O'Connor A., The Lineages of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Approach, Small Business Economics (49), 1, pp.1-10, (2017). 2. Birch, D. L. The Job Generating Process. Cambridge, Mass.: M.I.T. Program on Neighbourhood and Regional Change, (1979). 3. Brown R., Mason C., Looking inside the spiky bits: a critical review and conceptualisation of entrepreneurial ecosystems, Small Business and Economics (49), pp.11-30, (2017). 4. Brush, C. Exploring The

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Marzena Stor, József Poór and Allen D. Engle

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Wojciech Łukowski

-based personal device for diabetes therapy management in AAL. Personal & Ubiquitous Computing , Vol. 15, no. 4, pp. 431–440. 10. NFC Forum. Innovision. Near Field Communication in the real world — Turning the NFC promise into profitable, everyday application. Near Field Communication in the real world — Using the right NFC tag type for the right NFC application, and Logical Link Control Protocol, 2011. 11 Joel, J.P.C. Rodrigues and Paulo, A.C.S. Neves (2010). A Survey on IPbased Wireless Sensor Networks Solutions. In: International Journal of Communication

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Gazmend Qorraj

:// World Bank. (2014). South East Europe regular economic report, Britlle Recovery, No. 6. Washington DC. World Bank (2015). Coping with floods, strengthening growth, South East Europe, No. 7. Washington DC. World Bank. (2017). The Western Balkans: Revving up the engines of growth and prosperity.” Western Balkans Regional Systematic Country Diagnostics Synthesis Report, No. ACS22690. Washington DC.