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The Analysis of Serbian Customers Satisfaction with e-services Quality Dimensions of Lodging e-intermediaries

1470785310201089 Parasuraman, A., Zeithaml, V.A., & Malhotra, A. (2005). E-S-QUAL: A Multiple-Item Scale for Assessing Electronic Service Quality. Journal of Service Research, 7(3), 213-233. DOI: 10.1177/1094670504271156 Popesku, J. (2011). Menadžment turističke destinacije. Beograd: Univerzitet Singidunum. In Serbian Raman, M., Stehenaus, R., Alam, N., & Kuppusamy, M. (2008). Information Technology in Malaysia: E-Service Quality and Uptake of Internet Banking. Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 13(2), 1

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The Legal Effects of Eu Directive Through its Interpretation

References Albors-Llorens, A. (2010) Keeping up appearances: the Court of Justice and the eects of EU directives. e Cambridge Law Journal. 69 (3), 455-458. Evangelos, N. (2005) From Francovich to Köbler and beyond: e evolution of a State liability regime for the European Community. esis, (LL.M.). University of Helsinki. Kaeding, M. (2007) Active transposition of EU law legislation. EIPAScope [online]. Available from: http://www. les/repository/eipascope/20080313162050_ MKA_SCOPE2007

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Possibility of Applying Economic Value Added in the Capital Market of the Republic of Srpska / Mogućnost Primene Dodate Ekonomske Vrednosti Na Tržištu Kapitala U Republici Srpskoj

References Belak, V. (1997). Vie added value of capital invested in the company. Zagreb: RRIF Plus. Belak, V. (2002). Ekonomska dodana vrijednost (EVA) i tržišna dodana vrijednost (MVA) kao mjere perfor- manse tvrtke. Računovodstvo, revizija i financije, 4, 42-47. (in Croatian) Bodie, Z, Kane, A., & Marcus, A.J. (2006). Essentials of Investments. Boston: McGraw-Hill. Centralana banka Bosne I Hercegovine. (2011). Godišnji izveštaj 2011. Retrieved December 10,2012, from <http

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Conspicuous Consumption, Luxury Products and Counterfeit Market in the UK

-28. Veblen, T. (2009). The Theory of the Leisure Class: An Economic Study of Institutions. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Walley, K., Custance, P., Paul, C., & Perry, S. (2013). The key dimensions of luxury from a UK consumers’ perspective. Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 31(7), 823-837. doi:10.1108/MIP-09-2012-0092. Yuen, E.F.T., & Chan, S.S.L. (2010). The effect of retail service quality and product quality on customer loyalty. Journal of Database Marketing & Customer Strategy Management, 17, 222-240. doi:10.1057/ dbm.2010.13.

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The Effect of Gender on Negotiation Behaviour

negotiation: a dyadic perspective. Academy of Management Journal, 53(4), 769-787. doi: 10.5465/AMJ.2010.52814595. Brahnam, S.D., Margavio, T.M., Hignite, M.A., Barrier, T.B., & Chin, J.M. (2005). A gender-based categorization for con ict resolution. Journal of Management Development, 24(3), 197-208. doi: 10.1108/02621710510584026. Brewer, N., Mitchell, P., & Weber, N. (2002). Gender role, organizational status, and con ict management styles. International Journal of Con ict Management, 13(1), 78-94. doi: 10.1108/eb022868

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Adapting the TSA to Measure Economic Contribution of Tourism in Serbia

Tourism Satellite Accounts. Retrieved March 23, 2014, from Frechtling, D. (2009). The tourism satellite account: A primer. Annals of Tourism Research, 37(1), 136-153. doi: 10.1016/j.annals.2009.08.003. Frechtling, D. (2011). Exploring the Full Economic Im-pact of Tourism Policy Making: Extending the Use of the Tourism Satellite Account through Macroeconomic Analysis Tools. Retrieved March 10, 2014, from http:// paper_t20_france.pdf. Gül, H

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Leveraging Process Data from BPM Cloud-Based Workflows

:// Carroll, M., van der Merwe, A., & Kotzé, P. (2011). Secure Cloud Computing: Benefits, Risks and Controls . Retrieved June 05, 2016, from . doi: Chen, J., & Ranjan, R. (2010). Special issue: Practice and experience, Second international workshop on workflow management in service and cloud computing. Concurrency and Computation , 25(13), 1813-1815. doi:10.1002/cpe.2994 Dimensional Research. (2015). Collaboration trends and technology: A survey of knowledge

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Analysis of the Determinants of Corporate Cash Holdings: Examples from Companies in Serbia

practice. Portuguese Economic Journal, 1(2), 141-162. doi: 10.1007/ s10258-002-0009-9 Brennan, M. J., & Hughes, P. J. (1991). Stock prices and the supply of information. The Journal of Finance, 46(5), 1665-1691. Collins, D., Rozeff, M., & Dhaliwal, D. (1981). The economic determinants of the market reaction to proposed mandatory accounting changes in the oil and gas industry. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 3(1), 37-71. Dittmar, A. (2004). Capital structure in corporate spinoffs. Journal of Business, 77, 9

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Job Satisfaction of Men And Women Employed in Manufacturing Sector and Education in Serbia

References Astrauskaite, M., Vaitkevicius, R., & Perminas, A. (2011). Job satisfaction survey: A con_ rmatory factor analysis based on secondary school teachers’ sample. International Journal of Business and Management, 6(5), 41-51. Bellou, V. (2010). Organizational culture as a predictor of job satisfaction: _ e role of gender and age. Career Development International, 15(1), 4-19. doi: 10.1108/13620431011020862. Bokemeier, J.L., & Lacy, W.B. (1987). Job values, rewards, and work conditions as factors in job

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Proposal for Serbian Tourism Destinations Marketing Campaign / Predlog Za Marketinšku Kampanju Srpskih Turističkih Destinacija

: Ekonomski fakultet. (in Serbian) Eurovelo 6. (2013). What’s Eurovelo 6? Retrieved April 8, 2013, from Ivanovic, M., & Milicevic, B. (2009). Some Challenges of Creating a New Brand of Serbian Tourism: Case Study - e Republic of Užice. Turizam , 13(1),17-27. Jovicic, D. (2009). Eco-management systems and tourism. Regional cooperation in tourism development (pp. 11-25). Belgrade: Belgrade Chamber of Commerce. Konu, H. (2010). Identifying potential wellbeing

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