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A comment on the state of research into women’s empowerment and family planning

development goal 1. Gender & Development, 13 (1), 13-24. Prata, N., Fraser, A., Huchko, M.J., Gipson, J.D., Withers, M., Lewis, S., et al. (2017). Women’s empowerment and family planning: A review of the literature. Journal of Biosocial Science , 1-31. Prost, A., Colbourn, T., Seward, N., Azad, K., Coomarasamy, A., Copas, A., et al. (2013). Women’s groups practising participatory learning and action to improve maternal and newborn health in low-resource settings: a systematic review and meta-analysis. The Lancet, 381 (9879), 1736-1746. The DHS Program

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Changes in demand for children between 2003 and 2013 in Nigeria: Evidence from survey data

. and Tsui, A. 2016. Women’s fertility desires and contraceptive behavior in three peri-urban communities in sub Saharan Africa. Reprod Health, 13, 12. Orbell, S. and Sheeran, P. 1998. ‘Inclined abstainers’: A problem for predicting health-related behaviour. British Journal of Social Psychology, 37, 151-165. Otu, O. A., Jude, O. and Ifeyinwa, M. H. 2014. Application of Sarima models in modelling and forecasting Nigeria’s inflation rates. American Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 2, 16-28. Oyediran, K. A., Ishola, G. P. and

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Comment on the paper Changes in the Demand for Children between 2003 and 2014 in Nigeria by Stella Babalola, Joshua O. Akinyemi, and Clifford O. Odimegwu

Bibliography Behrman, J.A., Wright, K.Q., Grant, M.J., and Soler-Hampejsek, E. (2018). Trends in Modern Contraceptive Use among Young Adult Women in sub-Saharan Africa 1990 to 2014, Studies in Family Planning , 49 (4): 319-344. Bongaarts, J. (2016). Africa’s Unique Fertility Transition. Population and Development Review , Vol. 43 (S1): 39-58. Bongaarts, J. and Casterline, J.B. (2018). From Fertility Preferences to Reproductive Outcomes in the Developing World, Population and Development Review, 44 (4): 793-809. Caldwell, J.C. & Caldwell

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Global Demographic Change and the Case of Low Fertility

. 12 (1), pp. 13-23. Jain, A.K. (1981) The effect of female education on fertility: a simple explanation, Demography , Vol. 18 (4), pp. 577-595. Kannisto, V. (1996) The advancing frontier of survival: life tables for old age, Odense University Press, Odense, Denmark. Kannisto, V. et al (1994) Reductions in mortality at advanced ages, Population and Development Review , Vol. 20 (4), pp. 793-810. Kohler, H. P., Billari, F. C., & Ortega, J. A. (2002) The emergence of lowest-low fertility in Europe during the 1990s, Population and Development

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Grandchildren as Support and Care Providers to Disabled Older Adults in China

. Journal of Communication , 50 (3), 31–47. Hare-Mustin, R. T. (1982). China’s Marriage Law: a model for family responsibilities and relationships. Family Process , 21 (4), 477-481. Hoff, A. (2007). Patterns of intergenerational support in grandparent-grandchild and parent-child relationships in Germany. Ageing & Society , 27 , 643–665. Lee, Y. & Xiao, Z. (1998). Children’s support for elderly parents in urban and rural China: Results from a national survey. Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology , 13 (1), 39-62. doi:10.1023/A:1006591608724

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An Alternative Periodization of Romanian History. A Research Agenda

, pp. 221-240. Frank, A. G. (1978). World Accumulation (1492-1789) . New York: Monthly Review Press. Georgescu, V. (1992). Istoria Românilor [The History of Romanians] . București: Humanitas. Green, W. A. (1992). Periodization in European and World History. Journal of World History , 3(1): 13-53. Hitchins, K. (2013). România (1866-1944) . București: Humanitas. Koselleck, R. (2002). The practice of conceptual history. Timing history, spacing concepts . Stanford: Stanford University Press. Lewis, B. (2009). The Periodization of

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Consequences of Fiscal Adjustment and Public Finance Management. The Costs of Limiting the Fiscal Imbalance in Eurozone Countries

REFERENCES Greene, W. H., Econometric Analysis (seventh ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, New York University 2012. Alesina A., Perotti R., Tavares J., The Political Economy of Fiscal Adjustments, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 1:1998. Cangiano M., Lazare M.; Curristine T., Public Financial Management and Its Emerging Architecture, IMF, Washington 2013. Dell’Erba, Mattina, Roitman., Pressure or Prudence? Tales of Market Pressure and Fiscal Adjustment, IMF Working Paper WP/13/170, Washington 2013. Eisenkopf G

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MENA: the demography of youth, the demography of ageing

-40. Howse, K., Leeson, G.W., Hoffman, J. & Harper, S. (2018) Ageing in the Commonwealth . CommonAge Research Report, London. LaGraffe, D. (2012) The Youth Bulge in Egypt: An Intersection of Demographics, Security, and the Arab Spring. Journal of Strategic Security 5(2): 65-80. Leeson, G.W. (2018) Global demographic change and grandparenthood. Contemporary Social Science, 13(2): 145-158, DOI: 10.1080/21582041.2018.1433316 Leeson, G.W. (2014) Future prospects for longevity. Post Reproductive Health, 20 (1): 11-15. Minkov, A. (2009) The Impact

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What is the association between IPV and Fertility in Uganda?

-457. Ezeh, A.C., Mberu, B.U. and Emina, J.O., 2009. Stall in fertility decline in Eastern African countries: regional analysis of patterns, determinants and implications. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences, 364(1532), pp.2991-3007. Goliber, T.J., 1985. Sub-Saharan Africa: population pressures on development. Population Bulletin, 40(1), pp.1-46. Handwerker, W.P., 1991. Women’s power and fertility transition: The cases of Africa and the West Indies. Population & Environment, 13(1), pp.55-78. Ijaiya, G

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