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Politics in Central Europe

The Journal of the Central European Political Science Association

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Krisztina Juhász

/echr-human-rights-intervention-austria-hungary-returns.pdf (11 May 2016) European Commission (2015): ‘Commission opens infringement procedure against Hungary concerning its asylum law’ (press release) (10 December), (11 May 2016) European Commission (2016), ‘Member States' Support to Emergency Relocation Mechanism’ (12 October) (13 October 2016) European Commission (2015): Proposal for a regulation of the European

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Petr Just

Havlík, Vlastimil and Kaniok, Petr (eds.) (2006):. Euroskepticismus a země střední a východní Evropy (Euroscepticism and the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe). Brno: Mezinárodní politologický ústav, 10–13. Kopecký, Josef (2015): Babiš chce lidové hlasování k euru, spolu s volbami a nezávazné (Babis wants a popular vote on the euro, together with non-binding elections). , 31 May 2015. (23 Septenber 2015

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Ondřej Filipec

:// (13. November 2018). Emmanuele, Vincenzo – Chiaramonte, Alessandro (2016): A growing impact of new parties: myth or reality? Party system innovation in Western Europe after 1945. Party Politics 14(5): 1–13. Enyedi, Zsolt – Bértoa, Fernando Casal (2016): Party system closure and openec: Conceptualization, Operationalization and Validation. Party Politics 22(3): 265–277. Enyedi, Zsolt – Bértoa, Fernando Casal (2018): Institutionalizaton and De-institutionalization in Post-communist Party System. East European Politics and Societies: and Cultures

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Miroslav Mareš

, insecurity, available at: (13 July 2014). European Roma Rights Center (2012b): Attacks against Roma in Bulgaria: September 2011–September 2012, available at: (13 July 2014). European Roma Rights Center (2012a): Attacks against Roma in Hungary: January 2008–Sep-tember 2012, available at: http

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Marek Górka

References Cabada, Ladislav (2018): Visegrad Group in the Context of Other Central European Cooperation Formats. Politics in Central Europe 13(2): 165–179, doi: 10.2478/pce-2018-0006. Cabada, Ladislav – Waisová, Šárka (2018): The Visegrad Four as an ambitious actor of (Central-) European foreign and security policy. Politics in Central Europe 13 (2): 9–20, doi: 10.2478/pce-2018-0014. Corneliu-Aurelian, Colceriu (2017): Iohannis: Romania wants to make Three Seas Initiative summit more visible; it is a profoundly pro-European initiative

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Fabian Linde

-309. Laruelle, Marlène (2009): Inside and Around the Kremlin’s Black Box: The New Nationalist Think Tanks in Russia, Institute for Security and Development Policy. Laruelle, Marlène (2015): The “Russian World”: Russia’s Soft Power and Geopolitical Imagination, Center on Global Interests. Lavrov, Sergei (2014a): ‘V ponimanii ES i SShA ‘svobodnyii’ vybor za ukraintsev uzhe sdelan.’ Kommersant (13 February). Lavrov, Sergei (2014 b): Vystuplenie Ministra inostrannykh del Rossii S. V. Lavrova na vstreche s predstaviteliami

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Petr Kratochvíl and Matúš Mišík

Policy 33 (3): 458–465. Mišík, M. (2013): How can Perception Help us to Understand the Dynamic between EU Member States? The State of the Art. Asia Europe Journal 11 (4): 445–463. Mišík, M. (2014): Our New Allies? Perception of the New Member States of the EU by the Old Members. Czech Journal of Political Science 21 (3): 345–351. Mišík, M. (2015): The Influence of Perception on the Preferences of the New Member States of the European Union: The Case of Energy Policy. Comparative European Politics 13 (2): 198–221. Moravcsik, A. – Vachudová

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Helena Bauerová

. Politics in Central Europe 13 (1): 55-67. Nič, M. (2016): The Visegrad Group in the EU: 2016 as a turning‑point? European View 15: 281-290. Ogrodnik, L. (2016): Slovak Presidency of the EU Council : Implications for the Visegrad Group. In. Bulletin PISM, No. 47 (897). available at: (15 March 2018). Pehe, J. (2004): Is the End of Visegrad in the Ofing? available at: (10 December 2017). Polish Visegrad

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Dominik Sonnleitner

References Asmus, Roland (2010): A little war that shook the world, Palgrave Macmillan Trade. Cecire, Michael (2014): Analysis Unrest in Abkhazia, BBC (28 May) available at: (10 March, 2015). Franke, Anja - Gawrich, Andrea - Melnykovska, Inna - Schweickert, Rainer (2010): The European Union’s Relations with Ukraine and Azerbaijan, Post-Soviet Affairs, 26(2): 149-183. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (2013): Über neue Pipeline: Aserbaidschan liefert Gas