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Characterizing and Testing a Fabric Containing Amorphous Glass-Coated Ferromagnetic Microwires for its Magnetic and Electric Shielding Properties in the Frequency Range (1-3) Ghz

References Baltag, O., Cantore, C., Costandache, D., Haras, S., Larin, V., & Torcunov, V. (2000). Study of a texture of an amorphous magnetic material able to screen non-ionizing radiation, in Di Barba, P., & Savini, A. (eds.), Non-linear Electromagnetic Systems, IOS Press, 717-720. Baranov, S.A., Larin, V.S., & Torcunov, A.V. (2017). Technology, Preparation and Properties of the Cast Glass-Coated Magnetic Microwires. Crystals 7, 136. Devkota, J., Colosimo, P., Chen, A., Larin, V. S., Srikanth, H., & Phan, M. H

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Extracurricular Sport Activities and their Importance in Children Socialization and Integration Process

Conference “Physical education and sports in the benefit of health”, Oradea. Sopa I. S. & Pomohaci, M. (2015a). Finding the leader of a volleyball team using the socio metric survey method, International Congress of Physical Education, Sports and Kinetotheraphy 5 th Edition “Education and Sports Science in the 21 st Century” 10-13 June 2015 UNEFS Bucharest. Sopa I. S. & Pomohaci, M. (2015b). Improving socialization through sports games. How does team sports affect children at primary school level, International Scientific Conference “ Sport, Education

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Some Problems Related to the “Human Embryo” in the European Union Law

:// [7] [8] About the Court of the EU see generally Марин, Н. Юрисдикция на Съда на Европейския съюз в пространството на свобода, сигурност и правосъдие/Marin N. Jurisdiction of the Court of the European Union in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, “Neofit Rilski”University Press, Blagoevgrad, 2011. [9-11] [12] [13] http

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Communication and Their Role in The Preparation and Presentation of The Basketball Referee

[9] Cameron, M., op.cit., p. 20 [10] Cameron, M., op.cit., pp 21- 22 [11] Dicţionarul Explicativ al Limbii Române, ediţia aII-a, București, Editura Univers Enciclopedic, 1998, p.75 [12] [13] Agnoletti, M., F., citat de Mucchielli, A., Arta de a influenţa, București, Editura Polirom, 2002 p. 61 [14] Mucchielli, A., op. cit., p. 61 [15]Mucchielli, A., op. cit., p. 94

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Some Aspects Concerning The Impact Of The End Of Stroke On Hydraulic Cylinders

(Applied Physics & Engineering) 2012 13(12):926-942 [4] Poole A. D., Booker J. D. Design methodology and case studies in actuator selection . Mechanism and Machine Theory, Vol. 46. Issue 5

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Security, Defence and Armed Forces - Public View

.13140/RG.2.1.4957.5764. [11] STOJAR, Richard. Obrana a strategie, Vol. 16, No. 1, pp. 61-78, 2016. [12] Armáda a veřejnost 2015, Czech MoD, unpublished. [13] Armáda a bezpečnost 2016, Czech MoD, unpublished. [14] Ibid. [15] Ibid. [16] [17]

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Characterization of 2D and 3D Rough Fractal Surfaces from Backscattered Radar Data

. Frangos, D. L. Jaggard and K. Hizanidis, Scattering from fractally corrugated surfaces using the extended boundary condition method, Journal of the Optical Society of America A, Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 475-485, 1997. [13] D. L. Jaggard, X. Sun, Fractal surface scattering: a generalized Rayleigh solution, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 68, No 11, pp. 5456-5462, 1990. [14] A. Kotopoulis, A. Malamou, G. Pouraimis, E. Kallitsis and P. Frangos, Characterization of rough fractal surfaces from backscattered radar data, ‘Electronicsand Electrical

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Research on the Organizational Capability to Identify and Enhance Available Intangible Resources

References [1] Malhotra, Y., Measuring knowledge assets of a nation: knowledge systems for development , Invited Research Paper Sponsored by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Keynote Presentation at the Ad Hoc Group of Experts Meeting at the United Nations Headquarters, New York City, 2003. [2] Malhotra Y., Knowledge Management and New Organization Forms: A Framework for Business Model Innovation , Information Resources Management Journal, Jan-Mar, 13(1), 5–14, 2000. [3] Oprean-Stan, C., Stan, S., Pele, A., The

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The Role of Culture in The Acquisition of Foreign Languages by Military Students

teaching. Dialog on Language Instruction, 13(1-2), pp. 79-88, 1999. [11] Benett, J., Benett, M., and Allen, W., Developing intercultural competence in the language classroom: Perspectives in second language learning, USA: Information Age Publishing, p. 237, 2003. [12] Mehdaoui, A., A Thematic-Based Approach to the Teaching of British and American Civilisation to Enhance EFL Learners’ Intercultural Communication, Journal of Applied Lingustics and Language Learning, I(1), p. 38, 2015. [13] Davis, R., Culture as a weapon

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