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Lixue Zou, Li Wang, Yingqi Wu, Caroline Ma, Sunny Yu and Xiwen Liu, Caroline Ma ( and Sunny Yu ( collected the data. Xiwen Liu ( conceived and designed the analysis. References Chemical Abstracts Service. Retrieved from . Chemical Abstracts Service. Retrieved from Eck, N.J.V., & Waltman, L. (2009). How to normalize cooccurrence data? An analysis of some well-known similarity measures. Journal of the American society for information science and technology, 60(8), 1635–1651. 10.1002/asi.21075 Eck N.J.V. Waltman L. 2009 How to normalize

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Applied Computer Systems

The Journal of Riga Technical University

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Viktors Skoks and Christian Steurer

, Inc. and ISO. Reference: OGC 03-105r1, pp. 601, 2004. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: Sept. 23, 2010]. "DAPS Ground Segment, ARF Reference Manual", Advanced Computer Systems, DAPS-MA-ACS-EURAC-0107, Issue: 1.0, pp. 99, 2009. "DAPS Ground Segment, SDF Reference Manual", Advanced Computer Systems, DAPS-MA-ACS-EURAC-0111, Issue: 1.0, pp. 94, 2009

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Vitaly Zabiniako and Pavel Rusakov

-directed graph drawing method based on edge-edge repulsion” Journal of Visual Languages & Computing, vol. 23, pp. 29-42, Feb. 2012. [7] C. Klukas, F. Schreiber, and H. Schwoebbermeyer, “Coordinated Perspectives and Enhanced Force-Directed Layout for the Analysis of Network Motifs” in Proceedings of Asia Pacific Symposium on Information Visualisation, APVIS2006, Tokyo, Japan, February 1-3, 2006, K. Misue, K. Sugiyama, J. Tanaka, Eds. ACS, 2006. pp. 39-48. [8] Y. Zhang, “Boundary Constraints in Force

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Kaspars Zīle and Renāte Strazdiņa

-disruptive-use-cases/ [Accessed: 8 May 2018]. [7] R. Krawiec, D. Housman, M. White, M. Filipova, F. Quarre, D. Barr, A. Nesbitt, K. Fedosova, J. Killmeyer, A. Israel, and L. Tsa, Blockchain: Opportunities for Health Care . NIST Workshop on Blockchain & Healthcare, Aug. 2016. Available: [Accessed: 8 May 2018]. [8] M. Conoscenti, A. Vetro, and J. C. De Martin, “Blockchain for the Internet of Things: A Systematic Literature Review,” in IEEE/ACS 13th