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Shaharior Rahman Razu, Noshin Yeasmin and Sheikh Shareeful Islam

References ALI, A., KHALID, A., & HASSAN, S. A . (2014). The Impact of Indian Dramas on Language and Dressing of Females. IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS), 19(1), 66-71. ALI, A., KHALID, A., & HASSAN, S. A . (2015). The Impact of Indian Dramas on Language and Dressing of Females. Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, 5(1), 159-171. ALI, A., NAWAZ, A. & HASSAN, S. A . (2014). Impact of Cable/T.V on Modern Lifestyle: A Study of Women. Research on Humanities and Social Sciences. 4(13): 85-92. BANDURA

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Thomas Metten

(Hgg.) (2006): Culture Club II. Klassiker der Kulturtheorie. Frankfurt a.M.: Suhrkamp. Jung, Matthias (2002): Hermeneutik – zur Einführung. 2. Aufl. Hamburg: Junius. Kittsteiner, Hans Dieter (2004): Vorwort. Was sind Kulturwissenschaften. 13 Antworten. In: ders. (Hg.): Was sind Kulturwissenschaften? 13 Antworten. München: Fink, S. 7-23. Konersmann, Ralf (2003): Kulturphilosophie zur Einführung. Hamburg: Junius. Konersmann, Ralf (2006): Kulturelle Tatsachen. Frankfurt a.M.: Suhrkamp. Konersmann, Ralf (2008): Kulturkritik. Frankfurt a

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Josyp Los

References EMERSON, R. W. (1892) Nature: addresses and lectures. Philadelphia: D. McKay. HAVEL, V. (1990). Words on Words. The New York Review of Books, 18 Jan. GABLER, N. (2011). The Elusive Big Idea. The New York Times, 13 Aug. FERGUSON, N. (2011). Niall Ferguson: why the West is now in decline , The Telegraph, 6 Mar. SAMCHYSHUN, M. (1985). One Thousand Years of Ukrainian Culture. A Historical Outline of the Cultural Process. New-York – Paris – Sydney – Toronto. SZCZERSKI, K. (2012). Geopolityczne igrzyska. Nowe Państwo

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Andriy Melnyk

References BOURDIEU, P. (1998). On Television. New York: The New Press. Krymsky, S. (2001). Philosopher Whom the World Failed to Catch. The Day, №1 . Krymsky, S. (2003). Third Millennium: Shattered Illusions. The Day, № 10, 25 March. Makhun, S. (2001). Serhiy Krymsky’s monologues about wisdom and life. The Day, № 14, 15 May. Sandel, M. J. (2005). Public Philosophy: Essays on Morality in Politics. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press. Posner, R. (2003). Public Intellectuals: A Study of Decline. Cambridge

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Klāra Brūveris

, Richard 2007. A History of the French New Wave Cinema . 2nd ed. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. Pērkone, Inga 2013. Tu, lielā vakara saule! Esejas par modernismu Latvijas filmās . Rīga: Neputns. Pētersone, Līva 2012. ‘Latvian Documentary Cinema: The New Generation’. – KinoKultura , Special Issue 13: Latvian Cinema. (10 June 2015). Redwood, Thomas 2010. Andrei Tarkovsky’s Poetics of Cinema . Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Rietuma, Dita 2012. ‘Intuitīvais

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Łukasz P. Wojciechowski and Viktória Babjaková

the news media, [in:] Mortality , vol. 13, no. 4. HRADISKÁ E. (1998), Psychológia a reklama , ELITA, Bratislava. If I die: How it works , (11.05.2015). KISVETROVÁ H., KUTNOHORSKÁ J. (2010), Umíraní a smrt v historickém vývoji, [in:] Kontakt , vol. XII, no. 2, p. 212-219, (11.05.2015). MALÍČKOVÁ M. (2009), Premeny postavy upíra v popkultúrnych naráciách [in:] Mediálna

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Paulina Pasławska and Anna Popielska-Borys

. LEWANDOWSKI S., ECKER U. K. H., SEIFERT C. M., SCHWARZ N., COOK J., (2012) Misinformation and Its Correction: Continued Influence and Successful Debiasing, Sage journals, Volume 13, Issue 3, University of Michigan. Reuters Institute Digital News Report (2017) ALLCOTT H., GENTZKOW M., (2017) Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Volume 31, Number 2, Spring 2017. TANDOC JR. E. C., LIM Z. W., LING R., (2018), Defining “Fske News”, A typology of scholarly definitions, Digital Journalism Journal, Volume 6, 2018

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Sabina Południak and Kinga Ostrowska-Magoń

, M. (2017), Media społecznościowe w szkole, NASK – Państwowy Instytut Badawczy, Warszawa; BOWLBY, J. (1973). Attachment and loss: Vol.1. Attachment. New York: Basic Books; BYL, N.N., MCKENZIE, A., NAGARAJAN, S.S. (2000). Differences in somatosensory hand organization in a healthy flutist and a flutist with ocal hand dystonia: A case report. Journal of Hand Therapy, 13, 302-309. (5); CARR, N., (2010). The shallows. What the Internet is doing to our brains,wyd. W.W Norton & Company, New York, London; DERELI, E., KARAKUS, O. (2011). An

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Marcin Wielgosz

References CASTELLS M. (2008), Społeczeństwo sieci, Warszawa, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. INNIS H, (1951), The Bias of Communication, Toronto, University of Toronto Press. KALLAS P. (2017), Top 15 most popular social networking sites, [online: December 3, 2017],, compare: [online: December 13, 2017]. KRUG S. (2017), Don’t make me think: A Common