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Mathematical Modelling in Civil Engineering

The Journal of Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest

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M. Kaczmarek

. Kaczmarek, “Method of current transformer metrological properties estimation for transformation of distorted currents”, Proc. IEEE Int. Power Modulator and High Voltage Conf. IEEE Xplore 1, CD-ROM (2012). [7] A. Kasprzak, M. Orlikowski, and D. Brodecki, “Operation of voltage transformer in grids with distorted signals”, Bull. Pol. Ac.: Tech. 59 (4), 551-554 (2011). [8] IEEE Std. C57.13-2008, IEEE Standard Requirements for Instrument Transformers. [9] IEC 61869-2, Instrument Transformers - Part 2: Additional Requirements for

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Chukwuemeka Chijioke Awah and Ogbonnaya Inya Okoro

magnet motors, Proceedings of Intern. Conf. on Electrical Machines and Systems, Beijing, P.R., pp. 110 (2011). [11] Zhu Z.Q., Chen J.T., Advanced flux-switching permanent magnet brushless machines, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, vol. 46, no. 6, pp.1447-1453 (2010). [12] Chen J.T., Zhu Z.Q., Iwasaki S., Deodhar R.P., A novel E-core switched flux PM brushless AC machine, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, vol. 47, no. 3, pp. 1273-1282 (2011). [13] Chen J.T., Zhu Z.Q., Iwasaki S., Deodhar, R.P., A novel hybrid

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Olaf Büttner and Jörg Tittel

References Battin, T.J., Kaplan, L.A., Findlay, S., Hopkinson, C.S., Marti, E., Packman, A.I., Newbold, J.D., Sabater, F., 2008. Biophysical controls on organic carbon fluxes in fluvial networks. Nature Geosci., 1, 95-100. Cooper, D.M., Watts, C.D., 2002. A comparison of river load estimation techniques: application to dissolved organic carbon. Environmetrics, 13, 733-750. Grayson, R., Holden, J., 2012. Continuous measurement of spectrophotometric absorbance in peatland streamwater in northern England

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M. Górny and M. Kawalec

References [1] Behera, A., Mishra, S.C. (2012). New solution for property improvement of automobile parts. Proceedings of Advances in simulation & optimization techniques in mechanical engineering. (pp. 1-5). Conference Proceedings: NASOME-2012. [2] Guzik, E. (2001). Some selected problems concerning the processes of cast iron improvement. Archives of Foundry Engineering. Polish Academy of Sciences- Katowice, Monograph. [3] Guesser, W., Schroeder, T. & Dawson, S. (2001). Production Experience with

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Jari Koskinen, Daniel Sahebi, Hassan Nikookar and Wang Zhan

., Bitner M.J., Service marketing: integrating customer focus across the firm (2nd ed.) , New York: McGraw-Hill Company, Inc., 2000. [13] Cronin J.J., Jr., Brady, Michael K., Tomas G., Hult M., Assessing the effects of quality, value and customer satisfaction on consumer behavioral intentions in service environments , Journal of Retailing, 76 (2), 19-218, 2000. [14] Kristensen K., Martensen A., Gronholdt L., Measuring the impact of buying behavior on customer satisfaction , Total Quality Management, 10 (4/5), 602-614, 1999

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Narges Amini, Július Dekan, Milan Pavúk, Safdar Habibi and Marcel Miglierini

. 254-255 (2003), 501. [12] MENG, L. L.—LI, X. Y.—PANG, J.—WANG, L.—AN, B.—YIN, L. J.—SONG, K. K.—WANG, W. M. : Journal of Metallurgical and Materials Transitions A 44A (2013), 5122. [13] BRAND, R. A. : NORMOS programs, Universitaet Duisburg, Germany (1987). [14] QIN, J.—GU, T.—YANG, L.—BIAN, X. : Appl. Phys. Lett. 90 (2007), 201909-2. [15] SOHRABI, S.—ARABI, H.—BEITOLLAHI, A.—GHOLAMIPOUR, R. : Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 22 (2013), 2185. [16] ROGALSKI, M. S.—BIBICU, I. : Phys. Status Solidi B 195 (1996), 531

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Lindstedt Paweł, Zboiński Marek, Deliś Maciej and Borowczyk Henryk

.: Parametryczna metoda diagnozowania łopatki pracującej maszyny wirnikowej z eliminacją niemierzalnych czynników otoczenia, Problemy Badań i Eksploatacji Techniki Lotniczej pod red. Lewitowicz J., Cwojdziński L., Kowalski M., Szczepanik R., T8, Wyd. ITWL, Warszawa 2012. (Parametric method designed to diagnose a blade of a running rotational machine with elimination of non-measurabe environmental factors. Tests and Operation Issues of Avionic Technology, ed. Lewitowicz J., Cwojdziński L., Kowalski M., Szczepanik R., T8, ITWL Publishing House, Warsaw, 2012). [13

Open access

J. Wawrzeńczyk, T. Juszczak and A. Molendowska

, Denmark, (2008). [12] G. De Schutter, “Belgian implementation of the ECPC-concept following EN 206‒1”, XII DBMC International Conference on Durability of Building Materials and Components , Porto, Portugal, (2011). [13] L. Linger, E. Roziere, A. Loukili, F. Cussigh, and P. Rougeau, “Concrete equivalent performance concept for durability – an operational guide for the comparative approach”, Proceedings of The Fourth International Congress , Mumbai, India, 540‒547 (2014). [14] M.G. Richardson, C. McNally, M. O’Connell, and P. Seymour, “Equivalent