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Klāra Brūveris

, Richard 2007. A History of the French New Wave Cinema . 2nd ed. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. Pērkone, Inga 2013. Tu, lielā vakara saule! Esejas par modernismu Latvijas filmās . Rīga: Neputns. Pētersone, Līva 2012. ‘Latvian Documentary Cinema: The New Generation’. – KinoKultura , Special Issue 13: Latvian Cinema. (10 June 2015). Redwood, Thomas 2010. Andrei Tarkovsky’s Poetics of Cinema . Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Rietuma, Dita 2012. ‘Intuitīvais

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Indrek Ibrus and Astra Merivee

; Hills, Matt 2007. ‘TVIII: Into, or Towards, a New Television Age?’. - New Review of Film and Television Studies, 5, 1, 1-4. Dailey, Larry; Demo, Lori; Spillman, Mary 2005. ‘The Convergence Continuum: A Model for Studying Collaboration Between Media Newsrooms’. - Atlantic Journal of Communication, 13, 3, 150-168. Debrett, Mary 2009. ‘Riding the Wave: Public Service Television in the Multi-platform Era’. - Media, Culture & Society, 31, 5, 807-827. doi:10.1177/0163443709339466. Deuze, Mark 2004. ‘What Is Multimedia

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Silja Lani

:// (1 March 2017). Skantze, P. A. 2002. ‘Watching in Translation: Performance and the Reception of Surtitles’. - A Journal of the Performing Arts 7, 2, 26-30. Smith, Alistair 2013. ‘Ticketmaster Report: Theatre Audiences Getting Younger and More Experimental’. - The Stage, 26 September. (1 March 2017). Sproles, George B. 1983. ‘Conceptualisation and Measurement of Optimal Consumer

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Harro Rannamets

, 11, 1, i81-i91. Mekemson, C.; Glik, D.; Titus, K.; Myerson, A.; Shaivitz, A.; Ang, A. 2004. ‘Tobacco use in popular movies during the past decade’. - Tobacco Control, 13, 4, 400-402. Mitchell, A. P. 2005. ‘Tivo blamed for massive increase in product placement in television shows’. - The Internet Patrol, December 14. (27 April 2012). Newell, J.; Salmon, C. T.; Chang, S. 2006. ‘The hidden history of product

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Liis Jõhvik

REFERENCES Anonymous 1967. ‘Filmitegijate töömailt’. – Sirp ja Vasar , 15 September. Attwood, Lynne 1993. ‘Women, Cinema and Society’. – Lynne Attwood (ed.), Red Women on the Silver Screen: Soviet Women and Cinema from the Beginning to the End of the Communist Era . London: Pandora Press, 19–124. Baraban, Elena 2007. ‘ The Fate of a Man by Sergei Bondarchuk and the Soviet Cinema of Trauma’. – The Slavic and East European Journal 51, 3, 514–534. Edgerton, Gary R. 2001. ‘Introduction: Television as Historian. A Different Kind of

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Elen Lotman

REFERENCES Andréasson, Per 2010. Emotional Empathy, Facial Reactions, and Facial Feedback. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Digital Comprehensive Summaries of Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Social Sciences 58. Uppsala: Uppsala Universitet. Berliner, Todd; Cohen, Dale J. 2011. ‘The Illusion of Continuity: Active Perception and the Classical Editing System’. – Journal of Film and Video 63, 1, 44–63. Bickart, Kevin C.; Dickerson, Bradford C.; Barrett, Lisa Feldman 2014. ‘The Amygdala as a Hub in Brain Networks That Support Social

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Lars Kristensen and Christo Burman

, Lasse 1970. ‘Tragedin att vara människa’. – Expressen , 7 July. Bergström, Lasse 1978. ‘Baltutlämningen’. – Expressen , 13 January. Björkman, Stig 1978. Nya bilder och dagsljus. Tio svenska regissörsporträtt . Stockholm: PAN/Norstedt. Brown, Andrew 2016. ‘PO Enquist: “An Upbringing Like Mine Marks You Like a Branding Iron”‘. – The Guardian , 30 July. (8 July 2018). Buelens, Gert; Durrant, Sam; Eaglestone, Robert

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Julia Roll and Sven-Ove Horst

, Mats 2003. ‘Beyond Neopositivists, Romantics, and Localists: A Reflexive Approach to Interviews in Organizational Research’. - Academy of Management Review 28, 1, 13-33. Backhaus, Klaus; Erichson, Bernd; Weiber, Rolf 2015. Fortgeschrittene multivariate Analysemethoden. Eine anwendungsorientierte Einführung. Heidelberg: Springer Gabler. Balmer, John M. T. 2008. ‘Identity Based Views of the Corporation: Insights from Corporate Identity, Organisational Identity, Social Identity, Visual Identity, Corporate Brand Identity and Corporate

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Riho Västrik

. 2008. A New History of Documentary Film. New York: Continuum. Эльманович, Татяна 1975. Образ факта. От публицистики к фильму на эстонском телевидении. Москва: Искусство. Elmanovitš, Tatjana 1976. ‘Eesti kinematografistide kongressi eel’. - Sirp ja Vasar, 9 April. Elmanovitš, Tatjana 1977. ‘Dokumentaalfilmidest 1976’. - Sirp ja Vasar, 18 March. Elme, Toivo 1977. ‘Mitte ainult leivast…’. - Sirp ja Vasar, 13 May. Фомин, Валерий (ed.) 2012. История киноотрасли в России: управление

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Teet Teinemaa

Parallel Narrative’. - Linda Aronson. (14 August 2017). Azcona, Maria del Mar 2005. ‘Making Sense of a Multi-Protagonist Film: Audience Response Research and Robert Altman’s Short Cuts (1993)’. - Miscelánea: A Journal of English and American Studies 32, 11-22. Azcona, Maria del Mar 2008. ‘Love Is a Many-Person’d Thing: Multi-Protagonist Tales of Contemporary Desire’. - Bells: Barcelona English Language and Literature Studies 17, 1-13. Azcona, Maria del Mar