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International Journal of Area Studies

A Journal of Vytautas Magnus University

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Jan Parys

References Codevill A., Informing Statecraft , New York 1992. Modelski T., Byłem szefem wywiadu Naczelnego Wodza [ I was a Chief of Intelligence for the Commander-in-chief ], Warszawa 2009. Rogulski M. L., Okupacja w imię sojuszu. Armia Radziecka w Polsce 1956-1993 [ Occupation in the name of Alliance. Te Soviet Army in Poland 1956-1993 ], Warszawa 2001. Skrzypek A., Mechanizmy uzależnienia w stosunkach polsko-radzieckich 1944-1957 [ Te mechanisms of addiction in Polish–Soviet relations 1944-1957 ], Pułtusk 2002. Zygmuntowicz J., Niechciani

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Jenni Keskinen and Petteri Simola

.1080/08995605.2012.678243 Ozer, E. J., Best, S. R., Lipsey, T. L., & Weiss, D. S. (2003). Predictors of posttraumatic stress disorder and symptoms in adults: a meta-analysis. Psychological Bulletin, 129(1), 52-73. doi: 10.1037/1942-9681.S.1.3 Ponteva, M., Jormanainen, V., Nurro, S., & Lehesjoki, M. (2000). Mortality After the UN service. Follow-up study of the Finnish peace-keeping contingents in the years 1969-1996. International Review of the Armed Medical Services, 73(4), 235-239. Raju, M. S. V. K. (2014). Psychological aspects of peacekeeping operations

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Arkadi Sukhorukov

–204. Suhorukov A.I., Transfer krizisov i deformatsiya tsiklov//v kn.: Za- konomernosti i perspektivy transformatsii obschestva. Materialy k 5 Mezhdunarodnoy Kondratevskoy konferentsii. Pod redaktsiey Yu.V. Yakovtsa. M.: MFK, 2004, p. 330–336. Sukhorukov A.I., Crisis transfer in the global economic environment//Trend and cycles in global dynamics and perspectives of world development: Materials of International Conference, Chengdu, China, October, 13–15, 2012, Chengdu, Southwestern uni-versity of finance and economics, p. 41–42. Stiglitz J.E., Freefall: America

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Ralph Savelsberg

& SS-NX-13. Retrieved April 24, 2012, from Pinkerton, D. A. (2008). The North Korean ballistic missile program. Carlisle, PA.: Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College. Pollack, J. (2010, October 10). North Korea Debuts an IRBM. Retrieved April 24, 2012, from Arms Control Wonk: Postol, T. (2009). A Technical Assessment of Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program

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Jiří Novosák and Radek Jurčík

J., A dendrite method for cluster analysis. Communications in Statistics, 3(1)/1974, pp. 1–27. Capello R., Space and theoretical approaches to regional growth. In Modelling Regional Scenarios for the Enlarged Europe, Berlin: Springer 2008, pp. 13–31. Crescenzi R., Rodriguez-Pose A., Innovation and Regional Growth, Berlin: Springer 2011. Fritsch M., The effect of new business formation on regional development. Empirical evidence, interpretation, and avenues for further research [in:] Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Regional

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Rino Bandlitz Johansen, Monica Martinussen and Nils Kvilvang

, 114-121. doi: 10.1037//0021-9010.86.1.114. Moskos, C. (1977). From institution to occupation. Trends in military organization. Armed Forces and Society, 4, 41-50. doi: 10.1177/0095327X7700400103 Moskos, C., Williams, J. A., & Segal, D. R. (2000). Armed forces after the cold war. In C. Moskos, J. A. Willams, & D. R. Segal (Eds.), The postmodern military: Armed forces after the cold war (pp. 1-13). New York: Oxford University Press. Mylle, J. (2007). From a psychological to a behavioural sciences approach and beyond

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Robert Buch, Reidar Säfvenbom and Ole Boe

, vol. 13, no. 4, pp. 409-423. Fabrigar, LR, Wegener, DT, MacCallum, RC & Strahan, EJ 1999, "Evaluating the use of exploratory factor analysis in psychological research", Psychological Methods, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 272-299. Available from: pdh. Fan, XB, Thompson, B & Wang, L 1999, "Effects of sample size, estimation method, and model specification on structural equation modeling fit indices", Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 6, pp. 56-83. Ford, JK, MacCallum, RC & Tait, M 1986, "The

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Vesa Kuikka, Juha-Pekka Nikkarila and Marko Suojanen

References Gediminas Adomavicius, Jesse C. Bockstedt, Alok Gupta, Robert J. Kauffman (2005). Technology roles and paths of influence in an ecosystem model of technology evolution, Information Technology and Management, Vol. 8, Issue 2, 185-202. Muhammad Amer, Tugrul U. Daim, Antonie Jetter (2013). A review of scenario planning, Futures 46, 23-40. Patrick T. Biltgen, Dimitri N. Mavris (2007). Capability-based quantitative technology evaluation for systems-of-systems, IEEE System of Systems Engineering Conference

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Juho Roponen and Ahti Salo

References Banks, D., Petralia, F., & Wang, S. (2011). Adversarial risk analysis: Borel games. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 27(2), pp. 72-86. Brown, G. & Washburn, A.R. (2000 rev. 2004). The fast theater model (FATHM), Project Report, (NPS-OR-01-002-PR), Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA. Camerer, C. (2003). Behavioral Game Ttheory: Experiments in Strategic Interaction. Princeton University Press, New Jersey. Caswell, D. J., Howard, R. A., & Paté-Cornell, M. E. (2011