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Moderation by Researchgate Related to Comments on “Predatory” Publishing Practices

) The rewards of predatory publishing at a small business school. Journal of Scholarly Publishing 48(3): 137-160. DOI: 10.3138/jsp.48.3.137 TEIXEIRA DA SILVA, J.A. (2017) ResearchGate projects: unregulated academic social media. Social Communication 1(15): 6-13. DOI: 10.1515/sc-2017-0001 TEIXEIRA DA SILVA, J.A., DOBRÁNSZKI, J. (2018) Editors moving forward: stick to academic basics, maximize transparency and respect, and enforce the rules. Recenti Progressi in Medicina 109(5): 263-266. DOI: 10.1701/2902.29244 TEIXEIRA DA SILVA, J.A., & TSIGARIS, P

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Self-Presentation of Polish Football Managers on Linkedin

-based user profiles, Proceedings of the fifth ACM conference on Recommender systems, 293-296. MORGAN, M. (2011), Personal branding: Create your value proposition. Strategic Finance, 93(2), 13. Niedźwiedziński, M., Klepacz, H., & Szymańska, K. (2016), Budowanie marki osobistej w mediach społecznościowych, Marketing i Zarządzanie, (4 (45)), 339-349. PAPACHARISSI, Z. (2009), The virtual geographies of social networks: a comparative analysis of Facebook, LinkedIn and A small World. New media & society, 11(1-2), 199-220. RAMANATH, R., INAN, H

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The Kardashian Moment: Hashtag, Selfie and the Broken Internet ; EMMAO. U. (2015), The Hashtag as channel of International Communication: A Study of the #bringbackourgirls hashtag, “Communication Panorama African and Global Perspectives”, 1. [online: December 1, 2019], ; HARARI, N., Y. (2016), Homo Deus. A Brief History of Tomorrow, London, Harvill Secker; GABLER, NEAL. (2011),_The Elusive Big Idea, “New York Times”(13.08.2011) [online: December 1, 2019], ; GUNNING J

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FOMO, Brands and Consumers – about the Reactions of Polish Internet Users to the Activities of Brands in Social Media (Based on CAWI Representative Research)

of Missing Out, online social networking and mobile phone addiction: A latent profile approach, [in:] Aloma: Revista de Psicologia, Ciències de l’Educació i de l’Esport, vol. 35, pp. 23-30. GEZGIN D. (2018), Understanding Patterns for Smartphone Addiction: Age, Sleep Duration, Social Network Use and Fear of Missing Out, [in:] Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, vol. 13, pp. 409-421. GIL F., CHAMARRO A., OBERST U. (2016), Addiction to online social networks: A question of “Fear of missing out”?, [in:] Journal of Behavioral Addictions, vol. 4

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On the Way to Online Communication. On the Content and the Language of “Nowy Akapit” Magazine

References BOGDAŃSKA J. (2016) Między prasą a cyberprzestrzenią. Analiza porównawcza gazety i serwisu www na przykładzie „Dziennika Łódzkiego”, Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Litteraria Polonica, 2 (32), 149-165. FERNANDES, F. ALTURAS, B. (2013) Press Consumption in the Digital Age: Habits and Needs Regarding Online Press. Academy of Marketing Annual Conference – 8th-11th, July 2013. GRZECHNIK J. (2018) Media studenckie i akademickie w Polsce. Wczoraj – dziś – jutro, Nowy Targ: Wydawnictwo ToC. HASHIM, N. H., HASAN, H., SINNAPAN

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’I Urge You To See This...’. Clickbait as One of the Dominant Features of Contemporary Online Headlines

you to see).[online: September 1, 2019] . KUIKEN, J., SCHUTH, A., SPITTERS, M., MARX, M. (2017). Effective Headlines of Newspaper Articles in a Digital Environment, Digital Journalism, 5, 1300-1314. LOCKWOOD, G. (2016). Academic clickbait: Articles with positively-framed titles, interesting phrasing, and no wordplay get more attention online, The Winnower, 3, 1-13. MOMPART, J.L., GUTIÉRREZ, J.F., PALAU

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Impact of Indian Drama Serials on Bangladeshi Culture: A Qualitative Study Based on Perceived Situation and Risk Factors in Urban Setting

References ALI, A., KHALID, A., & HASSAN, S. A . (2014). The Impact of Indian Dramas on Language and Dressing of Females. IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS), 19(1), 66-71. ALI, A., KHALID, A., & HASSAN, S. A . (2015). The Impact of Indian Dramas on Language and Dressing of Females. Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, 5(1), 159-171. ALI, A., NAWAZ, A. & HASSAN, S. A . (2014). Impact of Cable/T.V on Modern Lifestyle: A Study of Women. Research on Humanities and Social Sciences. 4(13): 85-92. BANDURA

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The Word That Enslaves Or The Word That Liberates?

References EMERSON, R. W. (1892) Nature: addresses and lectures. Philadelphia: D. McKay. HAVEL, V. (1990). Words on Words. The New York Review of Books, 18 Jan. GABLER, N. (2011). The Elusive Big Idea. The New York Times, 13 Aug. FERGUSON, N. (2011). Niall Ferguson: why the West is now in decline , The Telegraph, 6 Mar. SAMCHYSHUN, M. (1985). One Thousand Years of Ukrainian Culture. A Historical Outline of the Cultural Process. New-York – Paris – Sydney – Toronto. SZCZERSKI, K. (2012). Geopolityczne igrzyska. Nowe Państwo

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The Philosopher In The Newspaper: Serhiy Krymsky As A Public Intellectual

References BOURDIEU, P. (1998). On Television. New York: The New Press. Krymsky, S. (2001). Philosopher Whom the World Failed to Catch. The Day, №1 . Krymsky, S. (2003). Third Millennium: Shattered Illusions. The Day, № 10, 25 March. Makhun, S. (2001). Serhiy Krymsky’s monologues about wisdom and life. The Day, № 14, 15 May. Sandel, M. J. (2005). Public Philosophy: Essays on Morality in Politics. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press. Posner, R. (2003). Public Intellectuals: A Study of Decline. Cambridge

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Necromarketing in the Media and Marketing Communications

the news media, [in:] Mortality , vol. 13, no. 4. HRADISKÁ E. (1998), Psychológia a reklama , ELITA, Bratislava. If I die: How it works , (11.05.2015). KISVETROVÁ H., KUTNOHORSKÁ J. (2010), Umíraní a smrt v historickém vývoji, [in:] Kontakt , vol. XII, no. 2, p. 212-219, (11.05.2015). MALÍČKOVÁ M. (2009), Premeny postavy upíra v popkultúrnych naráciách [in:] Mediálna

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