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Implementing profitability through a customer lifetime value management framework

References Donkers, B., Peter C. Verhoef and M.G. de Jong (2007), “Modeling CLV: A Test of Competing Models in the Insurance Industry”, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Vol. 5, No. 2. (June 2007), pp. 163 - 190. Kumar, V., Denish Shah and Rajkumar Venkatesan (2006), “Managing Retailer Profitability - One Customer at a Time!” Journal of Retailing, 82(4), pp. 277 - 294. Kumar, V., Rajkumar Venkatesan, Tim Bohling and Denise Beckmann (2008), “The Power of CLV: Managing Customer Lifetime Value at IBM

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Oil Shocks and the Excise Duty Tax in a DSGE Model Setting

, J. (1983). Oil and the Macroeconomy since World War II. Journal of Political Economy, 91, 228-248. Hamilton, J., & Herrera, A.M. (2004). Oil Shocks and Aggregate Macroeconomic Behavior: The Role of Monetary Policy. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 36(2), 265-286. Herrera, A.M., & Pesavento, E. (2007). Oil Price Shocks, Systematic Monetary Policy and ‘Great Moderation’. Macroeconomic Dynamics, 13(1), 107-137. Hongzhi, T. (2010). Effects of Oil Price Shocks on Japan’s Economy: A DSGE Approach. International

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Line Extension Asymmetry: Higher Quality Line Extensions Help, Lower Quality Extensions Do Only a Little Harm

References Ahluwalia, Rohini (2008), “How Far Can a Brand Stretch? Understanding the Role of Self-Construal”, Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 45 (June), pp. 337§-§350. McCarthy, Michael S.; Timothy B. Heath; Sandra J. Milberg (2001), “New Brands Versus Brand Extensions, Attitudes Versus Choice: Experimental Evidence for Theory and Practice”, Marketing Letters, Vol. 12 (February), pp. 73§-§88. Zimmer, Mary R.; Subodh Bhat (2004), “The Reciprocal Effects of Extension Quality and Fit on Parent Brand Attitude

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The Analysis of Serbian Customers Satisfaction with e-services Quality Dimensions of Lodging e-intermediaries

1470785310201089 Parasuraman, A., Zeithaml, V.A., & Malhotra, A. (2005). E-S-QUAL: A Multiple-Item Scale for Assessing Electronic Service Quality. Journal of Service Research, 7(3), 213-233. DOI: 10.1177/1094670504271156 Popesku, J. (2011). Menadžment turističke destinacije. Beograd: Univerzitet Singidunum. In Serbian Raman, M., Stehenaus, R., Alam, N., & Kuppusamy, M. (2008). Information Technology in Malaysia: E-Service Quality and Uptake of Internet Banking. Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 13(2), 1

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The Legal Effects of Eu Directive Through its Interpretation

References Albors-Llorens, A. (2010) Keeping up appearances: the Court of Justice and the eects of EU directives. e Cambridge Law Journal. 69 (3), 455-458. Evangelos, N. (2005) From Francovich to Köbler and beyond: e evolution of a State liability regime for the European Community. esis, (LL.M.). University of Helsinki. Kaeding, M. (2007) Active transposition of EU law legislation. EIPAScope [online]. Available from: http://www. les/repository/eipascope/20080313162050_ MKA_SCOPE2007

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Income Approach to Business Valuation: Russian Perspective

References Barrow, C. (2006). Financial Management for the Small Business. London: Kogan Page Ltd. Bernstein, L.A. (2003). Analysis of financial statements: theory, practice and interpretation. Moscow: Finances and Statistics (in Russian). Bogatin, Yu.V., & Shvandar, V. (1999). Evaluation of business and investment efficiency. Moscow: UNITY, Finance (in Russian). Bukhtiyarova, T.I. (1993). Model of an estimation of a financial condition of the enterprise. Finances, 7, 7-13. (in Russian

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Possibility of Applying Economic Value Added in the Capital Market of the Republic of Srpska / Mogućnost Primene Dodate Ekonomske Vrednosti Na Tržištu Kapitala U Republici Srpskoj

References Belak, V. (1997). Vie added value of capital invested in the company. Zagreb: RRIF Plus. Belak, V. (2002). Ekonomska dodana vrijednost (EVA) i tržišna dodana vrijednost (MVA) kao mjere perfor- manse tvrtke. Računovodstvo, revizija i financije, 4, 42-47. (in Croatian) Bodie, Z, Kane, A., & Marcus, A.J. (2006). Essentials of Investments. Boston: McGraw-Hill. Centralana banka Bosne I Hercegovine. (2011). Godišnji izveštaj 2011. Retrieved December 10,2012, from <http

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Economic Growth and Inequality with Tourism in an Integrated Walrasian-General Equilibrium and Neoclassical-Growth Theory

) The Implications of Tourism Specialisation in the Long Run: An Econometric Analysis for 13 OECD Economies. Tourism Management 24, 315-21. Li, J.L. and Lin S.L. (2008) Existence and Uniqueness of Steady-State Equilibrium in a Two-Sector Overlapping Generations Model. Journal of Economic Theory 141, 255-75. Mas-Colell, A., Whinston, M.D. and Green, J.R. (1995) Microeconomic Theory. New York: Oxford University Press. McKenzie, L.W. (1959) On the Existence of General Equilibrium for a Competitive Market. Econometrica 27

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How to Measure the Economic Integrity of Ibor Panels? A Behavioural Approach

., Durre A., 2013, Fixing the fixings: What road to a more representative money market benchmark? , IMF Working Paper, no. 13/131, May 29. Duffie D., Stein J., 2015, Reforming LIBOR and other financial market benchmarks , Journal of Economic Perspectives, vol. 29, no. 2, Spring, pp. 191-212. EBA/ESMA, 2013, ESMA-EBA Principles for Benchmark-Setting Processes in the EU , ESMA/2013/659, June 6. EP, 2016, Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on Indices Used as Benchmarks in Financial Instruments and Financial Contracts , Brussels, 8

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Oil-Price Volatility and Macroeconomic Spillovers in Central and Eastern Europe: Evidence from a Multivariate GARCH Model

? Quarterly Journal of Economics , 125(3), 1145-1194. Choi, K. & Hammoudeh, S. (2010). Volatility behavior of oil, industrial commodity and stock markets in a regime-switching environment. Energy Policy , 38(8), 4388-4399. Dahl, C.M., & Iglesias, E.M. (2009). Volatility spillovers in commodity spot prices: New empirical results. Economic Modelling , 26(3), 601-607. Deaton, A. (1999). Commodity prices and growth in Africa. Journal of Economic Perspectives , 13(3) 23-40. Ding, L. & Vo, M. (2012). Exchange rates and oil prices: A multivariate

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