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Gert Pickel and Cemal Öztürk

. At this point, it is important to emphasize that the rejection of Muslim immigration has no Eastern European peculiarity. There is a remarkable support for a Muslim ban in countries such as Portugal (31%), Ireland (24%), Austria (20%), and Belgium (18%). Given the fact that citizens in the Netherlands (13%), France (12%), Germany (8%), and Sweden (4%) are less inclined to reject Muslim immigration in general, there is nevertheless a clear pattern that the receptiveness for anti-Muslim prejudice is much higher among citizens in Eastern Europe . How can we explain

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Elisabeth Kovtiak

used to have in her house ”, tells O. from Ukraine “ Look! We used to have exactly the same painting in the living room when I was younger . I considered buying it but I have to think if I really want it . At least , I am going to take a picture of it to have it as a memory ”, tells P. from Russia. For those who are reflectively nostalgic Boym (2007 , 13-14) distinguished between two types of nostalgia: restorative and reflective. As restorative nostalgia aims to bring features of the past epoch to the present and to restore or rebuild the previous order of

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Agata Domachowska

a son-in-law of Lazar Hrebeljanović, the ruler of the Kosovo field. He withdrew with his army from the Battle of Kosovo. The folk tradition portrays him as a traitor, which is not historically accurate. Other characters that form the particular pantheon of Serbian national heroes are Saint Sava St. Sava (Rastko Nemanjić) – the first archbishop of Serbia and one of the most important saints in the Serbian Orthodox Church. Lived at the turn of the 13th century. and a medieval ruler of Serbia Tsar Dušan Tsar Stefan Dušan – the king of Serbia in the 14th century

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Tai-Dong Nguyen and Manh-Tung Ho

), or the foundation for Confucian democratic political thought ( Ackerly 2005 ). Other studies even looked to reconcile socialism and Confucianism in China ( Bell 2009 ) or proposed a different set of political possibilities in which democracy could grow out of Chinese Confucian roots ( Weller 1999 ). These studies share in common an implicit understanding that the value of democracy is not something natural or intrinsic within the set of Confucian values. Kim (2017) made a different argument regarding this point, suggesting that both democracy and Confucianism

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Vladimír Baar and Daniel Jakubek

identified by Romanian scientists as being Romanians, which they consider as symptoms of Romanian nationalism and historical theories (Stati in Guboglo and Dergachev 2010 , 13). Moldovan historian of Russian origin, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Vasile Stati It is basically understandable that the Russian view of the joint Romanian–Moldovan history is different, e.g., Mikhail Guboglo, Valentin Dergachev, and Vasile Stati. Nevertheless, the fact is that the ethnonym Vlah in various forms was, and sometimes still is, a

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Michaela Strapáčová and Vít Hloušek

.” [Interview of Pavel Bělobrádek for Právo]. 13 February 2016. . Bělobrádek Pavel 2016 “Rozhovor Pavla Bělobrádka pro Právo.” [Interview of Pavel Bělobrádek for Právo] 13 February 2016 Břešťan, Robert. 2016. “Nahrávka z klíčové porady TV Prima k uprchlíkům: ‘Vedení televize má názor a vy ho budete respektovat’.” [Recording of the Key Meeting of TV Prima to Refugees: ‘The Management Has the Opinion and You Will Respect it’]. http

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Sandra Kreisslová and Lukáš Novotný

, Vít. 2013. Jazykové právo – konceptuální perspektivy a metodologie jeho zkoumání. In Gladkova, Hana and Kina Vačkova (eds.). Jazykové právo a slovanské jazyky . Praha: Filozofická fakulta: 13-30. Dovalil Vít 2013 Jazykové právo – konceptuální perspektivy a metodologie jeho zkoumání Gladkova Hana Kina Vačkova Jazykové právo a slovanské jazyky. Praha Filozofická fakulta 13 30 Dvořák, Tomáš. 2013. Vnitřní odsun 1947 – 1953: závěrečná fáze “očisty pohraničí” v politických a společenských souvislostech poválečného Československa . Brno: Matice moravská. Dvořák Tomáš

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Tomasz Kamusella

. Accessed: Jan 31, 2017. Arabic Speaking Internet Users Statistics 2017 Accessed Jan 31 2017 A Textbook to Teach Arabic from the 1950s, Employs Vowel Markers in Every Word to Remove Ambiguity. 2013 [Image]. . Accessed: May 4, 2017. A Textbook to Teach Arabic from the 1950s, Employs Vowel Markers in Every Word to Remove Ambiguity 2013

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Tatiana Podolinská

in Csenyéte, 1857–2000.” Romani Studies 5, 13(1):1–51. Ladányi János Szelényi Iván 2003 “Historical variations in inter-ethnic relations: Toward a social history of Roma in Csenyéte 1857–2000” Romani Studies 5 13 1 1 51 Liégeois, Jean Pierre. 1986. Gypsies. An illustrated history . London: Al Saqi Books. Liégeois Jean Pierre 1986 Gypsies. An illustrated history. London Al Saqi Books Mann, Arne B. 2015. “Etnické stereotypy ako zdroje vtipov o Rómoch.” In: T. Podolinská, T. Hrustič (eds.), Čierno-biele svety. Rómovia v majoritnej spolocnosti . Bratislava