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Ema Jelínková

Works cited Galloway, J. [1989] 1999. The Trick Is to Keep Breathing . London: Vintage. Galloway, J. 1991. “Introduction”. In: Galloway, J. and M. Sinclair (eds.). Meantime . Edinburgh: Polygon. pp. 5–6. Germanà, M. 2011. “The Sick Body and the Fractured Self”. In Gothic Studies , vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 1–8. Germanà, M. 2013. Scottish Women’s Gothic and Fantastic Writing . Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Gifford, D. 1997. “Contemporary Fiction 2”. In: Gifford, D. and D. McMillan (eds.). A History of Scottish Women’s Writing

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Edita Gromová, Daniela Müglová and Emília Perez

Cultural Dhursity in Business. London: Nicholas Brealey Publishing Limited. Vopálenská. E. 2011. Jazyk a styl reklatny 2. Bratislava: Univerzita Komenského. Žilková. M. 2006. “Vplyv globalizácie na mediálnu kultúru." In: ¿ilková, M (ed.). Vplyv globalizácie na mediábni kulńtru. Nitra: Ústav literámej a umeleckej komunikacie UKF. pp. 13-23.

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Jaroslav Kušnír

References Amerika, M. 2014. “Avant-Pop Manifesto. Thread Baring Itself in Ten Quick Posts.” <> February 20, 2014 Derrida, J. 1976. Of Grammatology. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. Geyh, P., Leebron, F. G.,Levy, A.(eds.). 1998. Postmodern American Fiction. A Norton Anthology. New York: Norton. Hassan, I. 2003. “Beyond Postmodernism: Toward An Aesthetic of Trust”. In Angelaki, 8:1 pp. 3-11. Kelly, A. 2010. “David Foster Wallace and

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Alena Smieskova

Works cited: Abrams, S. 2013. Art is an Act of Violence: An Interview with Nicolas Winding Refn . Available at < > Anthony, A. 2013. Nicolas Winding Refn: I am a Pornographer. Available at < > Boydston, J.A., and Simon, H.F. (eds.). 1987, 2008. John Dewey The Later Works. 1925 - 1953: 1934, Art as Experience. With and Introduction by Abraham Kaplan

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Petr Chalupský

Works cited Adams, T., 2005. “For me, England is a mythical place: an interview with Kazuo Ishiguro.” In: The Guardian , February 20, 2005. Available at: Begley, A., 2002. “A Pilgrim in Craceland.” In: Southwest Review , vol. 87, no. 2 3. Available at: Begley, A., 2003. “Jim Crace, The Art of Fiction No. 179.” In: The Paris Review , issue 167. Available at:

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Diana Židová

References Boelhower, W. The Immigrant Novel as Genre. In MELUS, 1981, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 3-13. Fiedler. L. 1964. Waiting Far the End. New York: Stein and Day. Čulen. K., 2007. History of Slav cia in America. St. Paul, Minnesota: Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International. Gellén, J. Acceptance and Rejection: Proto-Ethnicity in Some Hungarian-American Writings. In MELUS, 1985, vol. 12, no. 4. pp. 25-35. Gladsky, T. 1992. Princess. Peasants, and Other Polish Selves: Ethnicity

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Karen Seago

References Nemesio, A., M. Chiara Levorato and Lucia Ronconi. 2008. “The Time of Reading: The First Perception of Characters in Narrative Texts.” In: Online Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA) [cit. 2017-11-12], n.p. Available at: file:///C:/Users/admin/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/IE/1JU00EZB/nemesio2008.pdf Bem, S. L. 1974. “The measurement of psychological androgyny.” In: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, vol. 42, no. 2, pp. 155