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Andrea Szalavetz

References Abebe, M., Alvarado, A. D. (2013), Founder-CEO status and firm performance: an exploratory study of alternative perspectives, Journal of Strategy and Management , Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 343–357. Ács, Z. J. (2011), High-impact firms: gazelles revisited, in: M. Fritsch (ed.), Handbook of research on entrepreneurship and regional development: National and regional perspectives , Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 133–174. Ács, Z. J., Szerb, L., Autio, E. (2015), Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index 2014 , Springer Briefs in Economics

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Adam Karbowski

References Acs, Z., Audretsch, D. (1988), Testing the Schumpeterian Hypothesis, Eastern Economic Journal , 2, pp. 129–140. Acs, Z., Audretsch, D. (1990), Innovation and Small Firms, The MIT Press, Cambridge. Acs, Z., Audretsch, D. (1991), R&D firm size, and innovative activity, in: Z. Acs, D. Audretsch, (eds.), Innovation and Technological Change: An International Comparison , Harvester Wheatsheaf, New York. Amir, R., Evstigneev, I., Wooders, J. (2000), Noncooperative versus cooperative R&D with endogenous spillover rates, Games and

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Przemyslaw Plecka and Krzysztof Bzdyra

. - Enhancing the Cocomo estimation models. Software, IEEE, Volume:17, Issue: 6, 2000, pp. 45-49. [25] Aljahdalii S., Sheta A. - Software effort estimation by tuning COOCMO model parameters using differential evolution [in] Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA), IEEE/ACS International Conference on, Hammamet, 2010. [26] Fei Z. - f-COCOMO: fuzzy constructive cost model in software engineering. [in] Fuzzy Systems, IEEE International Conference on, San Diego, CA, 1992. [27] Satyananda R.C. - An Improved Fuzzy Approach for COCOMO’s Effort Estimation using

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Claudia Ogrean and Mihaela Herciu

of the degree of internationalization: an empirical analysis of various indices for the top 100 transnational corporations. Transnational corporations , 7 , 17-40. Kolasa, M., Rubaszek, M., & Taglioni, D. (2010). Firms in the great global recession: The role of foreign ownership and financial dependence. Emerging Markets Review , 11 (4), 341-357. McCann, P., & Acs, Z. J. (2011). Globalization: countries, cities and multinationals. Regional Studies , 45 (1), 17-32. Morgan, G. (2009). Globalization, multinationals and institutional diversity

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Zeina Alsharkas

References Acemoglu, D., Griffith, R., Aghion, P., Zilibotti, F. (2010), Vertical integration and Technology: Theory and Evidence, Journal of the European Economic Association, 8 (5), pp. 989-1033. Acs, Z. J., Audretsch, D. B. (1987), Innovation, Market Structure, and Firm Size. The Review of Economics and Statistics, pp. 567-574. Aghion, P., Dewatripont, M., Rey, P. (1999), Competition, Financial Discipline and Growth, Review of Economic Studies, pp. 825-852. Aghion, P., Bloom, N., Blundell, R

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Matthias Mrożewski

, 13(4), pp. 317-329. Bull, I., Winter, F. (1991), Community diferences in business births and business growths, Journal of Business Venturing , 6 (1), pp. 29-43. Carree, M.A., Turik, A.R. (2003), The Impact of Entrepreneurship on Economic Growth, in Acs, Z.J., Audretsch, D.B. (eds.), Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research , Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston/Dordrecht, pp. 437-471. Carrol, R., Holtz-Eakin, D., Rider, M., Rosen, H.S. (1998a), Entrepreneurs, Income Taxes, and Investment, NBER Working Paper , 6374. Carrol, R., Holtz-Eakin, D., Rider, M

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Edwin Henao-García, Jose Arias-Pérez and Nelson Lozada-Barahona

References Acs, Z. J., & Amorós, J. E. (2008a). Entrepreneurship and competitiveness dynamics in Latin America. Small Business Economics , 31 (3), 305–322. Acs, Z. J., & Amorós, J. E. (2008b). Introduction: The startup process. Estudios de Economía , 35 (2), 121–132. Acs, Z. J., Desai, S., & Hessels, J. (2008). Entrepreneurship, economic development and institutions. Small Business Economics , 31 (3), 219–234. Álvarez, C., Urbano, D., & Amorós, J. E. (2014). GEM research: achievements and challenges. Small Business Economics , 42

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M. Yahya. Al-Abri, A. Abdul Rahim and N. H. Hussain

References Acs, Z. J., Estrin, S., Mickiewicz, T., and Szerb, L. (2017a). Institutions, entrepreneurship and growth: the role of national entrepreneurial ecosystems. Acs, Z. J., Stam, E., Audretsch, D. B., and O'Connor, A. (2017b). The lineages of the entrepreneurial ecosystem approach. Small Business Economics, 49(1), 1-10. Ahmad, H. M. (2010). Personality Traits among Entrepreneurial and Professional. International Journal of Business and Management, 5(9), 203. Al Barwani, K. M., Al Jahwari, M

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Beáta Udvari and Isaac Kwesi Ampah

References Ács, Z. J., & Szerb, L. (2012). Global entrepreneurship and development index 2012 . Edward Elgar Publishing. Arellano, M., & Bover, O. (1995). Another look at the instrumental variable estimation of error-components models. Journal of Econometrics , 68 (1), 29-51. Arndt, C., Jones, S., & Tarp, F. (2015). Assessing foreign aid’s long-run contribution to growth and development. World Development , 69 , 6-18. Asiedu, E. (2006). Foreign direct investment in Africa: The role of natural resources, market size, government policy

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Genoveva Millán Vázquez de la Torre, Virginia Navajas-Romero and Ricardo Hernández Rojas

’s Studies International Forum, Elsevier. Hammarstedt, M. (2001). “Immigrant self-employment in Sweden-its variation and some possible determinants.” Entrepreneurship & Regional Development 13(2): 147-161. Hart, D. M. and Z. J. Acs (2011). “High-tech immigrant entrepreneurship in the United States.” Economic Development Quarterly 25(2): 116-129. Head, K. and J. Ries (1998). “Immigration and trade creation: econometric evidence from Canada.” Canadian journal of economics: 47-62. Hou, F. and Z. Wu (2009). “Racial diversity, minority concentration, and