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Hussein K Al-Hakeim, Rahman S. Al-Zabeba, Eric Grulke and Emad A. Jaffar Al-Mulla

. Chem. Eng., 28, 2011, 149-155. LIONG, M., LU, J., KOVOCHICH, M., XIA, T., RUEHM, S.G., NEL, A.E., TAMANOI, F., ZINK, J.I.: Multifunctional inorganic nanoparticles for imaging, targeting, and drug delivery. ACS Nano, 2, 2008, 889-896. LIU, X., QIN, D., CUI, Y., CHEN, L., LI, H., CHEN, Z., GAO, L., LI, Y., LIU, J.: The effect of calcium phosphate nanoparticles on hormone production and apoptosis in human granulosa cells. Reprod. Biol. Endocrinol., 8, 2010, 32. LUNDQVIST, M., SETHSON, I., JONSSON, B.H.: Protein adsorption onto silica nanoparticles

Open access

Jana Kaduková, Oksana Velgosová, Anna Mražíková and Renáta Marcinčáková

.N., ROUT, J.: Biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles using freshwater green alga, Prasiola crispa. Mat. Lett., 116, 2014, 94-97. SHARMA, K.V., YNGARD, R.A., LIN, Y.: Silver nanoparticles: Green synthesis and their antimicrobial activities. Adv. Colloid. Interface Sci., 145, 2009, 83-96. SONG, J.Y., KIM, B.S.: Rapid biological synthesis of silver nanoparticles using plant leaf extracts. Bioprocess Biosyst. Eng., 32, 2009, 79-84. XIE, J., LEE, J.Y., WANG, D.I.C., TING, Y.P.: Silver nanoplates: From biological to biomimetic synthesis. ACS Nano, 1

Open access

Pierfausto Seneci, Giorgio Fassina, Vladimir Frecer and Stanislav Miertus

-T.: Synthesis of a novel BODIPY library and its application in the discovery of a fructose sensor. ACS Combi. Science, 14, 2012, 81-84. ZHOU, J. Z.: Structure-directed combinatorial library design. Curr. Opin. Chem. Biol., 12, 2008, 379-385.