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Mikhail Doudkin, Alina Kim and Murat Sakimov

, S.Yu., Fadeev, S.N., 2013. Contact Force Calculation of the Machine Operational Point , Life Science Journal, 10, 246-250, doi:10.7537/marslsj1010s13.39. Doudkin, M.V., Pichugin, S.Yu., Fadeev, S.N., 2013. Studying the Machines for Road Maintenance , Life Science Journal, 10, 134-138. doi:10.7537/marslsj1012s13.24. Doudkin, M.V., Vavilov, A.V., Pichugin, S.Yu., Fadeev, S.N., 2013. Calculation of the Interaction of Working Body of Road Machine with the Surface , Life Science Journal, 10, 832-837 doi:10.7537/marslsj1012s13.133. Dudkin, M

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Anna Kiljan and Tatiana Liptakova

Reference B abilas , R, Z ajączkowski , A., G łuchowski , W., N owosielski , R. 2013. Preparation and glass-forming ability of Mg-based bulk amorphous alloys , Archives of Materials Science and Engineering, 62(2), 78-86. B abilas , R., L ebuda , A., C esarz -A ndraczke , K., S akiewicz , P., N owosielsk , R. 2013. Technology development of magnesium-based bulk amorphous alloys , Selected Engineering Problems, 9-13(4) DOI: 10.17222/mit.2015.300. K arolus , M. 2011. X-ray structure of the test method amorphous and nanocrystalline materials

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Andrzej Jakubowski

REFERENCES Belov, S.V. (1987). Poristyye Pronitsayemyye Materialy. Metallurgiya, 335. Feodosyev, V.I. (1979). Soprotivlenie Materialov. Nauka, 560. Jakubowski, A., Crasto, R. (2016). The Structure Analytical Research of Porous Permeable Wire Material. Management Systems in Production Engineering, V. 2(22), pp. 81-88. Kim, Y., Mccarthy, S., Fanucci, J. (1991). Compressibility and Relaxation of Fiber Reinforcements During Composite Processing. Polymer Composites, 12(1), pp. 13-19. Liu, P., He, G., Wu, L. (2009). Structure Deformation

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Aldona Kluczek

sustainability indicators for renewable energy technologie s, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 13, 1082-1088. Garg, H., 2017. Some Picture Fuzzy Aggregation Operators and Their Applications to Multicriteria Decision-Making , Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering, 42, 5275-5290. Gładysz, B., Kluczek, A., 2017. A framework for strategic assessment of far-reaching technologies: A case study of Combined Heat and Power technology, Journal of Cleaner Production, 167, 242-252. González, P del Río, 2005. Analysing the factors influencing clean

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Jan Kaźmierczak, Andrzej Loska, Marian Kučera and Irakli Abashidze

. and Michalak, M. (2017). A Data Warehouse as an Indispensable Tool to Determine the Effectiveness of the Use of the Longwall Shearer. In: 13-th International Conference Beyond Databases, Architectures and Structures BDAS, Beyond Databases, Architectures and Structures. Towards Efficient Solutions for Data Analysis and Knowledge Representation, pp. 453-465. Caragliu, A., Del Bo, C. and Nijkamp, P. (2011). Smart Cities in Europe. Journal of Urban Technology, 18(2), pp. 65-82. Dudzevičiūte, G., Šimelytė, A. and Liučvaitienė A. (2017

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Celina Bartnicka

References Basistova, A., Stankovic, L., Ferencova, M., Haluska, R. (2016). Creating productive and arranged workplace through 5S method in a company. Production Management And Engineering Sciences, Apr 16-17, pp. 7-13. Gajdzik, B., Wycislik, A. (2016). Framework for the implementation of the 5S method in the chemical laboratory. Przemysl Chemiczny, 95(2), pp. 176-179. Gajewski, A. (2007). Wstęp do zarządzania jakością. Wydawnictwo Małopolskiej Wyższej Szkoły Ekonomicznej w Tarnowie, Tarnów, pp. 172

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Monika Stępień, Barbara Białecka and Barbara Stalmachova

References Act of 13 September 1996 on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities (Dz. U. from 2017 pos. 1289, 2056, 2361, 2422, from 2018 pos. 650., as amended). Baran, J., Janik, A., Ryszko, A. and Szafraniec, M. (2016). Towards a circular economy in Poland: are we moving to a recycling society? In: Carpathian Logistics Congress 2016. Ostrava: Tanger, pp. 463-469. Cobo, S., Dominguez-Ramos, A. and Irabien, A. (2018). From linear to circular integrated waste management systems: A review of

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Shubham Joshi and Payal Bhargava

synthesis of purine. beta-D-nucleosides via purine 8, 5'-S-anhydronucleosides. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 94(13), 4737-4739. Park, H.S., Jeong, J.W., 2001. Recent trends on disposal technologies of medical waste. Korean Society Solid Waste Engineering Soc, 18(1), 18-27. Prasad, B., 1996. Concurrent engineering fundamentals (Vol. 1). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall PTR. Prüss-Üstün, A., 1999. Safe management of wastes from health-care activities . World Health Organization. Ritzén, S., Lindahl, M., 2001. Selection and

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Marek Jaśkiewicz, Juraj Hammer and Miloš Poliak

assessing the economic efficiency of exploitation cars in a transport company. Folia Societatis Scientarium Lublinensis, pp. 60-66. Frumkin, H., Frank, L., Jackson, R. (2004). Urban sprawl and public health. Washington D.C.: Island Press. pp. 6. Gnap, J., Cajchan, J., Šulgan, M. (2003). Measuring methodology form real bus-stop distances of public passenger transport, pp. 13-24. Korzhenevych, A., Dehnen, N., Brocker, J., Holtkamp, M., Meier, H., Gibson, G., et al. (2014). Update of the handbook on external costs of transport. Ricardo-AEA. Report for the

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Stanislau Dounar, Alexandre Lakimovitch, Andrei Ausiyevich and Andrzej Jakubowski

REFERENCES Brailovskij, M.I., Voskobojnik, A.G. and Voskobojnik, A.A. (2010). Metal-concrete systems for metal-cutting machines. Russ. Fed.: Kolomna, Voentechizdat. Cao, Yan; Chen, Hue; and Zhao, Haixia. (2011). Turning process modelling and cutting force investigation based on finite element analysis and cutting experiments. In: International conference on advanced design and manufacturing engineering. Peoples R. China: Guangzhou. Advanced material research. Volume 314-316, parts 1-3, p.900-903. Haddag, B., Nouari, M. and Moufki, A. (2016