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Florin Poenaru

, pp. 221-240. Frank, A. G. (1978). World Accumulation (1492-1789) . New York: Monthly Review Press. Georgescu, V. (1992). Istoria Românilor [The History of Romanians] . București: Humanitas. Green, W. A. (1992). Periodization in European and World History. Journal of World History , 3(1): 13-53. Hitchins, K. (2013). România (1866-1944) . București: Humanitas. Koselleck, R. (2002). The practice of conceptual history. Timing history, spacing concepts . Stanford: Stanford University Press. Lewis, B. (2009). The Periodization of

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Marius Lazăr

REFERENCES Adameșteanu, G. (2014). Anii romantici. Aminitiri, gânduri [The Romantic Years. Memories, Thoughts] . Iași: Polirom. Antohi, S. and Tismăneanu, V. (2000). Between Past and Future: The Revolutions of 1989 and Their Aftermath. New York: Central European University Press. Bourdieu, P. (1966). Champ intellectuel et projet créateur. Temps modernes , No. 246: 865-906. Bourdieu, P. (1984a) [1979]. Distinction: A Social Critique of the Jugement of Taste. (Richard Nice, trans.) Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press. Bourdieu

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András Vigvári and Tamás Gerőcs

References Amin, S. (2014). Pioneer of the Rise of the South. E-book, Springer. Bell, P. (1984). Peasants in Socialist Transition: Life in a Collectivized Hungarian Village. University of California Press, Berkeley-Los Angeles-London. Bognár, B. (2010). Erdei Ferenc szociológiája. Loisir, Budapest. Braudel, F. (1958). Histoire et Sciences sociales: La longue durée. In Annales Histoire, Sciences Sociales 13e Année, No. 4 (Oct. - Dec., 1958), pp. 725-753. Dunaway, W. A. (2012) The

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Cristine Palaga

evidence from Kazakstan. Health Policy and Planning , 13(1):41-49. Ensor, T. (2004). Informal payments for health care in transition economies. Health Policy , 58(2):237-246. Ferrinho, P., Van Lerberghe, W., Fronteira, I., Hipólito, F., Biscaia, A. (2004). Dual practice in the health sector: review of the evidence. Human Resources for Health, online source: [Last accessed: 07.06.2014]. Irvine, R. (2002). Fabricating ‘health consumers’ in health care politics. In S. Henderson, and A. Petersen (eds

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Maria Manuela Mendes, Olga Magano and Pedro Candeias

Lisboa . Lisbon: Caleidoscópio. Mendes, M. M., Magano, O. and Candeias, P. (2014). Estudo Nacional sobre as comunidades ciganas . Lisbon: High Commission for Migration. Messing V. (2014). Methodological puzzles of surveying Roma/Gypsy populations. Ethnicities , 14(6): 811-829. Milcher, S., and Ivanov, A. (2004). The United Nations Development Programme's Vulnerability Projects, Roma and Ethnic Data. Roma Rights Quarterly, 1: 7-13. Montenegro, M. (2012). Aprendendo a ser cigano hoje: empurrando e puxando fronteiras . PhD thesis in Education

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Anca Simionca

2 This work was supported by a grant of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation, CNCS - UEFISCDI, project number PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-2515. REFERENCES Binkley, S. (2009). The Work of Neoliberal Governmentality: Temporality and Ethical Substance in the Tale of Two Dads. Foucault Studies (6):60. Binkley, S. (2011). Happiness, positive psychology and the program of neoliberal governmentality. Subjectivity 4:371–394. Bondi, L. (2005). Working the spaces of neoliberal subjectivity: Psychotherapeutic

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Gabriel Troc

, Rogers; Margit Feischmidt; John Fox; Liana Grancea (2006). Nationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Brincoveanu, Romulus (2005). Romania from the end of discourse. Sfera Politicii, 114: 2-5. Buden, Boris (2009). Zone des Übergangs. Vom Ende des Postkommunismus. Suhrkamp Verlag. Buchowski, Michał (2001). Rethinking Transformation of Anthropological Perspective on Post-Socialism. Wydawnictwo Humaniora. Coraian Zoltan (2016). Planul de mobilitate urbană durabilă, Cluj

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Norbert Petrovici

-12: 6-13. Scott, J. C. (2007). În numele statului. Modele eșuate de îmbunătățire a condiției umane. Iași: Polirom. Soós, K. (1985). A Rejoinder to Jänos Kornái. Acta Oeconomica, 34(1/2): 162-164. Soós, K. (1987). Informal pressures, mobilization, and campaigns in the management of centrally planned economies. Economics of Planning, 21(1): 39-48. Soós, K. (1989). Regular investment cycles or irregular investment fluctuations under central planning? In C. Frateschi (Ed.), Fluctuations and Cycles in

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Mircea Comşa

). Explorarea Europei prin migraţii pentru muncă: 1990-2006 [Exploring Europe through work migrations: 1990-2006], Locuirea temporară în străinătate. Migraţia economică a românilor: 1990-2006 [Temporary residence abroad. The economic migration of Romanians 1990-2006]. București: Fundaţia pentru o Societate Deschisă, pp. 13-39. Sandu, D. (2010). Lumile sociale ale migraţiei româneşti în străinătate [Social Worlds of Romanian Migration Abroad]. Iaşi: Polirom. Steiner, N.D. (2010). Economic globalization and voter turnout in established democracies. Electoral

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Cecilia Rubiolo

: Princeton University Press. Marshall, R. (1991). Power in the Name of Jesus. Review of African Political Economy , 52 : 21-38. Marshall, R. (2009). Political spiritualities: The pentecostal revolution in Nigeria . Chigaco: University of Chicago Press. Meardi, G. (2012). Social Failures of EU Enlargement. A Case of Workers Voting with Their Feet . London: Routledge. Meeus, B. (2013). Welfare through migrant work : What if the Romanian 'safety valve' closes?. Southeast European and Black Sea Studies , 13(2): 175-194. Mezzadra, S., Neilson