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Edyta Dworak and Maria Magdalena Grzelak

References Acs Z.J., Audretsch D.B. (1978), Innovation, Market Structure, and Firm Size, ʻThe Review of Economics and Statisticsʼ, vol. LXIX, no. 4. Acs Z.J., Audretsch D.B. (1991), Innovation and Size at the Firm Level, ʻSouthern Economic Journalʼ, vol. 57, no. 3. Balcerzak A.P. (2009), Państwo w realiach „nowej gospodarki”, Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek, Toruń. Czapiński J., Panek F. (ed.) (2014), Diagnoza społeczna 2013. Warunki i jakość życia, Warszawa. Dworak E. (2012

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Zofia Wysokińska

://‑support/resources/resources‑details/en/c/902452/‑agreements‑accords‑commerciaux/topics‑domaines/services/tisa‑acs.aspx?lang=eng;‑gpr-94_01_e.htm‑eksportu/program‑rzadowy‑finansowe‑wspieranie‑eksportu/ Report: Niebezpieczny Status QUO. Dlaczego małe firmy nie rosną?, Warsaw Enterprise Institute

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Jiří Novosák, Jana Novosáková, Oldřich Hájek and Jiří Koleňák

References Acs, Z.J. Et Al. (2016). Public Policy To Promote Entrepreneurship: A Call To Arms. Small Business Economics, 47(1), 35-51. Doi: 10.1007/S11187-016-9712-2. Acs, Z.J., Szerb, L. (2007). Entrepreneurship, Economic Growth And Public Policy. Small Business Economics, 28(2-3), 109-122. Doi: 10.1007/S11187-006-9012-3. Armington, C., Acs, Z.J. (2002). The Determinants Of Regional Variation In New Firm Formation. Regional Studies. 36(1), 33-45. Doi: 10.1080/00343400120099843. Arshed, N

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Marek Vokoun

References Acs, Z. J. et al. (2009). The knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship. Small Business Economics. 41(4), 15-30. DOI: Cantwell, J. & Piscitello, L. (2002). The location of technological activities of MNCs in European regions: The role of spillovers and local competencies. Journal of International Management. 8(1), 69-96. DOI: 10.1016/S1075-4253(01)00056-4. Dopfer, K. (2005). The Evolutionary Foundations of Economics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

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Ivana Kostadinović and Marija Petrović-Ranđelović

References Acs, J. Zoltán, and L. Szerb (2010) “The global entrepreneurship and development index (GEDI)”, paper to be presented at the Summer Conference 2010 on “Opening Up Innovation: Strategy, Organization and Technology” at Imperial College London Business School, June 16-18. Ács, J. Zoltán, L. Szerb, and E. Autio (2014) “Global entrepreneurship index 2015”, Washington, D.C.: The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute, USA. Drucker, P. F. (1991), Inovacije i preduzetništvo, „Privredni pregled

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Mohammadreza Khorshidi

References American Chemical Society (2017). Development of the Pennsylvania Oil Industry -National Historic Chemical Landmark - American Chemical Society. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 11 September 2017]. Bennett H. Wall et al. (1988). Growth in a Changing Environment: A History of Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), 1950-1972, and Exxon Corporation, 1972-1975. Cleverism. (2017). Business model canvas

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Oana-Georgiana Ciobanu and Daniela Mihaela Neamţu

References Acs, Z.J., Carlsson, B., Karlsson, Ch. (1999). The Linkages Among Entrepreneurship, SMEs and the Macroeconomy, in Z. J. Acs, B. Carlsson and Ch. Karlsson (eds.), Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Macroeconomy, Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge. Alvarez, S.A., Barney, J.B. (2007). Discovery and creation: alternative theories of entrepreneurial action. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 1(1-2), 11-26 Audretsch, D.B., Thurik, A.R. (1998). The Knowledge Society, Entrepreneurship and Unemployment, Research Report 9801

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Hugo Zagoršek, Marko Jaklič and Aljaž Hribernik

References Acs J. Z., Audretsch D. B. (1988), Innovation in large and small firms: An empirical analysis , American Economic Review, Vol 78., No. 4, 1988 Acs J. Z., Audretsch D. B. (1990), Innovation and small firms , MIT Press, Cambridge, USA, 1990 Acs J. Z., Audretsch D. B. (1991), "R&D, firm size and innovative activity" in Acs J. Z., Audretsch D. B. (ed.) Innovation and technological change , Harvester Wheatsheaf, London, 1991, 1988, 1990, 1991 Bucar

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Andrea Szalavetz

References Abebe, M., Alvarado, A. D. (2013), Founder-CEO status and firm performance: an exploratory study of alternative perspectives, Journal of Strategy and Management , Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 343–357. Ács, Z. J. (2011), High-impact firms: gazelles revisited, in: M. Fritsch (ed.), Handbook of research on entrepreneurship and regional development: National and regional perspectives , Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 133–174. Ács, Z. J., Szerb, L., Autio, E. (2015), Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index 2014 , Springer Briefs in Economics

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Adam Karbowski

References Acs, Z., Audretsch, D. (1988), Testing the Schumpeterian Hypothesis, Eastern Economic Journal , 2, pp. 129–140. Acs, Z., Audretsch, D. (1990), Innovation and Small Firms, The MIT Press, Cambridge. Acs, Z., Audretsch, D. (1991), R&D firm size, and innovative activity, in: Z. Acs, D. Audretsch, (eds.), Innovation and Technological Change: An International Comparison , Harvester Wheatsheaf, New York. Amir, R., Evstigneev, I., Wooders, J. (2000), Noncooperative versus cooperative R&D with endogenous spillover rates, Games and