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Alex Shkotin

References 1. Algebraic structure: 2015. Accessed: 2015-09- 18. 2. Barwise, J. 1982. Introduction to first order logic. In Reference Book on Mathematical Logic I, J. Barwise, Ed., Moscow, Nauka, 13-54. 3. Kolmogorov, A.N., Dragalin, A.G. Mathematical Logic. 3rd stereotypical edition. Moscow: KomKniga, 2006. 4. Maltsev, A.I., Algebraic Systems, Moscow, Nauka, 1970. 5. Finitary relation: 2015. https

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Andrew Schumann

Russian). 9. Lefebvre, V. A. Algebra of Conscience , Dordrecht: D. Reidel, 1982. 10. Lefebvre, V. A. Lectures on Reflexive Game Theory , Los Angeles: Leaf & Oaks, 2010. 11. Schütz, A. & T. Luckmann. Strukturen der Lebenswelt , Berlin: Suhrkamp, 1979. 12. Schumann, A. Payoff Cellular Automata and Reflexive Games, Journal of Cellular Automata , 9 (4), 2014, pp. 287-313. 13. Schumann, A. Probabilities on streams and reflexive games, Operations Research and Decisions , 1, 2014, pp. 71-96. 14. Schumann, A. Reflexive Games and Non

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Andrew Schumann and Krzysztof Pancerz

, pp. 263-280, 2012. 13. A. Schumann, “Reflexive Games and Non-Archimedean Probabilities,” p-Adic Numbers, Ultrametric Analysis and Applications, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 66-79, January 2014. 14. A. Schumann, “Reversible Logic Gates on Physarum Polycephalum,” in International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, September 22-28, Special Volume of the AIP Conference Proceedings 2014. 15. A. Schumann, “Syllogistic Versions of Go Games on Physarum Polycephalum,” in Advances in Physarum Machines, A. Adamatzky

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Katarzyna Barska

References 1. Biłat, A. Truth and the States of Affairs [in:] A. Biłat (Ed.). States of Affairs, Situations, Events. Vol. I. Lublin: Publishing House of University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska, 1995. 2. Borkowski, L. Letters on Truth, and the States of Affairs, [in:] A. Biłat (Ed.). States of Affairs, Situations, Events. Vol. I. Lublin: Publishing House of University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska, 1995. 3. Ginsberg, E. Concerning the Concepts of Inseparateness and Separateness. [in:] Memorial Book of the Polish Philosophical Society in Lviv 12

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Agnieszka Iskra-Paczkowska and Przemyslaw Paczkowski

Religion. Anchor Books: New York, 1971, pp. 206-229. 11. Everson, S. Psychology. In. J. Barnes (ed.). op. cit., pp. 168-194. 12. Homer. The Odyssey. Transl. by T. E. Lawrence. Wordsworth Editions Limited: Ware, 1992. 13. Hucthinson, D. C. Ethics. In. J. Barnes (ed.). op. cit., pp. 195-232. 14. Kosman, L. A. Being Properly Affected: Virtues and Feelings in Aristotle’s Ethics. In. A. O. Rorty (ed.). Essays on Aristotle’s Ethics. University of California Press: Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1980, pp. 103

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Vincenzo Alfano

) . Giuffré: Roma, 1984. 12. Schmitt, C., Il custode della costituzione (a cura di Caracciolo) . Giuffré: Roma, 1981. 13. Hofmann, H., Legittimità contro legalità. La filosofia politica di Carl Schmitt. Edizioni Scientifiche italiane: Napoli, 1999. 14. Tilly, C., Conflitto e democrazia in Europa. Bruno Mondadori: Milano, 2007. 15. Tilly, C., Credit and Blame. Princeton University Press: Princeton, 2008. 16. Tilly, C., Democracy. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 2007. 17. Tilly, C., Identities, Boundaries, and Social Ties

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Bartosz Brożek and Mateusz Hohol

University Press: Cambridge 1998. 11. Locke, L. An Essay Concerning Human Understanding , Hazleton: Pennsylvania University Press, 2009 12. Margolis, E., Laurence, S. “Concepts”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2014 Edition), E.N. Zalta (ed.), URL = < >. 13. Müller, M. “On Thought and Language”, Monist 1(4), 1891, p. 572-589. 14. Pais, A. Niels Bohr’s Times in Physics, Philosophy, and Polity , Oxford – New York: Oxford University Press, 1991. 15. Tomasello, M

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Beata Płonka

contents and levels of consciousness?”, Frontiers in Psychology 3, 2012, pp. 82. 13. Bachmann, T., Hudetz, A.G., “It is time to combine the two main traditions in the research on the neural correlates of consciousness: C = L × D”, Frontiers in Psychology 5, 2014, pp. 940. 14. Baddeley, A.D., Allen, R.J., Hitch, G.J., “Binding in visual working memory: the role of the episodic buffer”, Neuropsychologia 49, 2011, pp. 1393-1400. 15. Baron-Cohen, S., Leslie, A., Frith, U., “Does the autistic child have a "theory of mind

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James Trafford

: Oxford University Press, 2000. 10. Dunn, J. M. and Hardegree, G. Algebraic methods in philosophical logic . Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001. 11. Goodman, N. The logic of contradictions, Zeitschrift fur Mathematische Logic und Grundlagen der Arithmetik , 27:119-126, 1981. 12. Hardegree, G. M. Completeness and super-valuations, Journal of Philosophical Logic , 34(1):81-95, 2005. 13. Heyting, A. Intuitionism . Amsterdam: North-Holland Pub. Co., 1971. 14. Kolmogorov, A. N. Zur Deutung der Intuitionistischen Logic, Mathematische Zeitschrift , 35

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Alexander Boldachev

: University of Notre Dame Press, 1978. 13. Shishkin, M.A. Evolution as epigenetic process, Sovremennaya paleontologiya [Modern Paleontology] (in Russian). Moscow: Nedpa, 1988, vol. 1, pp. 142-169.