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Ewelina Kluska, Piotr Gruda and Natalia Majca-Nowak

Manufacturing , 2017. [11] How to succeed when printing with ABS [Online] . [12] Kawalec A., Oczoś Kazimierz E., Shaping of light metals , PWN, Warsaw 2012. [13] Kluska E., Gruda P. The accuracy and the printing resolution comparison of different 3D printing technologies. Warsaw, Institute of Aviation, 2017. [14] PolyJet Best Practise – Sup707 Water Soluble Support [Online]

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Iuliana Maria Pârvu, F. Remondino and E. Ozdemir

References Biljecki, F., Ledoux, H., Stoter, J., 2016. An improved LOD specification for 3D building models: Computers, Environment and Urban Systems. Dorninger, P. & Pfeifer, N., 2008. A Comprehensive Automated 3D Approach for Building Extraction, Reconstruction, and Regularization from Airborne Laser Scanning Point Clouds. Sensors. Vol. 8:11. pp. 7323-7343. DOI: 10.3390/s8117323. ISSN 1424-8220. Gröger, G. & Plümer, L., 2012. CityGML – Interoperable semantic 3D city models. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Vol. 71. pp 12

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Stanisław Popowski and Witold Dąbrowski

charakterystyki pola prędkości w strumieniu śmigłowym), Transactions of The Institute of Aviation, No. 4(155), pp. 127-135. [4] Hoot H., Bacon D., 1922, “The effect on rudder control of slip stream body, and ground interference”, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Technical Notes, No. 110. [5] Purser P., Spear M., 1946, “Test to determine effects of slipstream rotation on the lateral stability characteristics of a single-engine low-wing airplane model”, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Technical Note, No. 1146. [6] Krawczyk M., Graffstein

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Suman Kumar Adhikary, Zymantas Rudzionis and Marijus Zubrus

. Elangovan, “Experimental study on light weight concrete by partial replacement of fine aggregate using flyash and adding thermocol”, International Journal on Engineering Technology and Sciences, Volume II, Issue IX, September-2015. KAYA, Ayse & Kar, Filiz. (2016). Properties of concrete containing waste expanded polystyrene and natural resin. Construction and Building Materials. 105. 572-578. 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2015.12.177. Marcelo Amianti; Vagner Roberto Botaro, Recycling of EPS: A new methodology for production of concrete impregnated with polystyrene

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E. Frăţilă and Z. Kiss

6. REFERENCES D.E. Allen, T. M. (1993, Fourth Quarter). Design criterion for vibration due to walking. American Institute of Steel Construction , pg. 117-129. Debs, M. E. (2000). Precast concrete: Fundamentals and applications. Sao Carlos School of Engineering . E. Fratila, Z. K. (2013). Experimental modal analysis of hollow core slabs. 13th International Scientific Conference VSU. Sofia. Kjӕr, B. a. . (viewed at 10.03.2011) Yohchia Chen, A. A. (2005). Vibration characteristics of double tee building floors. Precast

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Rafał Szymański and Mateusz Zięba

Science and Engineering: A, 412(1), 171-176. [11] Wiśniewski A., Kozaczuk K., Building and Testing Composite Objects in Institute of Aviation Institute of Aviation Scientific Publications Division, 2015, s. 242-256. [12] Kozaczuk K., Zalewska M., Composite testing laboratory performance development based on Lean Sigma approach - case study, Prace Instytutu Lotnictwa, 2016, Nr. 4 (245) s. 60-69. [13] Wiśniewski A., Sałacińska A., Szymański R., Kunikowska A., Manufacturing of composites samples with graphene, Prace Instytutu Lotnictwa, 2016, Nr. 4

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N. Stoyanov, D. Abornev, S. Smirnov and A. Stoyanov

. Integrated power supply of separate facilities from solar energy / N.I. Stoyanov, A.I. Voronin, A.G. Stoyanov, A.V. Shagrov. – Stavropol: North-Caucasian Federal University, pp. 96. Stoyanov, N.I., 2014b. Potential assessment of integrated energy supply of separate facilities from the solar collector / N.I. Stoyanov, A.I. Voronin, A.G. Stoyanov, A.V. Shagrov // International Scientific Journal “Alternative Energy and Ecology,” Research and Development Center “TATA”, No.13 (153), pp. 12-16. Boguslavsky, E.I., 1994. Resources of geothermal energy within the

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H. Rashtbar, H. Nazmfar and R. Samadzadeh

References Bettencourt, L. M., Lobo, J., Helbing, D., Kühnert, C., & West, G. B., 2007. Growth, innovation, scaling, and the pace of life in cities. Proceedings of the national academy of sciences , 104(17), 7301-7306. Buschmann, A., Meyer, B., & Schewe, G., 2016. Factor State in Innovative Ecosystems: A Comparison between Brazil and Germany. International Journal of Innovation , 4(2), 198-207. Capdevila, I., 2018. Knowing communities and the innovative capacity of cities. City, Culture and Society , 13, 8-12. Cermasi, O., 2017

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Rafał Chatys, Anna Stefańska, Krzysztof Piernik and Konrad Stefański

Fracture Mechanics, 25(6), pp. 819–827. [10] Paramonov, Yu. M., Kleinhof, M. A. and Paramonova, A. Yu., 2006,”Markov Model of Connection Between the Distribution of Static Strength and Fatigue Life of a Fibrous Composite”, Mechanics of Composite Materials, 42(5), pp. 615–630. [11] Paramonov, Yu. and Andersons, J., 2007, „A family of weakest link models for fibre strength distribution”, Composites: Part A38, pp. 1227–1233. [12] Kemeny, J. G and Snell, J. L., 1966, „ Finite Marcov Chains”, Princeton: N.J. Van Nostrand. [13] Chatys, R., Paramonova, A