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Analysis of the relationship between the enterprise and the environment in the context of managing the Relational Capital

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Choice Under Uncertainty: The Settlement Decisions of Serbian Self-Initiated Expatriates in the United States

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Trade matrices for trade negotiators, applied to ‘Brexit’ and ‘NAFTA’: an approach

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The Coordinates of Co-Production in the Educational Services System

References Andreassen, T., Gustafsson, A., & Gebauer H. (2010). Co-production: A Fair-Weather syndrome? Journal of the academy of Marketing Science . Baqer, S.M. (2006). The value of Customer Co-production in Developing New Products. The University of Texas Arlington, visited at Bateson, John E. G. (2000). Perceived control and the service experience. In Handbook of services marketing and management , T. Swartz and D. Iacobucci, Eds. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage, 127-144. Becker, G.S. (1997). Capitalul uman

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Social networks and the situation of blood donation in Poland: a logistics perspective / Sieci społeczne a sytuacja krwiodawstwa w Polsce w perspektywie logistycznej

References 1. Abrams Research, Social Media Guide for Non-Profit Organizations. 2. Baumeister R.F. and Leary M.R. (1995), The need to belong: desire for interpersonal attachments as a fundamental human motivation , “Psychological Bulletin”, Vol. 117. 3. Brewer M.B. (2004), Taking the social origins of human nature seriously: toward a more imperialist social psychology , “Personality and Social Psychology Review”, Vol. 8. 4. Bueno E., Salmador P.M. and Rodriguez O. (2004), The role of

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The Prospects for Consumer-Oriented Social Media

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The Global Crisis of the Late 2000s and Currency Substitution: A Study of Three Eastern European Economies Russia, Turkey and Ukraine

References 1. Acemoglu, D. (2009). The crisis of 2008: lessons for and from economics. A Journal of Politics and Society, 21 (2/3), 185-194. 2. Arango, S., Nadiri, M. I. (1981). Demand for money in open economies. Journal of Monetary Economics, 7 (1), 69-83. 3. Bahmani-Oskooee, M. (1996). The black market exchange rate and demand for money in Iran. Journal of Macroeconomics, 18, 171-176. 4. Calvo, G. A., Végh, C. A. (1992). Currency substitution in developing countries: An Introduction. IMF

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The Contribution of the Social Economy to the Economic Development

References Borzaga C., Tortia, E.C. (2009), “Social enterprises and local economic development” , in E. Clarence, A. Noya (coord.), The Changing Boundaries Of Social Enterprises , Paris, OECD Publishing p.212 Council of the European Union, 2003, Bruxelles, Regulation (EU), No. 1435/2003 European Commission, (2017), The Europe 2020 Strategy , https

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Etatism versus liberalism: Economic attitudes in Poland after the world crisis

. and Varvariousis, A. (2017). Another Economy is Possible – Culture and Economy in a Time of Crisis. Cambridge: Polity Press. Estes, R.J. (2016). Global Change and Indicators of Social Development. In: F. Maggino (ed.), A Life devoted to Quality of Life: A Festschaft in Honor of Alex Michelos. Springer, Fioramonti, L. (2017). Economics, Politics and International Relations in the Post-Growth Era. Cambridge: Polity Press. Flourbaey, M. and Banchet, D. (2013). Beyond GDP – Measuring Welfare and

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The Impact of Demographic Changes on the Organization of Emergency Medical Services: the Case of Slovenia

:// Capon, C. (2008). Understanding Strategic Management. Harlow: Prentice Hall. Daft, LR. (2010). New Era of Management. South-Western, Cengage Learning. Fischer, A.J., O’Halloran, P., Littlejohns, P., Kennedy, A., & Butson, G. (2000). Ambulance Economics. Journal of Public Health Medicine, 22(3), 413-421, Hedegaard, J., & Ahl, H. (2013). The gender subtext of new public management-based work practices in Swedish health care. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An

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