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Investigating Weak Supervision in Deep Ranking

Dataset No. of queries No. of documents No. of query–document pairs Language 537,366 5,480,860 7,736,480 Chinese BM25 data . With the same query set as click data, we collected the first 200 documents for each query retrieved by SogouT-16 online search system ( Luo et al., 2017b ), a Solr retrieval system using BM25 with default parameters (i.e., k1=1.2and b=0.75). Evaluation data . We used the test data released in NTCIR-13 WWW task ( Luo et al., 2017a ), which is the most recent ad hoc search benchmark in

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A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effect of Alphabetization on Academic Careers

university that has a catalog available for 1917. The number of universities that have catalogs available increases to 13 in 1969. The number of faculty members is just 36 for all six programs in 1917. The number increases to 335 in 1940 and 2082 in 1969. Because the number of observations is small, the ratio of A to C is very volatile in this period. Figure 1 Ratio of A to C, 1917–1969 There are some years before 1927 when the ratio of A to C is equal to zero for some programs. In some cases, there are no full professors who have surname initials A to C in

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Providing Research Data Management (RDM) Services in Libraries: Preparedness, Roles, Challenges, and Training for RDM Practice

responses to each question varied. The two authors processed survey data, coded responses, and analyzed the data. Results are outlined in the next section. 4 Results 4.1 Respondents 4.1.1 Locations The 241 respondents came from five continents and 29 countries. As shown in Figure 2 , 198 (82.2%) responses were from North America, 21 (8.7%) were from Europe, 13 (5.4%) were from Asia/Pacific/Middle East, five (2.1%) were from Africa, and four (1.7%) were from South America. Figure 3 shows the distributions of the respondents by country in the format of a pie

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Understanding and Evaluating Research and Scholarly Publishing in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

1 Introduction This article is an extended version of my invited Luojia Lecture for Wuhan University on 30 th October 2018 with the same title as above. I use this opportunity to go deeper into some of the topics of the lecture by combining the perspectives and updating the results of four recent studies. One of them ( Sivertsen, 2016a ) presents the patterns of internationalization and discusses the criteria for research assessment in the social sciences and humanities (SSH). The second study ( Sivertsen, 2018a ) focuses on the use of language for internal

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An Influence Prediction Model for Microblog Entries on Public Health Emergencies

Springer, Cham Milinovich, G. J., Williams, G. M., Clements, A. C. A., & Hu, W. (2014). Internet-based surveillance systems for monitoring emerging infectious diseases. The Lancet. Infectious Diseases 14(2), 160-168. 10.1016/S1473-3099(13)70244-5 24290841 Milinovich G. J. Williams G. M. Clements A. C. A. & Hu W. 2014 Internet-based surveillance systems for monitoring emerging infectious diseases The Lancet. Infectious Diseases 14 2 160 – 168 Nargundkar, A., & Rao, Y. S. (2016, April). InfluenceRank: A machine learning approach to measure

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The Corelation between Labour Market and Education – Results of a Comparative Study Conducted in the Hungarian, Romanian and British Educational Systems

Britain Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Claus Offe (1997): Tipuri de tranziție. Europa de Est și experiența est-germană. Cambridge, MIT Press. Csapó Benö - Molnár Gyöngyvér - Kinyó László (2009): A magyar oktatási rendszer szelektivitása a nemzetközi összehasonlító vizsgálatok eredményeinek tükrében. Iskolakultúra, 19. 3-4. sz. 3-13. Marga, A. (2000). Educația în Tranziție, Programul Universitar Phare. București Paideia. Marga, A.(1998). Reforma educației în 1999, Agenția Națională Socrates, Alternativ, București. Ministerul Educației

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Alternative Methods for Business Process Planning

References Chapman, S. N., (2001) The fundamentals of production planning and control , Ed. Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458, ISBN 0-13-017615-X Filip, F. G., (2007) Sisteme suport pentru decizii , Editura tehnică Frame, J. Davidso, (2002) The new project management: tools for an age of rapid change, complexity, and other business realities , San Francisco, John Wiley & Sons Lewis, James P. (2001) Project planning, scheduling and control: a hands-on guide to bringing projects in on time on budget , 3rd ed. Toronto, McGraw

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Impact of Commercial Motorcycle Operation on Urban Mobility in Ogun State, Nigeria

References 1. Adesanya, A. (1998). The use of motorcycle for public transport. NISER Monograph Series No. 6. 1998, NISER, Ibadan. 2. Adesanya, A. (2004). Analysis and Management of Transport Sector Performance and Its Intersectoral Linkages. A paper Presented at the Training Programme on Sectoral Policy Analysis and Management, Ibadan. 3. Badejo, B.A. (2002). The dilemma of emerging urban public transportation in Nigeria. Lasu Journal of Social Science Vol.4. 4. Badejo, B.A. (2007). Multi

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The Effects of Motivation on Employees Performance in Organizations

Bibliography Bălan N., Andreiana A., Popescu D.M., Stoica C., The ideal profile of a museum manager , Proceedings of the 5th WSEAS International Conference on Economy and Management (Volume II), p.263. Ştefan M.C., Dogaru M., (2012), Organizarea acţivităţii antrenarea angajaţilor, coordonarea şi controlul activităţilor, Dezvoltări social-economice nr.2, p.65. Duică M.,(2009) Managementul proiectelor Editura Bibliotheca, Târgovişte Duică A. (2008), Management , Editura Bibliotheca, Târgovişte, p.142. Deci E,, & Gagne M,. (2005

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Managerial Accounting - an Essential Component of the Information System

References Briciu, S. (2006), Contabiliatte managerală. Aspecte teoretice şi practice , Bucureşti: Ed. Economică, p. 14. Budugan, D. (2002), Contabilitate şi control de gestiune, Ediţia II-a, Iaşi: Ed. Sedcom Libris, 2002, p. 9. Călin, O. (2003), Contabilitatea de getsiune şi calculaţia costurilor , Bucureşti: Ed. Atlas Press SRL, p. 16. Doriath, B., Goujet, C (2006), Comptabilité de gestion , Paris: Dunod, p. 5. Dumbravă, P., Pop, A.(1997), Contabilitatea de gestiune în industrie , Deva: Ed. Intelcredo, 1997, pp.13

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