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Maria Włodarczyk-Makuła, Ewa Wiśniowska and Agnieszka Popenda

Research, 3 (2006) 170-176. 10. Enell A., Reichenberg F., Warfvinge P., Ewald G.: A column method for determination of leaching of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from aged contaminated soil., Chemosphere 54, (2004) 707- 715. 11. Włodarczyk-Makuła M.: Changes in the concentration of PAHs in sewage sludge deposit under various temperatures, Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 18 (2009) 136-138. 12. Little C., Hepher M.J., El-Sharif M., The sono-degradation of phenanthrene in an aqueous environment., Ultrasonics 40 (2002) 667-674. 13

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Andrzej Łączak, Anna Bazan-Krzywoszańska, Maria Mrówczyńska and Marta Skiba

REFERENCES 1. Barbacki A.: Classification of geothermal resources in Poland by exergy analysis Comparative study , Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16 , (2012) 123-128. 2. Bazan-Krzywoszańska A., Mrówczyńska M., Skiba M., Łączak A.: Economic conditions for the development of energy efficient civil engineering using RES in the policy of cohesion of the European Union (2014-2020). Case study: the town of Zielona Góra , Energy and Buildings 118 (2016) 170-180. 3. Brzeźińska-Rawa A., Goździewska-Biechońska J.: Recent development in the

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Andrzej Jędrczak

REFERENCES 1. Fricke K., Santen H., Wallmann R.: Comparison of selected aerobic and anaerobic procedures for MSW treatment. Waste Management, 25 (2005) 799–810. 2. Bockreis A., Steinberg I.: Influence of mechanical–biological waste pretreatment methods on the gas formation in landfills . Waste Management, 25 (2005) 337–343. 3. Sormunen K., Einola J., Ettala M., Rintala J.: Leachate and gaseous emissions from initial phases of landfilling mechanically and mechanically – biologically treated municipal solid waste residuals . Bioresource

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Vladimir Sedin, Kateryna Bikus and Vladislav Kovba


Redistribution of pile foundation forces under successive loading of its elements was investigated under laboratory conditions. A segment of pile foundation model was taken for use in the case study. Load tests on the pile foundation model segment, without joining its elements (pile and plate, which turns into grillage) and based on different combinations of static loadings were conducted. This proved that the loading of a plate causes skin friction on some length of the pile side surface as well as providing additional loading and settlement. Test results have shown that application of successive elements enables the foundation to carry loads up to 13% higher than in the case of a standard pile foundation loading with the same settlement rates.

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Agnieszka Turek and Maria Włodarczyk-Makuła

, 85 1011-1014 (2006). 7. Mielczarek K., Bohdziewicz J., Kwarciak-Kozłowska A.: Treatment of coke wastewater in the system combines integrated process of coagulation of the pressure membrane techniques, Annual Set The Environment Protection, 13, 1965-1984 (2011). 8. Mielczarek K., Bohdziewicz J., Kwarciak-Kozłowska A.: Comparison of the effectiveness of water treatment processes using coke coagulation and advanced oxidation, Environmental Engineering, 4, 184-194 (2011). 9. Turek A., Włodarczyk-Makuła M.: Removal of

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Agnieszka Łukowicz, Elżbieta Urbańska-Galewska and Małgorzata Gordziej-Zagórowska

References 1. EN 1993-1-3, 2006 Eurocod 3: Design of steel structures Part 1-3: General rules - Supplementary rules for cold-formed members and sheeting 2. EN 1993-1-5, 2006 Eurocod 3: Design of steel structures Part 1-5: General rules - Plated structural elements. 3. Łukowicz A., Urbańska-Galewska E.: Innowacyjna linia technologiczna kształtowników typu GEB, Logistyka vol. 4/2013, 2013. 4. Łukowicz A., Urbańska-Galewska E.: Deformations of innovative coldformed GEB sections, 7th European

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Clara Pinto and Carlos Eduardo Mady

. 10, no. 9, 2017. 11. H. C. Hottel, A. Whillier.: Evaluation of flat-plate solar collector performance , vol. 2, pp. 72–104, 1958. 12. J. A. Duffie, W. A. Beckman.: Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes , Wiley, 1991. 13. S. Quoilin, M. Van Den Broek, S. Declaye, P. Dewallef, V. Lemort.: Techno-economic survey of organic rankine cycle (ORC) systems, Renew. Sustain. Energy Rev., vol. 22, pp. 168–186, 2013. 14. V. Baptistella.: Analysis and selection of an optimum work fluid for an Orcanic Rankine Cycle , State University of Campinas

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Sylwia Myszograj and Franciszek Bydałek

wetlands. Water Science and Technology 35.5 (1997) 71-77. 9. Meuleman A. et al.: Water and mass budgets of a vertical-flow constructed wetland used for wastewater treatment . Ecological engineering 20.1 (2003) 31-44. 10. Myszograj S.: The impact of temperature on the removal of nitrogen compounds in activated sludge system., British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, 11.1, (2015) 1-13. 11. O'Geen A. T. et al.: Chapter One-Mitigating nonpoint source pollution in agriculture with constructed and restored wetlands. Advances in Agronomy108 (2010

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Marlena Piontek, Katarzyna Łuszczyńska and Hanna Lechów

References 1. Piontek M., Jasiewicz M., Bednar K., Mould biodeterioration caused by technological defects in dwelling buildings. Ochrona Przed Korozją 2010 (1): 8-13. 2. Piontek M., Jasiewicz M., Łuszczyńska K. Thermal modernization and biodeterioration of prefabricated elements of buildings - a case study - W: Management of indoor air quality. Ed. M. R. Dudzińska. London: Taylor & Francis Group, 2011: 109-122. 3. Piontek M., Łuszczyńska K., Lechów H. Occurrence of the toxin-producing Aspergillus versicolor

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Wojciech Stanek and Tomasz Simla

. Malfunction definitions and assessment. Energy 29 , 1889-1907. 11. Rusinowski, H and Stanek, W 2007. Neural modelling of steam boilers. Energy Conversion and Management 48 , 2802-2809. 12. Stanek, W and Rusinowski, H 2008. Application of empirical modellng for construction of auxiliary models of steam boiler. Archives of Thermodynamics 29 , 165-176. 13. Rusinowski, H and Stanek, W 2010. Hybrid model of steam boiler. Energy 35 , 1107-1113. 14. Stanek, W, Rusinowski, H and Budnik, M 2009. Energy and exergy evaluation of a boiler