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V. Kumar, R. Venkatesan and B. Rajan

References Donkers, B., Peter C. Verhoef and M.G. de Jong (2007), “Modeling CLV: A Test of Competing Models in the Insurance Industry”, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Vol. 5, No. 2. (June 2007), pp. 163 - 190. Kumar, V., Denish Shah and Rajkumar Venkatesan (2006), “Managing Retailer Profitability - One Customer at a Time!” Journal of Retailing, 82(4), pp. 277 - 294. Kumar, V., Rajkumar Venkatesan, Tim Bohling and Denise Beckmann (2008), “The Power of CLV: Managing Customer Lifetime Value at IBM

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Mduduzi Biyase and September Rooderick

in developing countries: A comparative analysis. ASARC working papers 2010/13. Nunnenkamp, P., & Spatz, J. (2002). Determinants of FDI in developing countries: Has globalization changed the rules of the game? Transnational Corporations, 11:1-34. Phung, H. (2016). Determinants of FDI into developing countries. Mark A, Israel 91 Endowment Summer Research fund in Economics. Ranjan, V., & Agrawal, G. (2011). FDI Inflow Determinants in BRIC countries: A Panel Data Analysis. International Business Research, 4(4), 255.

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Timothy B. Heath, Devon DelVecchio and Michael S. McCarthy

References Ahluwalia, Rohini (2008), “How Far Can a Brand Stretch? Understanding the Role of Self-Construal”, Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 45 (June), pp. 337§-§350. McCarthy, Michael S.; Timothy B. Heath; Sandra J. Milberg (2001), “New Brands Versus Brand Extensions, Attitudes Versus Choice: Experimental Evidence for Theory and Practice”, Marketing Letters, Vol. 12 (February), pp. 73§-§88. Zimmer, Mary R.; Subodh Bhat (2004), “The Reciprocal Effects of Extension Quality and Fit on Parent Brand Attitude

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Daniel Francois Meyer and Kaseem Abimbola Sanusi

(4): 1-17. Karim, Z.A., Karim, B.A., Zaidi, M.A.S. (2012). Fixed investment, household consumption, and economic growth: A structural vector error correction model (SVECM) study of Malaysia. International Journal of Business and Society , 13(1): 63-74. Keller, W., Yeaple, S. R. (2009). Multinational enterprises, international trade, and productivity growth: firm-level evidence from the United States. The Review of Economics and Statistics , 91 (4): 821-831. Kumo, W.L. (2012). Infrastructure investment and economic growth in South Africa: A granger

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Karl Farmer and Stefan Kuplen

. New York: Cambridge University Press. Rankin N. (1986) Debt policy under fixed and flexible prices, Oxford Economic Papers , 38: 481-500 Rankin N. (1987) Disequilibrium and welfare-maximising levels of government spending, taxation and debt, The Economic Journal 97: 65-85. Solow R. M. (1956) A contribution to the theory of economic growth, Quartely Journal of Economics , 70: 65-94. Taylor J. (1979) Staggered wage setting in a macro model. American Economic Review 69, (2): 108-13. Taylor J. (1980) Aggregate dynamics and staggered

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Jusuf Zeqiri and Shpresa Alija

REFERENCES Adams, S. (2014). “The Importance of Institutional Culture at A Technical College” (2014). Dissertations (2009) Paper 337. Bartell, M. (2003). Internationalization of universities: a university culture-based framework. Higher Education Beytekin, O. F., Yalcinkaya. M.D, Karakoc. N. (2010). The Organizational Culture at The University, in: International Journal of Educational Researchers, 2(1), 1-13, Educational Research Association. Cornelius N. G. (2005). Worldwide

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Laura-Augustina Avram

secular authority reduce believers’ distrust of atheists, Psychological Science, 23(5), 483–91 Halpern, D. (2004) A cognitive-process taxonomy for sex differences in cognitive abilities, Current Directions in Psychological Science, 13(4), 135–139 Hedges, L., Nowell, A. (1995) Sex differences in mental test scores, variability, and numbers of high-scoring individuals, Science, 269(5220), 41–45 Herrnstein, R. J., Murray, C. (1994) The bell curve: intelligence and class structure an American life, Free Press. Hyde, J. S., Fennema, E., Lamon, S. J

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David Dubois

): “Credibility of Electronic Word-of-Mouth: Informational and Normative Determinants of On-line Consumer Recommendations,” International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Vol. 13(4), pp. 9 - 38. De Angelis, Matteo; Bonezzi, Andrea; Peluso, Alessandro; Rucker, Derek D.; Costabile, Michele (2012): “On Braggarts and Gossips: A Self-Enhancement Account of Word-of-Mouth Generation and Transmission,” Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 49 (4), pp 551 - 63.

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Besnik Fetai, Nora Sadiku-Dushi and Raman Ismaili

-of-origin effects on product evaluations. Journal of international business studies, 13(1), 89-100. Bredahl, L. (2004). Cue utilisation and quality perception with regard to branded beef. Food quality and preference, 15(1), 65-75. Bryman, A. (2006). Integrating quantitative and qualitative research: how is it done?. Qualitative research, 6(1), 97-113. Chu, W., Choi, B., & Song, M. R. (2005). The role of on-line retailer brand and infomediary reputation in increasing consumer purchase intention. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 9(3), 115

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Iulia Monica Dumitrescu, Nuno Crespo and Nadia Simões

References Berthelon M., Freund C. (2008) On the conservation of distance in international trade, Journal of International Economics, 75(2), 310-320 Crespo N., Fontoura M. (2007) Determinant Factors of FDI Spillovers - What Do We Really Know?, World Development, 35(3), 410-425 Crespo N., Simoes N. (2012) Competition in Tourism Arrivals – A Multidimensional Index of Geographical Structural Similarity, Tourism Analysis 13-5(1), 4-30 Head K., Mayer T. (2013) What separates us?, Sources of resistance to globalization, Canadian Journal of