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The Soviet army in Poland

References Codevill A., Informing Statecraft , New York 1992. Modelski T., Byłem szefem wywiadu Naczelnego Wodza [ I was a Chief of Intelligence for the Commander-in-chief ], Warszawa 2009. Rogulski M. L., Okupacja w imię sojuszu. Armia Radziecka w Polsce 1956-1993 [ Occupation in the name of Alliance. Te Soviet Army in Poland 1956-1993 ], Warszawa 2001. Skrzypek A., Mechanizmy uzależnienia w stosunkach polsko-radzieckich 1944-1957 [ Te mechanisms of addiction in Polish–Soviet relations 1944-1957 ], Pułtusk 2002. Zygmuntowicz J., Niechciani

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Entrepreneurial Behaviour on the New Silk Road: Space for Improvement?

J., A dendrite method for cluster analysis. Communications in Statistics, 3(1)/1974, pp. 1–27. Capello R., Space and theoretical approaches to regional growth. In Modelling Regional Scenarios for the Enlarged Europe, Berlin: Springer 2008, pp. 13–31. Crescenzi R., Rodriguez-Pose A., Innovation and Regional Growth, Berlin: Springer 2011. Fritsch M., The effect of new business formation on regional development. Empirical evidence, interpretation, and avenues for further research [in:] Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Regional

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International economics: security of economic system and transboundary crisis

–204. Suhorukov A.I., Transfer krizisov i deformatsiya tsiklov//v kn.: Za- konomernosti i perspektivy transformatsii obschestva. Materialy k 5 Mezhdunarodnoy Kondratevskoy konferentsii. Pod redaktsiey Yu.V. Yakovtsa. M.: MFK, 2004, p. 330–336. Sukhorukov A.I., Crisis transfer in the global economic environment//Trend and cycles in global dynamics and perspectives of world development: Materials of International Conference, Chengdu, China, October, 13–15, 2012, Chengdu, Southwestern uni-versity of finance and economics, p. 41–42. Stiglitz J.E., Freefall: America

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Mars and Venus in Action? The US and EU’s foreign relations strategies in academic discourse

, T., (ed.) The Routledge Handbook on the European Neighbourhood Policy . Routledge, pp. 27–36. Holden, P., 2009. Security, power or profit? The economic diplomacy of the US and the EU in North Africa. The Journal of North African Studies, 14:1, pp. 11–32. Huber, D., 2008. Democracy Assistance in the Middle East and North Africa: A Comparison of US and EU Policies. Mediterranean Politics , vol. 13:1, pp. 43–62. Huber, D., 2015. Democracy Promotion and Foreign Policy Identity and Interests in US, EU and Non-Western Democracies , Palgrave

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German People’s List – the outlineof the issue in historic and legal perspective. Part I

identification cards on the area of GG. The decree of General Governor from 26 th January 1940 on the introduction of identification cards for ones of German nationality in GG. The circular of the Minister of the Internal Affairs of the Reich from 14 th November 1940 on issuing a certificate about not being of Polish nationality. The decree on DVL and German Nationality on the incorporated eastern areas from 4 th March 1941. The circular of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Reich on the mode of proceeding at the classification to particular DVL

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Poland towards the German leadership in the European Union

Polityczne”, vol.2, 2012, p. 237-257 [„Nice or death”, that Polish political discourse on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe and its impact on Polish-German relations]. J. Barcz, Wiarygodnie i aktywnie w Unii Europejskiej, „SM”, nr 1(LXV) 2012, p. 105-109 [Reliably and actively in the European Union]. J. Bielecki, Prezydent Francji może ustąpić Polsce, „Dziennik”, 12th November 2008, p. 4 [French President may give way to Poland]. J. Bielecki, Unia uratowała jedność, ale kosztem ekologii, „Dziennik”, 13th-14th

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Regional Disparities on The New Silk Road: Some Thoughts about Regional Convergence

’s regions: reconsidering European regional policies, Economic Policy (2001), 16(32), pp. 207–253. Capello R., Space and theoretical approaches to regional growth [in:] Modelling Regional Scenarios for the Enlarged Europe, Berlin 2008, pp. 13–31. Chen A., Reducing China’s regional disparities: is there a growth cost?, China Economics Review (2010), 21(1), pp. 2–13. Chen A., Groenewold N., Reducing regional disparities in China: an evaluation of alternative policies, Journal of Comparative Economics (2010), 38(2), pp. 189–198. Crescenzi R., Rodriguez

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The Federal Structure of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 16th–18th Centuries

, Paris 1952. Fiszma S., The Polish Renaissance and its European Context, Indiana 1988. Gierowski J.A., The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the XVIII th Century. From Anarchy to Well – organized State , Kraków 1996, Grodecki R., Działalność gospodarcza Kazimierza Wielkiego , [in:] Polska Piastowska [ Economic Activity of Casimir the Great, [in:] Piast’s Poland ], Grodecki R., Dzieje wewnętrzne Polski w XIII wieku, [in:] Polska Piastowska [ Poland in 13 th Century [in:] Piast’s Poland ], Warszawa 1969. Grodziski S., Salmonowicz

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The Long Road from Neoliberalism to Neopopulism in ECE: The Social Paradox of Neopopulism and Decline of the Left

Report, [online] Available at: < >. Ágh, A., 2016. Increasing Eupopulism as the megatrend in East-Central Europe: From façade democracies to velvet dictatorships. Baltic Journal of Political Science , 5, pp.21-39 Ágh, A., 2017a. EU polycrisis and hard populism in East-Central Europe: From the Copenhagen dilemma to the Juncker paradox. Politics of Central Europe , 13(2-3), pp.7-32. Ágh, A., 2017b. The declining systemic trust in the NMS political elites: The divergence between

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Anterooms and Salons of East-Central Europe in the Contemporary Post-Soviet Geopolitical Conceptions

References Bielecki T., Kreml oskarża NATO [Kremlin is accusing NATO], „Gazeta Wyborcza”, 30.09-01.10.2006. Bukovsky V., Russia may fall apart, „EUROPA”, 31 may 2006, p. 12. Danilevski N. J., Russia and Europe, Petersburg 1995]. Dergachev V., Civilization and geopolitics, Kiev 2004]. Dugin A., Basics of geopolitics, Moscow 1997]. Halecki O., Trzy Europy [Tree Europes], Lublin 1995. Huttington S. P., Zderzenie cywilizacji i nowy kształt ładu światowego [Clash of civilizations and new world order], Warszawa 1997 Krzyżanowski Z

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