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Characteristics and Realization of the Dividend Policy of Companies Quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange for the Period 2008-2017

, Warszawa. Szablewski A. (ed.), 2000, Strategie wzrostu wartości firmy. Studium przypadków, Poltext, Warszawa. Williams A., Miller M., 2013, Do stocks with dividends outperform the market during recession , Journal of Accounting and Finance, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 58-69. Wilimowska Z., Wilimowski M., 2001, Sztuka zarządzania finansami – cz. 2, Oficyna Wydawnicza Ośrodka Postępu Organizacyjnego, Bydgoszcz.

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Macroprudential Policies and Economic Growth

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Systemically Important Banks in Europe: Risk, Complexity and Cross-Jurisdictional Activities

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Industrial Sector Growth, Macroeconomic Performance, and Corruption in the Sub Sahara Africa

References AfDB, O. (2012) UNDP and UNECA. 2012. African Economic Outlook 2012 . Ahmad, N., Ali, S. (2010) Corruption and financial sector performance: A cross-country analysis. Economics Bulletin, 30 (1), 303-308. Asiedu, E., Freeman, J. (2009) The effect of corruption on investment growth: Evidence from firms in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and transition countries. Review of Development Economics, 13 (2), 200-214. Freckleton, M., Wright, A., Craigwell, R. (2012) Economic growth, foreign direct investment and corruption in

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Segmentation Techniques for Innovation Support Services

.” 12. Iqbal, M., Manzoor, A., Butt, S.H., Kazmi, S.H.A., Soomrani, A.R., and Shaikh, K.A. (2018): A Study of Big Data for Business Growth in SMEs: Opportunities & Challenges. 13. Sen, D., Ozturk, M., and Vayvay, O. (2016): An Overview of Big Data for Growth in SMEs. 14. Ogbuokiri, B.O., Udanor C.N., Agu, M.N. (2015): Implementing bigdata analytics for small and medium enterprise (SME) regional growth. 15. Hanif, A., and Manarvi, I.A. (2009): Performance Based Segmentation of Small and Medium Enterprises: A Data Mining Approach. 16. Lee, S

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The Importance of Supplier Evaluation in Short Supply Chains

References Chikán, A.- Demeter K. (1999) Az értékteremtő folyamatok menedzsmentre; Termelés, szolgáltatás, logisztika, Aula Kiadó, Bp., 443. Csiszárik-Kocsir Ágnes (2017): Etikus pénzügyek, avagy a pénzügyek etikája: Vélemények egy kutatás eredményei alapján Polgári szemle 12. évf. 4-6. szám pp. 75-87., 2017. Dajnoki K. – Szabados Gy. – Kulcsár G. – Bácsné Bába É. (2018) Visszatérni vidékre” – A vidéki élet kvantitatív és kvalitatív megközelítésben. International Journal of Engineering and Management Sciences (IJEMS), 3(5) DOI: 10.21791/IJEMS

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Evaluating the performance of alternative blended learning designs using DEA

–28. doi: 10.1016/j.iheduc.2012.09.001 13. Gunter, G. A. (2001). “Making a difference: Using emerging technologies and teaching strategies to restructure an undergraduate technology course for pre-service teachers”. Educational Media International , 38(1), 13–20 14. Huddlestone, J., & Pike, J. (2008). Seven key decision factors for selecting e-learning. Cognition, Technology & Work 10 (3): 237–247. doi 10.1007/s10111-007-0102-z 15. Ioakimidis M. (2017) “Funding e-Learning: A Review of Past Studies”. European Journal of Open Education and E

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Frequency Domain Causality Relationship Analysis Between Poverty, Economic Growth and Financial Development in Algeria

, 2-22. 11. Dickey, D. A., & Fuller, W. A. (1979). Distribution of the estimators for autoregressive time series with a unit root. Journal of the American statistical association, 74(366a), 427-431. 12. Dolado, J. J., & Lütkepohl, H. (1996). Making Wald tests work for co-integrated VAR systems. Econometric Reviews, 15(4), 369-386. 13. Dollar, D., & Kraay, A. (2000). Property rights, political rights, and the development of poor countries in the post-colonial period. World Bank Working Papers. 14. Dollar, David, and Aart Kraay (2002). “Growth

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Does foreign direct investment cause financial sector development – evidence from an emerging economy

, Vol. 29 No 1, pp. 63-77. 11. Ayadi. R, Emrah A, Sami B. N, and Willem P. D. G. (2013), “Determinants of financial development across the Mediterranean”, MEDPRO Technical Report, No. 29. 12. Bilquess, F., Mukhtar, T., and Sohail, S. (2011), “What matters for financial development in D-8 countries? Capital flows, trade openness and institutions”, Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development, Vol. 1 No. 32, pp. 71–91. 13. Bittencourt, M. (2011), “Inflation and financial development: Evidence from Brazil”, Economic Modelling, Vol. 28 No. 1-2, pp. 91

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