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Macroprudential Policies and Economic Growth

. 4. Arregui, N., Benes, J., Krznar, I., & Mitra, S. S. (2013). Evaluationg the Net Benefits of Macroprudential Policy: A Cookbook. IMF Working Paper 13/167 . 5. Arellano, M., and O. Bover. 1995. “Another Look at the Instrumental Variable Estimation of Error-Components Models.” Journal of Econometrics 68(1): 29–51. 6. Aydinbas, Y. C., Hardt, C., Rzayev, J., Soker, M., Taylor, T., Walker, D., & Zhao, P. (2015). Frameworks for Implementing Macroprudetial Policy. New York: The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. 7. Bailey, D. & Katz, J.N. 2011

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Systemically Important Banks in Europe: Risk, Complexity and Cross-Jurisdictional Activities

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Does foreign direct investment cause financial sector development – evidence from an emerging economy

, Vol. 29 No 1, pp. 63-77. 11. Ayadi. R, Emrah A, Sami B. N, and Willem P. D. G. (2013), “Determinants of financial development across the Mediterranean”, MEDPRO Technical Report, No. 29. 12. Bilquess, F., Mukhtar, T., and Sohail, S. (2011), “What matters for financial development in D-8 countries? Capital flows, trade openness and institutions”, Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development, Vol. 1 No. 32, pp. 71–91. 13. Bittencourt, M. (2011), “Inflation and financial development: Evidence from Brazil”, Economic Modelling, Vol. 28 No. 1-2, pp. 91

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Competitive Strategies in Higher Education: Scale Development

. F., Jr., Black, W. D., Babin, B. J., Anderson, R. E., & Tatham, R. L. (2006). Multivariate data analysis (6th ed). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education Inc 11. Hutgschenreuter, T. & Israel, S. (2009). A review of empirical research on dynamic competitive strategy; international journals of management review . Vol. 11 pp421-461. 12. Malburg, C. (2000). Competing on costs, Industry Week, Vol. 249 No.17, pp.31. 13. Miles, M.B. and Huberman, A.M. 1994. Qualitative data analysis: an expanded sourcebook. Sage Publications. 14

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An extended technology acceptance model for marketing strategies in social media

Learning Volume 5, Number 3, Winter 2006 13. Eckhardt, A., Laumer, S. and Weitzel, T. (2009). Who influences whom? Analyzing workplace referents' social influence on IT adoption and non-adoption. Journal of Information Technology , 24, 11-24. 14. Fishbein, M., & Ajzen, I. (1975). Belief, attitude, intention and behaviour: an introduction to theory and research. Reading, Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley. 15. Gallivan, M. J. (2001). Adoption, Diffusion, and Infusion of IT: Organizational Adoption and Assimilation of Complex Technological Innovations

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Early warning indicators for macrofinancial activity in romania

and financial stability: issues and policy options, chapters, in: Bank for International Settlements (ed.), Marrying the macro- and micro-prudential dimensions of financial stability, Volume 1, pages 1-57. 11. Carceres, C., Guzzo, V., Segoviano, M., 2010. Sovereign Spreads: Global Risk Aversion, Contagion or Fundamentals? IMF Working Paper 10/120. 12. Cervantes, R., Jeasakul, P., Maloney, J.F., Ong, L.L., 2014. Ms. Muffet, the Spider(gram) and the Web of Macro-Financial Linkages. IMF Working Paper No. 14/99. 13. Clouse, J.A., 2013. Monetary Policy

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Alternatives for Financing of Municipal Investments - Green Bonds

. ICMA (2014), Green Bond Principles – Voluntary Process Guidelines for issuing Green Bonds. 13. ICMA (2017), The Green Bond Principles 2017: Voluntary Process Guidelines for Issuing Green Bonds. Annual Report. Switzerland. . [Accessed 15.03.2019] 14. Individual Data Request Form/Academic Research Request to Climate Bond Initiatives . 15. Josué Banga (2018), The green bond market: a potential source of climate

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Mechanics of Investment Drivers in Chinese Economy

energy efficiency potentials in industrial steam systems in China. Journal of Cleaner Production , 120 , 53–63. 13. Hassan, K., & Salim, R. A. (2011). Determinants of Private Investment: Time Series Evidence from Bangladesh. The Journal of Developing Areas , 45 (May), 229–249. 14. Hassan, M. K., Sanchez, B., & Yu, J. (2011). Financial development and economic growth : New evidence from panel data. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance , 51 (1), 88–104.

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Perceived Usefulness of Open Source Information in the Arabic Language for an Organization: A Case Study

# Middle East and North Africa ## Unclassified information deliberately searched selected, filtered and disseminated for a specific audience to meet a specific demand. EX: mass-media, Internet, research journas, patents, conferences, etc. R eferences 1. Agarwal, K. N. (2006). Competitive intelligence in business decisions - an overview. Competition Forum, 4(2), 309-314 2. Croom, Herman L., The Exploitation of Foreign Open Sources, Studies in Intelligence, 1969, volume 13, number 3, pp. 129-136 3. Franco et all, Competitive intelligence

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